Comments from the other side - Sixers 4/8

 Sixers fans are a pretty demoralized group.  Way different from the smug and boastful group that posted during their big wins in Philly earlier this season.   They've resorted to hating their players and especially their coach.  The guy calling Stiemsma "smegma" cracked me up.   I alternated between thinking these were funny and thinking they were just sad.  I hope you enjoy today's Comments from the other side! 

Coach Collins said he will give #Sixers starting five "one more chance" together tomorrow at BOS before he considers making a change.

The starting line-up isn't the issue. Collins is delusional.

How about "coach" Collins make a change at the coach position? Its not to late to quit Collins, DO IT DO IT DO IT

He could go out on a medical when we lose to the Boston Ancients. After the loss to the Magics he was probably awake all night "thinking".

Overall if we win tonight and Tuesday against nets and Celts lose Tuesday at heat we are back at #4

After that Bulls game, there's pretty much no possible way we sniff the playoffs if we lose this game.

This team really needs to dig down deep if they want to win tonight. Boston is really looking good.

Any chance we miss the playoffs? That would be the best thing that ever happened to this organization since drafting Iverson.

Bold Prediction Evan Turner goes all Terrell Harris on Avery Bradley tonight. Bradley is one of my favorite young players to watch also but is a bit undersized and that's the kind of matchup Jamarcus, I mean Evan, likes to try his hand on often

I really do love Avery Bradley.

I’ve decided I’m gonna root for them to win this game. After this though, I’ll be in full-on Eddie Jordan Tank Mode.

I hate hate hate these Boston announcers on nbatv

Boston is calling our foreign white young center with their own.

Other teams enjoy not missing against us

I have no words to describe how bad is Holiday Its like the guy lost all basketball ability and his brains as well

KG could literally murder someone and get away with it.

Pierce has to be in contention for most annoying player in the NBA.

We got a back court of Lou and Meeks Rondo will blow us out of the building

We also make Pierce look like the one from 2008. Still a hell of a player, but can we actually challenge him on defense?

Meeks is worthless

Screw it, lets just play turnover ball

We should be relaxed, after this loss we will have only 10 more games of Doug Collins Now that's a reason to celebrate

Lol at Young blocked by Pavlovic That's **** just funny

Ray allens shot is just too pretty

Does hawes seem a little headcase-y to you guys?

Nope. Just not very good.

Does the struggling bench mean he's going to bench them too?

Our "best in the league defense" is just pur bull because we faced bad teams who cant score to start the season , just like our winning record

Yeah Collins you sit there with the hands on head You are such a cluless coach, go fire yourself at half time you hack

Boy oh boy this team has no heart.

Hawes is super soft

Evan Turnover.

Don't know what's worse, Sixers play or hearing about it from Heinson.

Iguodala always thinks taking the Iverson-esque dribble up elbow jumper is a good idea, even over the 7-footer KG.

Ol oh crap Celtics starters back forgot it was the bench out there

HAHAHA this team is a joke. 22 seconds of ball movement. 2 seconds to jack up garbage

If they fired Collins two weeks ago, would you preferred Michael Curry taking over?

I would prefer a 5 years old who doesn't know how to read or write taking over When the players have quit on the coach its over, and its over

This is one of the biggest collapses ever.. If Collins is coaching this team next year my fanhood for the sixers is over. I'm fed up with this poor excuse for a professional organization...I hope they are ashamed

Doesn't matter who the coach is if the same guys are coming back No coach, not even the Zen Master can win with this roster.

I can wipe my ass with Spencer hawes because regular toilet paper irritates my tender areas.

Jodie meeks getting bullied by rondo lol

By this coming Friday Miwaukee should pass us up. I really am looking forward to the lottery if that's the case.

I can't stand Pierce or Garnett. I can't wait to see the Heat or Bulls wipe the floor with them in the playoffs.

Definitely goaltending.. Spencer hawes is ****ing soft though I'm glad KG did that to him

Hahahahahaha that had NO chance of going in and KG just goaltended it for fun.

We really suck

Good thing Rondo sucks against us

Didn't he have like 16 assists against us last time? We keep him from scoring, but that isn't his biggest asset anyway

Wow Pierce with a solid moving screen all the way down the court haha. Savvy move.

The difference between the Sixers and Celtics long two’s is that the Celtics are a solid jumpshooting team. The Sixers are the opposite.

It’s not tanking if your team legitimately sucks.

I had a tough decision between a Sixers game this Tuesday or a Phils game this Thursday. I think I’m going to my local YMCA to watch a pickup game.

smegma’s got like 5 blks

If Brandon Bass had a Sixers uniform on, none of those shots would go in.

The Sixers only employ finesse, jumpshooting bigs that aren’t very good at finessing or jumpshooting.

A comeback loss would be nice. At least i’ll know this team isn’t dead.

I smell dead people

Oh they dead.

Avery Bradley is not a good shooter. Well, he’s hitting everything.

Awful man! We look like the worse team in the league right now.

What do you mean "look" they "are"

When Rondo starts hitting sht like that, its over. Pack up and head back to the whore house

Lol Kentucky could beat the sixers right now

The Discrete Tank is on...or perhaps this is the late season tank. After all there is nothing discrete about this asswhipping.

Discrete Tank Swag. Keep it close. Choke. That way it doesn't look like you are a quitter. Just Do it.

I think our problem is hawes, we have a big marshmellow patrolling the paint. Who's scared of a marshmellow?

The marshmallow in Ghost Busters was pretty scary.

Watching Lou and Meeks trying to defend Rondo and Allen is pure comedy Running like chickens with their heads cut off

Greg Steimsma (who?) is +23. Bad as it gets.

God just let this end!

If I didn't know any better: I’d say that Collins is lobbying for a job with the Celtics after the season

God what an embarrassment this game was and what this season is becoming... I hate this

I don't know how I can support this team anymore Instead of being mediocre, they should just focus on being really bad to become really good.