Comments from the other side - Magic 4/18

Fun game.  Pretty tense at the end though.  But so happy we got the win.  They really hate Chris Duhon on their team.  Wow!  Also had to get the stabbing and wheelchair comments in there.  But all in all, some fun comments.  I loved the gif of Big Baby's reaction to that foul. And my favorite sequence was this one: " WTF is up with all of the old ladies on the Boston sideline? - - That's just the Celtics team."   And for all their complaining about the refs,  the game was called pretty even.  Enjoy today's Atlantic Division Champion comments!!   

 I'm not sure if I can watch this Those other two games this year were rough.

 No Rondo, Allen, or Pietrus tonight That didn't work out for us so well last time. Hopefully we are ready for Bradley’s defense this time, specifically Duhon.

 For our sakes I hope duhon doesn’t hit the floor

 No rondo? So I think we got a good chance.

 So we have our young guns vs. The big three octogenarians? I like our chances if we play hard like the other night.

 Some people in this forum have said for the past 3 years that Boston is old, yet they often outplay us. Kinda like that 25+ comeback early this season.

 Excited for this game. Buying beer just in case I need it.

 Ryan Anderson really needs to stop transforming into a ghost against playoff teams, he's losing his value doing that

 I just hope we avoid them in the first round ..

Hopefully the unselfishness and the good shooting doesn't stop tonight. And, even if we did those things, we still might lose. That's just how good Boston is.

Celtics-89 magic-54

The ball movement is much better and we play at a slightly quicker pace as of late, so I'll go with... Celtics-89 Magic- 58

I want this W against these chumps so bad.

Rondo, Allen and Air France are out for Boston. Of course we will not take advantage of this whatsoever...

Glen Davis starting...which means no ability to protect the basket.

JRich loves reverse layups.. They usually don't love him back

BBD going for 40!   So who got the better end of the Baby Bass deal??

Lol maybe we are attacking because we simply can't shoot anymore.

Nelson getting punked by Bradley.

Even without KG on the floor, you can tell the difference between Philly and Boston's defense

Oh god it's IN Boston?!

I like to think that it is in Massachusetts instead

Lol who lets BBD dunk??


Was Pierce actually fouled or did he just scream really loud and got the call?

Always does that, I really dislike Paul Pierce.

Wow they REALLY don't wanna call any fouls do they

Why is J-rich still on the floor

Because Stan is our coach

I Really dislike Duhon

I thought ESPN was suppose to be neutral, they show do support their C"s though

I just wish we'd fight against this damn team for once instead of dying a slow miserable death EVERY TIME

What the hell, Duhon? Just shove KG right in front of the ref during the play, that's a smart idea. Idiot.

I want Stan gone the day the playoffs are done for us.

Come on play defense, someone take a stab at pierce already

And some people actually wanted to keep this moron of a coach over a franchise player.

Dwight's only been saying what everyone else is scared to say. Fire the idiot.

Boston getting all the calls so far. No respect from the refs at all.

KG and Pierce get friggin touch fouls yet they can hack away at us when we go to the basket and nothing.

Kevin Garnett is a tool shut up Doc

Pierce fouls himself enough, he cant be getting calls from us too

Is Cousy ever going to stop rambling?

Who is this old guy interrupting my game?

Meer >>Cousy

Maybe one day they'll miss a shot. Maybe.

Ryan doesn't suck but he "is" what the magic are. Pretenders.

Our best chance may be Jameer begging Bradley to not pick him up.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like Boston's offense is really ranked so low, they can be pretty efficient.

Not going to get calls tonight... But you breath on a Celtic.. Instant whistle

Get Jrich out of the game you friggin fat idiot.


I love the sound of a silent Boston arena.

There we go, JRich.

Keep JRich in the game you fat idiot.

I prefer to watch some old guy I don’t give two *&$%s about randomly talking about the Celtics, rather than watching the basketball game.


Pierce screamed

Man I hate Pierce.

