Is there really any reason to worry?

I'll admit that I've felt a little bit bummed out all morning about last night's loss. The Celtics had the Hawks on the ropes, and they had chance after chance to put the game, and the series, away last night. If Pierce makes his last shot attempt, the Celtics probably win. If Rondo goes up the middle after his steal, the Celtics might've won. Also, why the hell did Ryan Hollins play 19 minutes?

Al Horford's performance last night worries me too. The last thing the Celtics need is a legitimate big man to contend with and Horford made them pay last night.

But then I look around the league and see that there's still not that much to worry about. It feels like a big loss for the Celtics, but that's an overreaction. It would've been great to finish off Atlanta and get our players some rest, but the fact remains that eliminating a team in the playoffs is still a very difficult thing to do, especially on the road.

The Celtics weren't the only team holding a 3-1 lead going into last night. And they aren't the only one of those teams looking towards a Game 6 after last night either.

The Pacers, Lakers, Sixers and Celtics all had 3-1 leads in their series last night. With Game 5 on their home court, only the Pacers clinched their series.

The Lakers lost 102-99 to the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center, do we really think the LA can't beat Denver?

The Sixers lost 77-66 to the Chicago Bulls in Chicago, but do we believe that the Sixers can't beat the Bulls after the way this series has gone so far?

Even on Sunday, the Miami Heat had a chance to eliminate and sweep the Knicks in New York, but couldn't. Does anyone that's not an absolute idiot believe the Knicks can beat the Heat?

So, what makes the Celtics loss so special? Nothing.

Don't get down about last night's loss. The Celtics are still in control of this series and, with Game 6 back in Boston, are in prime position to close this thing out.