Jermaine O'Neal determined to steal more money from NBA teams

Jermaine O'Neal recently traveled to Germany for Orthokine therapy on his chronically sore knees, and he hasn't yet decided whether he'll retire.

The procedure has been very successful for other athletes, but the 16-year veteran has a steep climb back to health. He vowed to re-focus on his low-post game and "really challenge [his] body" this summer, after which he'll decide on his future.

This isn't the famous strange and sketchy German surgery that Kobe Bryant got last summer. Though both he and Bynum are rumored to also be getting this done this summer. defines the treatment as this:

The Orthokin®-Therapy is a unique way to treat osteoarthritis and back pain biologicaly, without the use of any foreign substances. The Orthokine®-Therapy uses individual autologous proteins derived from the patients blood, then applied as a medication. This kind of therapy is a complete autologous form of treatment.

If it works, does anyone have any confidence Jermaine O'Neal could help an NBA team? O'Neal contributed almost nothing in the two years that he was on the Celtics and rumors swirled that he wasn't as invested as the rest of the team.

Maybe Jermaine saw that in Boston he could get paid millions of dollars to sit around and do nothing, and wants to try it again somewhere else.