Comments from the other side - Sixers Game 4 5/18

 Don't know what to say.  Celtics gave this one away.  Yes, the Sixers shot 36 free throws to 19 for the Celtics and at one time it was a 23-5 disparity.  But The Celtics were up 18 points.  They should be able to play through the officiating.  They lost their killer instinct and backed off.   The big stat is that the Celtics were outrebounded and the bench was outscored and they turned the ball over 17 times.  Yes, the officiating was bad but that's not why the Celtics lost this. Three days off now - Celtics will come back and win game 5.     It is interesting to see how the Sixers fans can totally trash every player on their team and turn on the team when they are losing and then suddenly love them all again when they win.  Sad excuse for fans. 

Watch Indiana and this is how a team who won on the road come to play at their home court Such a difference between them and the sixers
A well coached tough team - Indiana
A poorly coached soft team - sixers

We have one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. We need to show it in game 5. I can live with KG scoring over Hawes' pussy defense. But let's not let Pierce and Rondo score at ease against our perimeter defenders.

Let KG score. Let him work for 48 minutes. I assure you, he will be worn down. He can't be the anchor of their offense and defense for 48 minutes. This is not 2004.

KG is on a mission and playing as freakish as last year's Dirk You talk about wearing him down, but he won't, he knows this is the last shot with his team as well as the others. They will be just as hungry as they were on their original title run especially with Miami down in the series and possibly without Bosh.

Brand's playing like a man who knows he's going to be amnestied.

Sixers will win this won book it! They didn't come this far to let a piece of dog **** Boston team take them out without a fight.

Hit them in the ****ing MOUTH.

Sixers are good enough talent wise to beat Boston, but are probably not ready from a maturity perspective. I hope they surprise me and grow up tonight.

I'm taking a few hours out of my life to watch this, aka Diablo 3, don't make me regret this decision Sixers

They will

Iggy please outplay Pierce!

There’s no way what KG does there at the tip is legal. I’m pretty sure you can’t move like that.

Yeah but it’s garnett. The media loves him.

Brand still sucks.



I hate him. He makes my blood boil so badly.

Yep, we still suck

Oh the Sixers are a joke.

Hawes is such f***ing garbage man. Please just don’t even play him. He contributes absolutely NOTHING to this team. He only makes them 10 times worse. He sucks. So. Much.

I hate Hawes. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him

Boston is done screwing around, apparently

Dammit rondo has his headband on, this is not good news for us. Maybe ET should wear a shooting sleeve to improve his jumper

I just love that u can hear more Boston fans than Philly fans, such a great and amazing city.

Last time we got down 9-0, we won. I think we got them right where we want them.

Hawes is GARBAGE. He got outrebounded by Rondo not once, but twice, allows Bass to drive on him.

No, the Sixers are down because the Celtics are better

So has a team ever lost a game 88-0?

Bradley is no joke.

That crowd is hostile lol.

So we are back to trading and/or cutting everyone including ourselves yet?

40 days 22 hrs until we can start blowing this team up.

Pierce wouldn't of just taken a foul if he had to worry about defending on the defensive end iggy is no threat

Oh great, hawes. I hope garnett elbows him in the face and his face explodes.

I’m just hoping we can break double digits this quarter

Where the hell has iguodala been, he’s supposed to be the leader of this team but he’s been invisible

Sixers shooting a scorching hot 20%, while the Celtics are shooting a cool 57%.

Turner has been trash this series too. Is it so hard to just ask for one consistent player. We haven't had that since iverson.

Just amnesty Brand tonight.

Hw are we getting outhustled? Can we get some boos atleast?

The bad news is Evan sucks. The good news is he's actually playing better than thad

As funny as this sounds, we survived Boston's barrage. Down by 12 is manageable from this point on if we play defense and force some turnovers.

Another 20 FTA and they might get 10 more points.

It all starts with our defensive anchor, or in this case, defensive life-preserver.

Why the Celtics didn’t take it to Hawes every possession is beyond me. Sixers should be down 20+.

I guess Doc isn’t as smart as they give him credit for.

