Comments from the other side - ECF - Heat Game 7 6/9

 Heat fans are probably the worst fanbase in the league.   I mean, they trash just about every player when they make a bad play or miss some shots.  They even trashed James in one game and were ready to trade him,  so no one is immune.  Their team gets down 9 and suddenly they hate the team.  It has no heart.  Break it up.  Trade everyone.  They are just terrible fans!  They really don't deserve a team and they definitely don't deserve a championship.   I hope every Celtic fan now cheers for Perk and the Thunder.  ThunderUP!!!   As for the Celtics, the injuries were just too much and they ran out of gas but they gave us a great season and I love them dearly.   Enjoy the final issue of the Celtics comments this season!  It's been a great season and see you all next season for more fun and comments from the other side!  

No way we lose this game........ No way....

I hope our coach does not spare our rotation, KG looked tired in the 4th, a little more Joel(on purpose) on him would help. Don't try to spare anyone that can help us, Boston DOES GET TIRED a little easier in the 3rd and 4th qtr

I want us to deliver the deathblow to this Celtics team in Game 7. Run them hard from the opening, sap their will, and end this team.

Hopefully our role players show up at home and that the analysts are right about Boston-- explaining their bad play yesterday for tired legs.

Let's not suck.

Damn, this is Boston's 7th game 7 of their Big 3 era... I want to believe this could be a blow out, but I don't see Boston going out like that.

We close this game up tomorrow and Kevin Garnett will retire this season

Nyahaha nice bro! Seeing the dirtiest player in the NBA has ever seen to just retire after being beaten by our crew in game 7 is fun to watch

Maybe KG will sign with the Heat, he would be amazing at center for us

He wouldn't even come here if we gave him the MAX. Dude hates our team and everyone in it except Haslem.

I would only sign KG to clean the toilets in Miami

Go UD kill em on the boards, hustle like never before, show KG who's the real warrior!!!!!

I don't think KG getting any rest today. Celtics will play all there guns today

Why is it that every fan knows exactly what officials are bad and shouldn't be in majorgames and yet every year, every major game you see those names. Its SAD.

Apparently Manny is such a big Celtics fan that he's waiting for the game to finish before fighting, talk about being distracted. I don't like him anyway let's hope he and Boston are knocked out tonight and then when Floyd gets out he puts him to rest for good.

The Celtics will not lose this game. We have to win it.

This is the most guaranteed win ever. Heat takes this so easily and cruise to the Finals. Durant vs. Lebron. Westbrook vs. Wade.

FINALLY! LeBron show the world you are truly the chosen one.

I hate rondo

How slow do you have to be to get beat off the dribble by Ray Allen?

What a low IQ play by Wade.

Lucky ass shot Allen

F U Allen.

Let us see that Celts can stay this aggressive for whole game!

Ray Allen has his stroke early that's not a good sign at all.

Horrible defense, they are getting whatever they want. I don't know if our guys hit up the buffet line before tip-off but they better snap out of this real quick.

Rio has been pathetic

So far I see all the 50/50 calls going Boston way, as if the officials are looking green right now. Officials are Pro Boston so far.

WTF ray with 2 steals u know we are in trouble...

Rio has been garbage


Mike Milelr is the **** KING of committing fouls This team has no heart.

Boston's just flat out playing smarter basketball than us right now. Stop turning the ball over and tighten up the defense please.

Pierce screaming like a retard
it's because he is one
Anyone else notice how fat Paul Pierce is?
Let's trade Curry for Pierce!

Its amazing how Boston just always SHOWS UP for big games.

Old a*** Allen is going to the rim!! Go to the rim, Heat!!

Wade should be fined a million dollars every time he shoots a 3.

Holy ****, Ray Allen is not **** missing AT ALL

Ray Allen has the touch tonight. He can't be left alone for a second.

Ryan Hollins playing in a game 7? What has the NBA come to?

Mike Miller is a **** WASTE OF SPACE


LeBron killed Rondo LMAO


Lebron not helping Rondo up this time lol

I would love to say the Celtics cant continue to shoot like this, but they already shot 60% for the game on Miami before!

Bass is going to get abused tonight if he is to continue guarding lebron!

Rondo is the biggest bitch in the league

I hate Pierce

A hat trick of fouls on Garnett!

KG picked the wrong game to play extra dirty.

Battier hit some threes. According to the Law of Thermodynamics, Miller can't hit any.

Ray Allen needs to be forced to put the ball on the floor EVERY TIME he touches the bal

If the heat player has 3 green jerseys around them, you might not want to throw the ball in there!

Brandon Bass? Are you bleeping kidding me :(

BOSH HEATING UP BITCHES Bring Bosh off the bench in the Finals.

Pierce starting to get that swag ... We are in deep sh*t....


Looks like Doc threw in some new offensive wrinkles for us to deal with involving Pierce.

Boston is scary :/ I'm hoping all this defensive energy from Boston dies down in the 2nd half.

Amazing we can't defend a jumpshooting team

This team is so fragil, but also our players are so limited. I mean c'mon Haslem, get a bit lower and catch that pass.

This has been with Rondo and Allen on the bench by the way.

Garnett is out and we are not even taking advantage of it. Wtf is wrong with this team?

Heat need to run away with this in the 2nd half, because I am not confident we can win a close game against THIS team. Especially when they are hot like this.

I hate that dooling can handcheck like it´s normal defense

For an offensively challenged team it sure feels like the Celtics are scoring with ease.

