Enjoy these Celtics

Aside from last night's debacle (which if you didn't see coming you don't watch the NBA), the Celtics have been playing lights out basketball since the All Star break. I'd argue this is the best they have played since their 2008 championship run. What's even better is the way they are winning. This is the most likeable Celtics team I've seen in a long time. There are no knuckleheads like previous years. Everyone plays hard every night. It's just great to watch.

The breaking up of the big 4 has been speculated on for awhile now. Whether or not this happens we need to enjoy these Celtics while we can, because it may be awhile before we see another squad like this one. It's kind of a shame really. Seeing KG play his heart out every night makes me sad that he spent all those years in Minnesota and not in Boston. I'm not sure there's ever been a better teammate than KG.

The way these guys play together is special. When everyone is clicking on all cylinders it's simply beautiful to watch. People that "hate" the NBA should watch this Celtics team play. Not everyone is selfish like LeQueen and Kobe. Team basketball still exists.

So, while you are watching the Celtics playoff run this year, don't just watch the game, enjoy the way this team plays together. Enjoy Ray's corner 3 and KG's scowl. Enjoy Pierce's step back jumper. Enjoy Rondo dishing out dimes. Enjoy it all because it will soon be just a memory.