Comments from the other side - BONUS Edition LA/OKC 5/19

Get ready to watch a fan base melt down.   From "our boys are bringing it tonight" to Bleep Bleep Bleep.  Too funny.  With fans like this, who needs enemies.  I've never seen fans (except maybe Miami) that complain so much about the officials.  They admit on one hand they are getting calls but then complain about every call the Thunder gets.  You would think Harden shot 20 free throws.  He shot just 8 while Kobe shot 17.  I also loved the graphics.  I think my favorite comment was where they blamed the slick floor on the Clippers tears.  After this game,  there were a few Lakers tears mixed in. It never gets old seeing the Lakers lose or seeing their so called fans melt down.  And Perk had an awesome game.  I was really proud of him!   Enjoy today's bonus comments!!  

MUST win and I'm confident about this one great feeling

According to Thunder fans, the refs helped us this game. Do they not see how unguardable the NBA has made Harden? Dude gets a call just for walking up the court

We shot 42 free throws that's probably why.

We have so got this game. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I'm looking forward to knocking OKC's fans down a peg or two.

Anyone notice we lost the third yet again last night? Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been because of FT's.

Hoping for the refs to call a fair game, and treat Harden deservingly. Sadly this is as futile as hoping for World Peace (pun intended).

Would not be surprised if someone gets hurt tonight.. Bynum, Perkins, someone... Too quick of a turn around

So is Dan going to "help us out" tonight?

Key to the game

Between Garretson, who seems to just hate the Lakers ever since NVE bumped him back in the day and Mauer, I am sure the Lakers will be playing 5 on 8 today.

I like Dan Crawford. I've always found him to be fair. He'll miss calls, but he's very fair and not prone to ego tripping. Ken Mauer is a jackass, cheating sonofabitch.

Championship poise, intelligence, limiting our turnovers, and continue to being physical. We must be mentally strong and overcome the fatigue of those old legs.

And a little bit of help from the refs wouldn't hurt too much either hah

Normally, whoever the lakers lose in the playoffs, go on to become champs No shame in losing to the champ Spurs, Pistons, Celtics, Mavericks Gunna be Thunder this year.

We haven't lost **** yet friend.

We are going to look extremely tired and slow tonight

After 40+ FT last night, I have a bad feeling the Lakers are not going to get too many calls this game

But Coach Brown, I want to score the most points! Waaa waaaa!!!

Kobe is shooting less than 37% in this series.

Kobe wouldn't even start for the OKC Thunder

Haha free throws again! Kobe to line

Hell has officially frozen over, they called an illegal screen on Porky

Announcers thinking reffing is rigged too

Refs please let Kobe take 24 fts tonight

Westbrook suuuucks.

GASTRONG!!!  Our boys really brought it tonight!!! 

I don't really like the pace. The lakers will run out of gas later

No way Old Man Fish should be guarding Mamba.

Vintage Kobe.  Still the best in the league.  Man I love the Mamba!  

Harden gets more call than Michael Jordan.

I just want to grab that guy by the beard, take a pair of shears and lop that in half. Maybe he'll get less FTs then...

WOW so the same crap from last night continues today..OK Laker players, don't look directly at Bin Harden you'll be called for a foul, possibly ejected

Double dribble bynum. I'll take it. For every fake harden foul

Kobe put on his big boy pants tonight.  He's going to lead us to a BIG win!!  

Can't believe the refs didn't see Bynums double dribble. Or maybe they did and allowed it because Stern has told them to. If this goes to game 7, $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the NBA.

Barnes u suck

Yesterday it was the ESPN replay bias, now TNt is doing the same thing. They keep replaying the Thunder fouls, and none of ours.

2 advantageous calls for bynum to start the quarter

Harden flopping around like a fish


Harden is a really bad flopper..Fisher's was much more entertaining

Something definitely up with the flooring tonight, never seen so many players slip/lose their footing in such a short space of time.

Why is the court so fricking slick???? There are players slipping and sliding from both teams.

