O.J. Mayo doesn't care about Boston's banners

Ok, maybe you've heard enough about this trade that happened but didn't really happen, but there's an interesting tidbit this morning from CSNNE's Donny Marshall.

Celtics analyst, and ex-UConn and NBA star, Donny Marshall said O.J. Mayo, who was coming to Boston in the Allen trade (the proposal was Mayo and a draft choice for Allen), scuttled things by making it clear Boston held no appeal to him.

"On the Memphis side, O.J. Mayo was the guy who pretty much said, 'It really doesn't interest me to be a Boston Celtic,' " Marshall told Carolyn Manno on Wednesday night's SportsNet Central. "I think what he was told was, 'Think about the banners. Think about the history of this team,the legacy.' And O.J. Mayo basically said, 'I don't care about banners.'

"And that's how the players think today. It's not about the banners; it's about 'Where can I win? Where can I get paid the most?' "

This really tells us something that we already knew. Players don't care about Boston's legacy or its history. They care whether the city is warm, how much money they get paid, and third if they can win a championship. Boston has never been able to attract a big name free agent, and this is largely why.

The legacy of the Celtics certainly means a lot to the players and coaches on this team, but outside the organization it apparently means absolutely nothing. That's why Chris Paul wouldn't come here. Dwight Howard wouldn't come here, and that's why O.J. Mayo wouldn't come here. Things aren't the way they used to be.

Screw O.J. Mayo, I'd much rather have Ray Allen.

Donny also mentions that it was the Celtics pushing to trade Paul Pierce to the Nets.

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