What Is Next?

Celtics Under Contract:

Paul Pierce: 15,333,334
Rajon Rondo: 10,045,454
Avery Bradley: 1,524,480
JaJuan Johnson: 1,042,320
Jared Sullinger: ~1,300,000
Fab Melo: ~1,200,000
E’Twaun Moore: 473,604

General Manager Danny Ainge has roughly $30,919,192 in salary currently committed to the 7 players under contract for the 2012-2013 season. With the cap projected somewhere around 58 or 59 Million dollars, Ainge has about 28 Million dollars to play with. If he can convince Kevin Garnett to return at a reasonable contract (say 1 year, 12 Million), the Celtics would be sitting at 42 Million dollars with more wiggle room to spend. With a limited amount of impact Free Agents available, the C’s might be wise to take a couple of short term flyers (think Jamal Crawford) and wait for the more star driven Free Agent class coming up after this next season. For a change, Ainge has options and flexibility, and the ball is firmly in his court.