It's still wet from all the Clipper tears.

Harden shouldn't even bother with the drive, when he gets the ball everyone should just get into their free throw positions.

Good screen by Perkins , yeah, maybe if he was playing nose tackle that would be a good move.

Who wants to watch thunder's game outside the States. Lots of people don't even know who are on the Thunders If I was the nba I would send lakers to meet Celtics every year

I really hate Westbrook

Perkins 3 fouls! Huge!

Kobe getting calls tonight So refreshing

Down goes Westbrook ... Down goes Westbrook!!!

Uh oh westbrooks dead

Get up you Paul Piercing (bleep)...

Stay the [expletive] down westbrook

(bleep) YOU Westbrook....but I hope you're ok....but (bleep) you

Good night Westbrook. You prick.

It could have happened to our team they better dry it.

Home cooking baby! How's staples taste westbrick?

I sincerely hope RW is NOT ok. Home ice ftw!

Floor: 1
Westbrook: 0

Waiting for Chuck and Kenny demanding that the floor get suspended two games

Westbrook looks fine.. Did he get a wheelchair?

Kobe getting whistles for once.

Doodle jump hits a long 3. I'll take that all day.


Harden is wearing down from having to play defense every second he's in the game

I guess Westbrook is feeling better (eye roll)

(bleep) hate Kevin durants arms They are freakishly long

Wow... The refs let the OKC players to grab push and do whatever...

If we were allowed to set the "Kendrick Perkins" (aka illegal moving) screen every single possession, then we'd be up by 30 now.

Lack of calls for the Thunder?! Really REGGIE!?

Give Harden a technical for having a stupid beard!

Our offense looks terrible. Westbrook is **** killing us with his damn jumpers

How can you don't love mwp

He's a whacko but he's OUR whacko and I love him

Westbrook is dirty.

Gotta guard Fisher, he cant make a layup to save his life but he can make a 3

We are winning this (bleep) game...don't let the Zebras take it away. Play tough!!!!

Thunder are 1 point favorites that's why the refs are doing this, to cover the spread

If we lose this game is fixed.

Man. Perkins owned Bynum on that play.

Durant is more savvy than 99% of our team

Durant is a better flopper then a bbl player... And this guy is the future of NBA? Hahahaha

Bynum pushed around by Perkins 

Gasol you ****ing suck so much! You can't do nothing right you prick

Burn Gasol...Twitter death threats should start

Still one last shot guys. It's slim, but we've got the best closer in the game. Let's see what happens.

**** you Kobe. **** you Paula. I wish the absolute worst on you you god damn ****. Did they just say Kobeme is 1-8 in the 4th quarter? He's so clutch

Gasol and Bynum can't even free themselves to get a shot off in the 4th. This is not all on Kobe except that 3 ball.

MVP of the series so far...Kendrick Perkins with the moving picks. Call all these (bleep) screens and the lakers win this series in 5.


KD isn't scared.

(bleep) YOU KD YOU (bleep) PRICK

Thanks Gasol for being too scared to go inside

Perkins is waiting inside to body slam him.  I don't blame him. 

Kobe lost this game with his hero ball

Staple Center, say your goodbyes to Pau Gasol. This will be the last time you see him in a Lakers jersey in LA.

How the (bleep) was Ibaka not called for a moving pick on that durant 3? He moved like 6 feet, in fact he never stopped moving. Oh yeah...and (bleep) that stupid ass Llama out there

Hey look at it this way, we got 1 more win then the CLippers

Staples is quiet

Damn I wish we had a crowd like OKC that actually gives a damn about the game going on .

Brown have a checkers mentality in a chess game.

Brown is playing Connect 4

Durant gets love from the refs that even Jordan never got

The NBA should be ashamed at how it moved the Supersonics

Where the (bleep) is ANDREW BYNUM.....?

Perkins has taken Drew totally out of his game in the second half. They can't even get the ball into him.

I hope Kobe retires

Pau punched his ticket out of LA.