BASKET INTERFERENCE Hollins hit the backboard, making it shake and fall off.

Just have hawes stand out of bounds on defense and shake the hoop

Sixers are building a house. Once brick at a time....

The NBA cares bro. Homeless kids need that house man.

So the Celtics look almost as awful as us this quarter.

It's amazing how Lavoy's defense negates KG's O...I mean KG get's it into the post and immediately looks to pass. With Hawes there, he goes back to his MVP days... Seriously Hawes is more worthless than my toe jam!

Bass killing us

Let's play a game. Everyone take a shot when the Sixers miss a FT

We’d probably miss.

Ref aren’t gonna let the sixers back in this [MY NOTE: At this point Sixers shot 19 free throws to 5 for the Celtics]

Yeah go ahead and double Rondo so he can find the open man

Drawing tons of fouls….could mean something.

Fouls adding up for Boston.

Guys, the Sixers can win this steaming pile of a game. Boston is really packing up the fouls.

Is there a reason we’ve been going with Turner on Rondo? It’s not like it’s been working that well.

I said that at the beginning, but something about chasing around a 36 year old off screens was more important for our best on-the-ball defender.

“This how you come out and you play” quoted verbatim, Magic Johnson.

I hope he gets HIV.

H, I hate this team and I don't mean the Celtics.

Iggy should have never went on ESPN bragging about his defense on Pierce. He has been getting torched since.

Every game I say to myself there is no way they can be worse on offense Every game they surprise me

If Turner punched Garnett just one time, I would be okay losing this series. Not pierce though, guy is legitimately pretty damn gangster

**** pierce and kg, I rather watch hawes play

KG being a punk what's new.

Someone give brand his social security check and tell him to pack his bags.

The only thing the Sixers can do is put the C’s in major foul trouble.

Omg Pierce is a killer

FOUL TROUBLE AND CELTICS COCKINESS HAS KEPT US IN THIS Just need to keep Paul Pierce away from the 3 ball and Hawes away from anything.


Brandon bass loves wide open jumpers. Sixers love giving them to him.

I hate that he can make them know... And plays for Boston when he became consistent with it.

You can thank rondo for that. His penetrating and great passing

PP.... Still gangster. Wtf is going on with the refs? Everything is a **** tech?

Only five behind they only have themselves to blame if they can’t win from here with a 12 to go. Boston in foul trouble, Allen’s sniper off, that dude with the popped shoulder, Rondo’s face, KG shooting like an old man again…

And **** me again, KG cools down but Pierce gets hot despite injuries...

Wow these ticky tack fouls are saving us right now.

Hahah! Celtics is getting beaten by these scrubs! LOL

Here comes pierce with the refs riding his back. Guy gets every call when he drives.

I wouldn't complain about fouls tonight fellow sixers fans, we've got a load of bad calls

KG is tired. And we're taking advantage of it in the boards.

Since when does Rondo hit those

He was wiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.

Anybody wanna help on Rondo layups?

Amazing how Rondo has been hitting every jump shot against us.

This is how we need to play. Keep hanging around. These Celts don't have the stamina to match ours.

Boston really let up and choked in this one. Way to go Sixers!

I hate to say It but we did get a lot of help from the refs in this one.

Go home you **** up KG Go home and cry

HA now theyre calling the Celtics old

Bench outscores Boston bench 44 to 12

F Boston fans. One of their worst choke jobs ever

Pure Green Evil died a little tonight... Finish them off Sixers! Beat the C’s

Excellent this means that the Celtics will have to come back to Phila. To win it. Don’t feel sorry for Boston fans, they’ve had an absurdly good run over the past few years.

Most frustrating team in the universe strikes again. Please let hawes miss the team bus on the way to Boston.

The Sixers outscored Boston by 24 points in the 2nd half. That was a major collapse of the Celtics, they may not be able to recover from this!

Hey, IF the Sixers win this series and IF the Pacers win, I think we would have a shot at the finals. I doubt they would do much against an OKC or Spurs team.

And the NBA would be crying for that ECF.

Stern wants no part in the Sixers advancing. Boston gives the league much better ratings.