Jay Bilas Likes One World Trade

With the NBA draft just 8 days away, there appear to be some rumblings about a top prospect from NYC unbeknownst to most others.  Jay Bilas, ESPN's college basketball analyst, for one, is really stoked about the new One World Trade tower in Manhattan.
"I'm just amazed by the sheer height of One World Trade," Bilas told WFAN 660 AM in NY on Saturday.  "It has incredible potential and its length is unmatched.  It's really versatile too, in that it's a building but it's also serving to hold up the basin from water with the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan.  That kind of versatility is hard to find nowadays.  I'd be surprised if it stays on the board past the 3rd pick."
When WFAN host Mike Francessa tried to explain to Bilas how the tower was an inanimate object not eligible for the draft, Jay would hear none of it.
"Listen Mike, I rather not get into all that, as I don't want to jeopardize the earning potential that One World Trade has.  It's 1,776 feet, and has a strong post-up game and face up-jumper.  I'd like to see DeMarcus Cousins try to wrestle with it down on the block."
Although the Celtics have two first round selections in the draft, One World Trade is expected to be off the board by the time they pick.  Despite also being from NYC, there's no known relation between Metta World Peace and One World Trade.  And amazingly enough, I didn't hear Jay Bilas say wingspan once during the interview.