You have to agree Westbrook and Durant are too great players.

Did westbrook just call himself a "point guard"?

To to give it up to OKC. They showed a lot of heart.

For (bleep) sakes. I've never hated such a collection of nba players ever. I hope lebron kills okc in the finals. Westbrook is a (bleep) prick.

(bleep) this league....this (bleep) is rigged. Not 1 (bleep) illegal pick called tonight. All series long what has there been? Maybe 2 or 3? With that kind of an advantage who can beat these guys? This isnt even basketball anymore....after this season I'm pretty much over it. Someone call me when Stern is assassinated/retired.

Torch = passed

Torch was mugged

3 suspects in striped shirts carrying a torch heading down fig to the airport

This team doesn't have what it takes to win a title. But I would have at least preferred to lose to the spurs than the thunder

I need a new pair of glasses, because I slammed and stomped on mine when Kobe missed that 3. Surprised they didn't break after I slammed them on Wednesday. Just pathetic

Pau ! Wow dude! Die

OKC is finding ways to win. That's championship written all over it.

Blame Kobe all you want but pau [expletive]Ed up big time, you can't make a dumbass pass like that I [expletive]ing hate russel westbrook

Spurs will destroy them and u will see real thunders level...

Does anyone remember Pau even playing tonight? Other than that IQ of an earthworm pass at the end?

Choking pieces of **** want nothing to do with the WCF anyway

Posted Image

Somebody please kill gasoft, what a way to finish his lakers carrer

Perkins was waiting to body slam him if he drove to the basket there4 he pass the rock. And before all that Mr Bryant was missing left and right. YeH blame gasol. Never blame Kobe. It's cool . Ppl can't blame both. Either 1 or the other. God I hate sports fans

Most of this fanbase sucks unfortunately.

Seriously people blaming Kobe for going hero ball didn't watch the game carefully. Gasol was floating around the arc doing I don't know what and Bynum was just letting Perkins front his ass the whole quarter

Gasol was so surprised Kobe passed it to him, he didn't know what the **** to do with it.

Bynum cant position himself in the post. He literally got the ball in the 3pt line because he was being pushed by Perkins. He needs to man up

Props to the Thunder, though. That's a ton of poise to hang on in two games they should have lost. We're seeing a contender come of age, unfortunately at our expense.

Damn OKC is one of the best and most balanced teams I've seen since the 04-05 pistons.

They really have no weaknesses. They have great star power, great defense, good shooting, great defense, great athleticism, they're young, have a great bench, they can play fast or slow, good coaching, clutch, etc.

The thunder are a bunch of pretentious d*****bags

This OKC team is not championship caliber. They can't execute in the half court and they rely on guys making some amazing shots. We can definitely beat OKC 3 straight, hell we should have beat them 3 straight as it is, but unlikely that it happens.

This is why OKC is a championship caliber team. They fight, scrap, hang around and actually close out their opponents. Mean while, the Lakers just choke and give games away.

Let the Twitter death threats to Pau commence.

Fans are kicking posters of gasol outside staples lolll

I think the lakers FO will amnesty Kobe. I'm sick of him

How we can get something valuable back for gasol when he's clearly an absolute old sissy with a huge contract?!

Bynum just said I didn't het the ball I wasn't apart of the game in the 3rd am 4th quarter

He should shut his mouth considering he was getting owned by Perkins for positioning. But he wont be quiet cause Jim Buss made it clear he can do and say what he wants. I'm over Bynum and Gasol!

Kobe is a piece of **** and will probably go down as the worst player to ever get inducted into the hall of fame

Not a piece of ****, dude's just old. Let's just appreciate these last 2 yrs of Kobe, and then go into mediocrity, irrelevance and boredom for like a decade.

Bye bye Kobe. You're a ****ing *****!!! Don't let the door hit your *** on the way out you scrawny selfish little *****!!!!

But Daddy Brown, I want to score the most points!!! Waa waaa!!! I wanna be like Mike!!!