Highlight mix of potential Celtics draft pick Jarred Sullinger

Sam Amico's latest mock draft draft has the Celtics picking Sullinger at #22, which is consistent with his earlier report of the Celtics heavy interest in the red flagged Buckeye.  Chad Ford's latest mock draft has the Magic snagging him at #19. If Sullinger came out in the draft last year he was projected to go top 5, so he's an intriguing pick.

The above mix is pretty underwhelming, but big men with below the rim games often don't make for great highlight mixes. I have a feeling Sullinger will be off the board by the time the Celtics pick, but if Danny does draft him expect him to be in the rotation next season. Not my first choice for the Celtics, but not bad value at all in the 20's. What are your thoughts?