This isn't directly related to the Celtics, but the basketball player currently known as Metta World Peace and formerly known as Ron Artest has recently been active on Twitter saying ridiculous things about James Harden and the Thunder. But his most recent delusional statement is that the Lakers would still be playing had he not had to serve a 7 game suspension for elbowing Harden in the head at the end of the regular season.

Excuses on why teams don't reach the championships are plentiful at this time of year from fans and players alike, but to blame a 7 game suspension whose games were served in the first round of the playoffs and not the second round in which the Lakers were eliminated is just ridiculous.

I have yet to see any players on the Celtics' roster make up excuses on Twitter as to why the Celtics aren't in the finals. And the Celtics had plenty of legit reasons to gripe about. World Peace should be happy he was even able to play in the postseason, as many players on the Celtics' roster didn't even have that luxury due to serious injuries and ailments. Another reason why I am proud to be a Celtics fan, and happy to support a franchise that has high values in terms of taking responsibility for losses and whose players don't use Twitter as a means of griping.

Danielle Hobeika 6/20/2012 04:25:00 AM Edit
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