Video: Rondo speaks after Game 1 ejection

I'm expecting a 1 game suspension. Of course Doc has to say he'd be surprised (if Rondo was suspended). What else is he going to say? When you add in the fact that Rondo has had dustups with NBA refs in the past (including a suspension this season), I'd be surprised if he wasn't suspended. Of course I'm hoping for it, but you also have to realistic.

The Big 4 seem to have issues with staying out of trouble in rounds. Pierce back in the day vs. the Pacers. KG two years ago. And now Rondo (Am I missing any?). Celtics still have enough weapons to win Game 2 without Rondo. And guess what? Even if they lose Game 2, they still are good enough to win the series. Like Doc always says, a series doesn't begin until a road team wins a game.

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