Comments from the other side - Hawks Game 6 5/10

Lots of ref complaints from Hawks fans.  Some were legit but then again they let a lot of stuff go both ways at times.  I think in the end, Hawks fans trashed their own team more than they did the Celtics.   I think my favorite comment was the guy who hates everything about Boston including the creme pies.  That just cracked me up!  Enjoy today's series close out comments!  Do you have a favorite? 

I have faith in the Hawks tonight. Unfortunately, that usually means we lose. So after reconsidering, my final stance is that the Hawks will get embarrassed tonight.

I hope its a triple overtime win tonight, so the old men are tired as hell on Saturday

Pierce and Smoove: The battle of wounded knee!

Pretty sure "Wheelchair" Pierce will be 100% tonight

The Gearon shot. May very well be a stroke of genius. Everyone will have in there mind (KG is Dirty), EVERYONE. The fans, players and the officials will have it in the front and back of their minds. Because Gearon said it, it falls back on him. No media pressure on the coach (he didn't say it) or player. But it is out there in the spirit. KG IS DIRTY!!! How will KG be treated by the ref's? Will he be Physical? Can we take advantage of his obviously fragile psychology?

If it was Hitler vs. Garnett, I'd root for Hitler.

Stephen A. Smith says we will lose by 35 tonight. It's time we shut loud mouthed idiots like him up and earn some respect. Come on Hawks!

I have a really good feeling about this right now I think smoove is gonna beast tonight and we will win

OK...I appreciate your opinion...but throw some salt over your shoulder and knock on wood just in case.

Well recent history would indicate this is going to be a blowout.

Lion always is the most reliable Hawk I would say consistent, but everyone else are consistently inconsistent

Great news, Fratello is the game analyst

Bad news, he's not the coach.

So now they're blaming Paul Pierce's bad shooting on his MCL sprain   His bad shooting in games 1 and 3, apparently he has no excuses for that

For Boston to be so old They seem to have more stamina than us. I think it’s time for them to run out of gas

Watch out for a 3 from Ray Bos has killed us coming out of Timeouts

Steimsma isn't going to slow down Horford, it seems.

You cannot let a gimpy Pierce run past you ffs

Why is Ray wide open?

Officiating has been pretty bad already in this game Hope LD gets ejected later.

Pierce jumps high for a guy with a sprained MCL Not to mention the fact he’s not a leaper when healthy

The Celtics have amazing ball movement. It's so weird to watch the way they move the ball and then the hawks get the ball and it's the complete opposite

Why is a cripple beating us?

Wait... How is that a block by Steimza... And last touched by Hawks? Wtf?

Referees obviously pulling for the Celtics

It’s hard to beat a team + the refs

Erick Dampier never needs to see the court again

Referees will play a large role in the outcome of this game Lord forbid Stern has to promote a Hawks-Sixers series


No foul??????????/

Are the hawks wearing white and green? Then no

KG doesn't foul

Oh sure there's no foul on THAT But any time Pierce or Ray drives on Josh, you blow the whistle.

I'm just waiting for Paul Pierce to attempt a long three with a hand in his face Then for the officials to watch it until it misses before blowing the whistle.

The Garden is dead quiet

Doc planned his sub pattern w KG perfectly Pulled him out quick to get him back in there against Dampier. Smart

Dampier and Josh have been hot garbage

People on here are stupid when accessing Josh Smith Just stupid

I think you meant to say 'assessing' while you called the majority of this blog stupid.

The refs are still gonna give them calls throughout the game

1-5 shooting for JJ.... Way to step up, Mr. Superstar.

In his defense he did have Paul pierce nail a 3 over him So he’s doing the same on the defensive side also

Imagine we win today and blow them out on Saturday. REVENGE

C's already have a +4 free throw advantage.

They will call some off-ball fouls on Boston late in the half Just to get the count closer without helping the Hawks

Hopefully fatigue will set in on the Celtics

Refs trying to atone for their sins.

Somebody paint a Burger on the ball. Then Dampier will wake his ass up.

Ref: "Oh crap, the Hawks got a three... I need to give the C's a three!"

Marvin is a bust.

I think he's leading our team in pts right now

That's 2 To's cause our big men didn't roll to the basket. T-Mac is ready to play

The only roll Dampier knows is a dinner roll

Finally refs are calling the game fair Or calling the game equally crappy.


Pierce needs to shut the hell up.

Gotta admit that was a good play by Boston

No, it wasn't. We let a cripple drive to the basket.

Pierce, you got the foul plus the and-one, and the lucky bounce. And you immediately go to the ref wanting a flagrant. Talk about spoiled…

Can we use the amnesty on Joe Johnson right now?

Rajon Rondo getting away with some reaching Typical

Joe "Give me the ball more b****" Johnson 1/6 FG with 1 assist.

Jeff Teague, 0-1 with 3 assists Can we get the ball in HIS hands more?

No We gotta dribble for 9 secs to let Joe get open, pass to him, then let him dribble for 8-9 secs with the ball while everyone else has to stand around

Pathetic Letting a cripple destroy u

I still feel like his injury is exaggerated Don’t think it’s worse than Josh Smith’s knee problem.

Jeff got hit in the head Of course kg never fouls

U letting these OLD geriatrics run u out the gym

Ivan fight KG They both get ejected. Win for the Hawks and America

Garnett should have been called for an illegal screen...