Ryan can get bulldozed by anyone But a touch Celtic and it’s a foul

They are special snowflakes

Oh stop your sideline whining Stan. Maybe if you took out the WORST PLAYER ON THE ENTIRE FLOOR, your team would not be failing miserably.

Bass was never a good defender which is why we won that trade.

Nice to see Bass still doesn't play defense. Going with BBD might be the only positive move Otis has ever made.

Guess who has more shots than points again. Starts with a J- and ends with an -asonRichardson

I love these announcers!

Lol Steimsma getting away with fouls because he is a Celtic.

Who the hell is this white boy blocking Earl?

We need to get stigmatism out of the game with 1 more foul

You have to be kidding me with these refs. Ryan gets a tech for FLOPPING?     Pierce would have been ejected 8 times by now. F'n morons.

Paul Pierce is playing through a "variety of aliments" give me a break.

Get him a wheelchair!  

It's a 4 on 9 tonight. The Celtics, the refs, and Duhon, vs. The Magic.

Cue the Bos scrub killing the Magic.

Cut Duhon. He is complete trash

Good thing Duhon is on the books for another two years. (Oh, and $8+ million)

I think it would have to take an injury at this point   

Where does he like to go clubbing? I'll spike his drink and when he gets knocked out I'll take him somewhere no one will ever find him -- ever again!

Chris Duhon needs to kill himself Only way out of his garbage contract and garbage play

I wonder if Stan lets his woman leave the house. He seems to have major trust issues.

Is it possible to put a C's uniform on Duhon. Would they notice? Would Duhon notice?

That should be payback for the ECF series in the 09-10 season.

Reddick not showing up lately God he's useless

At least it has not reached Duhonian levels of ineptitude

Jrich and duhon need to gtfo of town. They can take hedo with them.

That has to be the best "I didn't foul face" ever.

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This game has reminded me of how much I truly, utterly, undeniably LOATHE the Boston Celtics.

WTF is up with all of the old ladies on the Boston sideline?

That's just the Celtics team.

It must be so nice to be the Celtics or Heat where you get EVERY SINGLE CALL *sigh*

could someone give Duhon a facial fracture? Please?

Foul on Pierce there. . . But that's okay refs we can beat your Celtics without your help.

Win or lose I have enjoyed this game. The announcers are so refreshing compared to Jeff Van Gundy

Was Pierce really mad BC he didn't get the flop call? God I hate the guy

These refs clearly want their C's to win. More money

NIce effort..but we are still not better than Boston.

Bass is killing Anderson, sad

Brandon Bass I don't want to hate you, but you are making it hard.

Bos gets away with soo much pushing and shoving. Its disgusting.

Prediction: We play great defense out of this timeout for 23 seconds until Pierce beats the shotclock with a contested jumper + the phantom foul.

Credit to Pierce there. That was pretty awesome. That was some good defense, just a better shot by Pierce.

Wow man, pierce is such a magic killer. He was, he is and he will be a magic killer for ever...

Pierce is a future hall of famer. What he does to us, he does to most other teams.

Pierce looks like he short-arms every shot, but they always go in. Bastard.

Pierce got ice water in his veins.

Paula pierce, can't wait til this ho retires

This loss is completely on Duhon. (and Stan for playing him)

I find it so hard to believe that one guy, who played all of 11 minutes and never shot the ball, is to blame for the loss. When really, the Celtics shot above 50% from the floor and made 85% of their FTs. I guess I'm doing it wrong, brb I'll grab my pitchfork.

Despite Dwight not on the floor and Duhon being on the floor, we nearly managed to beat the Celtics in Boston.

But they didn't even have rondo or Allen....magic fail

Rondo and Allen isn't Dwight Howard. They still had Pierce and Garnett, plus Bradley can ball. We had to rely on Jameer and Big Baby for everything.

Anderson is right, we should have trapped PP on that lost shot. OH well cant wait until that prick retires.

I cant stand Boston. I hope their green turns to brown turd.