Count Jeff Van Gundy as impressed

"I think the win in Miami was very impressive after they beat them so handily just a couple weeks earlier," he said. "But what speaks to me was the win last night against Atlanta. A lot of teams would come off a great victory like that and then not play well enough to beat a hot team that's pretty darn good. Boston behind, works its way [back], figures it out how to get to overtime, withstands a Joe Johnson basket that puts it into overtime and figures out how to win."

Van Gundy also praised Ray Allen's move to the Boston bench. "I think Doc Rivers wanting to do that, and Ray Allen accepting of it, could pay huge dividends for them," he said.

JVG pretty much echoes what Doc said the other day. He also says the Celtics defense makes up for what they lack on offense and points out the significance of KG's move to center as helping in that regard.