The Boston Celtics Mock Draft Consensus

         With the NBA Draft days away, the mystique of the “mock draft” is coming to a peak.  So, to save you the hassle of going to those NBA mock draft websites that you only go to once a year, I’ve come up with a solution. I have taken the liberty of reading 30 different mock drafts and have compiled a list of the top-five most drafted players by our Boston Celtics. Here they are:                                                            
1.     C Fab Melo- 11 mocks
2.     F Moe Harkless- 11 mocks
3.     F Andrew Nicholson- 10 mocks
4.     F Arnett Moultrie- 6 mocks
5.     F Quincy Miller- 5 mocks           
        Now, if we based our picks off of this, Syracuse center Fab Melo and St. Johns forward Moe Harkless would be our two first round selections and I wouldn’t be upset at all. However, lets attack this scenario as if the Denver Nuggets have just picked, the Boston Celtics are now on the clock, and these five players are all available. Who do we chose? Lets weigh the options:

C Fab Melo - 7-0 - 255lbs - Syracuse
While Fab Melo has had some of the court issues (Mostly pertaining to academics) and lacks a decent offensive game, he epitomizes everything Celtics defense. He would bring us a legitimate 7-footer that we have lacked for years and guy that can come right in and defend the paint from day one.

F Moe Harkless - 6-8 – 210lbs – St. Johns
            The Paul Pierce era is coming to a close, so don’t be surprised if we take a young SF like Moe Harkless to ease the transition. Harkless has all the tools to be a lottery pick but likely came out too early. He plays solid defense, has a quick offensive game, and would be able to run the floor with Rondo. He has major potential.

 F Andrew Nicholson – 6-9 – 235lbs – St. Bonaventure
            Andrew Nicholson is a player that hasn’t got much exposure but his game is extremely solid. Nicholson is a very good scorer from just about anywhere on the court. He may be a little undersized, but when has that ever stopped Danny Ainge?


F Arnett Moultrie – 6-11 -235lbs – Mississippi St
            Arnett Moultrie is one of my favorite players in this draft. He has legitimate size, an excellent wingspan, and is a superb rebounder. Moultrie has an expanding offensive game that stretches out to the perimeter and his athleticism would be the perfect complement to Rondo.

F Quincy Miller – 6-10 – 220lbs – Baylor
            Quincy Miller was a highly recruited player but tore his ACL in his senior year of high school. Miller has all the potential to be huge force on offense, but at this point, potential is all it is. He is quick and handles the ball well but strength is not there. Miller will play the SF position in the NBA and could be a steal.

Other Possibilities:
F Royce White - 6-8 - 260lbs - Iowa State
        Royce White has probably had the most rumors associated with the Boston Celtics. White has serious talent but due to an anxiety disorder and issues at Minnesota he will slide. He is a very interesting player based off of his quickness and ability despite his "tweener" status. His skill set is one of the most unique in this draft, but trying to figure out where he fits may scare teams.

F Jared Sullinger - 6-9 - 265lbs- Ohio State
        While I personally don't believe he will slip this far, Jared Sullinger is bound to take a tumble due to NBA doctors red-flagging his back. He is a legitimate post threat even despite him lacking a couple inches in the height department. Solid rebounder and can spread the floor with his jumper. Has lottery talent and if he fell into our laps, he would be the steal of the draft.

             Any of those players would be good additions to this Celtics team that needs to get younger, bigger, and more athletic. All I ask of Danny Ainge this draft is do not pick two wing players with these picks. With our lack of size and athleticism, Ainge can’t afford to pass up the bigs that will be available to him. What’s your thoughts?