26 Years Ago Today

The sting never wears off.  The blow never lessens.  26 years ago today, the fate of our beloved Boston Celtics changed in an instant when Len Bias passed away.  Is it selfish of me to still have visions of Parish taking a baseline fall away that bounces high off the top of the rim only to be flushed down by a streaking Len Bias?  Or Larry Bird throwing an alley-oop from just inside half-court that Len throws down with authority?  Or the "Zip Boys" caricature t-shirt of 1991 having Bias on it along with Reggie Lewis, Kevin Gamble, and Dee Brown?  Or that championship banners declaring "World Champion Boston Celtics" with the years 1987 and 1988 and 1991 and 1992 still haunt me?  Or that he probably would've secured a spot on the Dream Team?

After the jump, pie-charts reflecting the Celtics' championship success in NBA history before and after Bias' death.