Charles Barkley should get a tattoo of a cloverleaf.

Joe doesn't have A.I's speed He really just needs to do more catch and shoot. don’t give the defense a chance to double you

Niether does Paul Pierce But he gets to the basket just fine

Teague gets hit in the head- no call Teague hits someone in the head- technical

Garnett with another illegal screen............

Back to playing 5 on 8

Teague might get stabbed and they won't call it

He'd get tossed for getting in the way of the knife.

Seriously send Ivan in to hit pierce in the knee

I guess the restricted area isn't restricted for Boston.

Stern's rule states that any of the standard rules can be applied subjective to a team's popularity.

This would be laughable if it wasn't such a serious situation Heinsohn would be a less biased ref.

Heinsohn is probably still complaining about it, only the opposite direction.

True Heat of the moment made me forget how ridiculous he is haha

KG is eating Smoove alive. It's really embarrassing.

Teague got killed. No call.

Actually looked clean to me.

"We going to Boston." - Random Sixers fan. Screw them.

All right Hawks I want you guys to play the Sixers in the next round, the Celts are a-holes

BS when do they call carries in the NBA?

Would have never been called on Bos

Thanks for sticking up for your guys, LD. I can really tell you care from the placid expression on your dead face.

Rajon Rondo is still the Hawks' best player :)

Another phantom technical on us This is BS we are not going to win with these refs

Rondo go away

When he does, we lose.

Better yet, handle the ball in the closing seconds Rajon

Geez, Rondo doesn't hit jumpshots this series unless the buzzer is blaring.

Getting outrebounded by this crappy rebounding team, too.

Hey look Boston shooting more freethrows

Yup, just give KG calls. Totally fair.

No calls for us ever

Honestly, I don't think in my 29 years of existence that I've EVER seen games called this one-sided by refs. It is absolutely embarrassing. Since when did KG become a saint!?

Why didn't we try and get Doc to coach us?

I hate everything about Boston

There isn't much good about it

It may have been better If the British had taken Boston during the Revolutionary War. We couldve at least ceded it to them after

Bleep you Garnett

9 minutes left in the game and KG gets his first foul, I'm not saying this game is rigged

If they called it honest KG would be fouled out before the end of the first on illegal screens alone

It's pointless. You can't beat the Celtics AND the refs. I mean come on. Complete garbage calls.

How does Boston’s supposedly almost finished group of players seem to be looking fresher than our young players?

BC they're getting away w holding on the defensive end

Becuz they don't use a lot of energy dribbling Like we do

Boston's defense is good because they are mugging us

This is disgusting right now. We are being outrun by one of the oldest teams in the league. They're just getting easy penetration in transition, and we're just meandering up the court to take long jumpshots.

Hawks competing despite bad refs, bad coaching, bad ownership, bad player decisions

Kevin Garnett has closed out another riveting triple double: 26 points, 10 rebounds, and 14 illegal screens.

Ryan Hollins may be for real

Rondo passed it off to KG then grabbed josh- no call

Good call ref

I refuse to watch the rest of this game. I’ll be looking at Cupcake Genius

Pierce and Rondo with no headbands...

Rondo is the stupidest piece of garbage The league has seen in years


He makes J.R. Smith look smart

At least J.R. Smith can make that shot

Why is Josh guarding Garnett?

All game long... Why do u think KG has 28

Ray Allen missed?

Pretty sure Joe got mugged there

He did But remember $tern loves his Celtics and Lakers, pisses me off

F you foul before the ball is inbounded…other team should get 2 shots AND the ball, right?

Unless that foul is committed by the team that the NBA wants to advance, yes.

The foul occurred so long before the ball was inbounded That I had no idea what the whistle was for.

On 2nd viewing, I didn’t hear the whistle on the live shot until after Marvin had released the ball

Game was over when Horford missed More pertinently, on the shitty, shitty foul call with 3.1 seconds left.

And to end the BS Rondo just walks up and mugs Teague to end the game.

it's the refs' fault

Bottom line is this series was blown in game 2

Seeing Heinsohn on the court smiling makes me want to kill kittens.


If anything, I seriously hope we get rid of Joe Johnson now

That won't fix the way our games get officiated.... Anyone else notice that the ref that tossed rando was sent to officiate west coast games? And I agree with whom ever said noone will dispute the atrocious refs on our behalf and speak out against them…Espn will portray it as Boston holding us off but WE all know what’s going on #thefixisin

Old man KG got 5 blocks on us, feels bad man

You can't beat the Celtics AND the refs at the same time. I mean, the saint KG got away with so much it's absolutely absurd.

Don't know if anyone else saw the postgame interview, but KG said he wanted to thank the Hawks owner for giving him a little extra gas tonight. Then he said " just because you got a lot of money, it doesn't mean you can open your mouth". One word...OWNED. I guess Gearon's response will be.."we love our core. Just wait till next year. Eight years isn't long enough to see what these guys can really do". LOL!

KG is an all american example that stupid people also have a voice in our country. Im not a Gearon fan but I was happy he made those comments.

KG is most certainly a punk. I guess Gearons comments made Al miss that free throw or made the refs screw the Hawks the whole game especially at the end. Unless the refs were what KG meant by extra in the tank.

I think at one point the ref called a tech on ME for sitting on my couch.

Congrats to the Reftics sixers in 5