**** stop missing open shots, u bunch of idiots

We are getting owned by Brandon **** Bas

We've BEEN getting owned by Brandon bass. This isn't a new development in the series

They're outplaying us and that scrub Bass keeps making these gay shots in the paint.

I hope Chalmer gets injured, and I'm not kidding. Sprain your ankle, right now!

Rondo carving us up at the present time.

Keep Bosh in you inbred ****.

Ray Allen showing us why he's a future HOF'er

Wade is garbage

HEAT will not win this. I'm calling it now. I will not watch the finals.

Wade is done. That's his 2nd or 3rd pass like that that just gets intercepted. Done with this guy.

We're gonna get humiliated by Brandon Bass.

Battier is so fcking garbage..

Wade is the worst player on the court

These guys are idiots

Wade do you have brain? ....


Get this fool wade out of here. What a punk ass player.

Wade has to be traded this offseason. He **** sucks. He's done.

I am no longer a Dwyane Wade fan Trade his washed up ass

I'm done with this team This team doesn't deserve **** I want the Celtics to win, they have no KG but they still have heart

**** this team I can't believe I actually believed in them

Trade Wade while he still has any value.

FOR WHO? Bynum has more value then Wade now. People see the slippage.

Lakers need a scoring PG to pair with Kobe... Wade for Bynum

Wade's not a PG. He can't make the simplest passes.

Even if the heat do somehow come back and wins, they will not win the title. I really believe OKC will wipe the floor with them.

I hate this f***ing b**** made punk ass team

Blow up the big 3 You mean to tell me they can't prepare and play intelligent basketball for 1 damn half in a game 7? You mean to tell me they can't prepare and play intelligent basketball for 1 damn half in a game 7?

Maybe Spo was expecting LeBron to put the team on his back again and forgot to really put together a game plan?

I can't see that heart and will to win from us so far. It's frustrating.

Pierce getting away with so much shit

All they do cheat and act like they don't do shit

Btw Mike Miller had two wide open 3's again

The guy is probably gonna step into a coffin when this season ends.

If he dies, does his salary come off the cap?

Funerals cost money so no


Wade with a jumper Show em whos house!

Doc Rivers is an amazing coach and you know this possession is going to be a good one fromBoston. Spo has to get this team ready for it

I swear, if it were possible to trade coaches..

Please someone remind LBJ that PP is a very good 3 pt shooter

I'm not liking this game if it's close, I can smell a dagger Pierce/Allen 3 from a mile away.

Nice flop Rondo.


Allen has 2 fouls, go at him!

Yeah take his old butt to the rim

Wow, I can't support Manny Pacquiao now since JVG just said he's a Celtics fan.

Every single KG screen should be an offensive foul

Every Celtic is going to be in foul trouble.

C'mon guys. Just bail out Spo this one last time. Next round it'll be Scott Brooks who isn't that good.

Chalmers is stepping up.

Rondo. Is just. Clutch.

Dang it Celtics, go away

You can't kill the Celts Grr


Making Rondo beat you with a jumper is better than KG layups, Ray Allen 3s, Pierce drives, etc.

THAT'S THE THEORY, but rondo needs a little adversity in his life

We suck against this team in the closing minutes... We have to pull away and get stops.... SOMEHOW

This turned out to be a 1 quarter seriess

Rondo thinking he's Rose out there

Haslem, how do you not out-jump Rondo?

Haslen garbage.


I think in the dictionary, there's a picture of Rondo next to the word "heart"

Rondo continues to be a thorn in the Heat's side smh

Don't leave RAY ALLEN!!!

Seriously, I don't understand the leaving of RAY MOTHER **** ALLEN open Does he have to have a sign on him saying BEST SHOOTER OF ALL TIME?

CELTICS are like ROACHES, they will not die, and go away.

I know LeBron had it going in game 6 like that, but come on you're getting the calls tonight, PUSH


WOOOOTTTT Another Offensive rebound WADE


THE BIG 3 is back? Nice


Chris Iboshka!

Basket by Dwyaannneee Waaaaaaaaadddddee is good!

At first Bosh was all Harden... And then he was all Ibaka with the block.

I hope this series sharpened us against OKC

We wont see this type of defense against OKC!

The Thunder are really tough That will be a great series though!

Hey Doc, what are you going to do with that extra suit you packed?

it's over Celts Screw New England!

I LIKE THAT Jeff van gundy Is already talking like that game is over. Makes me happy. STUPID BOSTON FANS

KG shaking hands with all his teammates as if he isnt going to be back with the Celtics.

Who wants such a dirty player anyways? I think everyone else would just not tolerate his antics.

Bring on OKC

Ray Allen is the only one that I have a lot of respect for out of Boston's big 3+1

Damn. Will Ray Allen wanna sign with us next season?

Why not? The Heat have always been kind to Ray Allen, giving him his personal space.

Ray Allen has always been all class. Not so much for Rondo and KG.

GJ to PP and Ray Allen, they've killed us before, but they're all class right now. Respect.

The Thunder are a much better team than the Celtics. Lebron is going to have to get that killer instinct back if the Heat want to win the championship.

People jumped from the Pacers, to the Spurs, to the Celtics and now to the OKC bandwagon. Has to be quite exhausting huh?

Boston is classy as hell.

Man Doc getting choked up talking about his players. The guy is a benchmark of coaching

Thank god we don'thave to see Rondo again, that guy gives me nightmares.

I like the underdog role in the finals for us.

We won't be the underdog.

To anyone thinking that OKC is clear the better team. I got news for you, it is a game of matches. Miami matches well against a team like OKC