Comments from the other side - Nets 4/14

 Even though the Nets are tanking their fans still were cheering for the win.  But they also can't wait to get out of New Jersey.  Guess I can't blame them.  But the grass isn't always greener on the other side so moving to Brooklyn won't automatically fix their problems either.   Happy to see that Gerald seems to have found a home and matured.  I hope he sticks and has a good career.  Some fun comments today!  Be sure to post your favorites. 

Can we blame Deron for calling these road games?

Theres virtually no crowd noise at the home games Its like nets fans don't even know how to cheer but you cant say its because the team is bad because during the finals against the spurs it was that loud either its just NJ fans

Can't wait for this season to be over

I can't wait to officially turn the page on NJ Bring on the new logos and merchandise!

I couldn't care less about this game against Boston tonight... We need the spurs to beat the suns AND Memphis to beat Utah.

I owuld love to see Nets beat Boston

The Nets win last night was a very dangerous one. They really can’t afford to win another game this season. If you take a look at the standings, they’re at risk of rising (or falling) all the way to the 9th worst record. That would make their chances at a top-3 pick extremely thin.

If Nets get Dwight Coward it wouldn't be until next December when Lopez is available to be traded. The games are not meaningless unless people are 100% certain that DWill and Wallace have made up their mind, one way or another. Even Green could go elsewhere if the team falls apart because DWill decided to leave the Nets team that couldn’t win any games.

Resigning Green would be like getting a first round draft pick except ready to play now.

I would pay serious money to see Gerald green posterize Kevin garnett!!!!

Cant wait for the new fan base, NJ's SUCK

I think a lot of people undermine how big of a deal it is that our fans suck, nobody can be upset with dwill for speaking his truth. All those guys in that locker room have to feel the same way . It’s upsetting to go to a game and see more jerseys of the opposing team on almost any given night

Is it all Celtic fans?

A LOT of Celtic jerseys walking into the arena

So this is a road game Jeez in our own building

Dammit I forgot about rondo.... We are going to get destroyed

I actually have a strong feeling that we get the W somehow

Don't get your hopes up

He, I'm used to getting letdown by now One more time won’t hurt

Green is going to play with a chip on his shoulder

No reason he shouldn’t see roughly 40 minutes. Starter minutes.

Not gonna happen with Avery He thinks Stevenson is still a lockdown defender. Dude can barely even move his broken down body.

Deron hates NJ fans...said the other night opposing areas have more energy that's why the nets are a good road team.

it’s absolutely true. It’s so embarrassing having your own court invaded by other team’s fans. The fans that go to the games aren’t even that loud.

Big, big cheers for Celtics as starters announced. Lots of Celtic green at the Rock tonight.

Hoping they come out strong So the Celtics fans go home early

Is it St Pattys DAy? IS that why everyone is wearing green at a nets home game?

Avery Bradley is about to put MarShon Brooks on lock.

Bradley is one of the best one-on-one defenders in the league it’s seriously impressive

Pierce is going to kill us..just because

Shelden Williams is such a horrendous basketball player This starting lineup blows.

Our bigs look horrible

What bigs?

Kind of annoying how Boston makes everything even though they are all like 50

LOL old man Garnett is glistening

Lots of Celtic fans But honestly i’ve seen worse.

Rex Ryan is there That makes the Nets the 2nd biggest losers in the building.

Deron went down, he is limping

Screw you Stiesma


He has a right to complain Dude tackled him from behind

He does have a point Stiesma straight up plowed into him

Damn white boy get off our star I’m okay with this tech. These refs are awful

If that was our guy on rondo it would've beena flagrant

Refs got paid to have C’s win this , Nets leading by 6 is too much for their brain to handle

These refs suck

This officiating is a joke

Terrible refs

How many people want to shoot the refs right now

Rondo big gremlin looking creep..

Wow these Boston fans are pissing me off. Brooklyn cannot come soon enough. NJ is a joke.

Boston isn't doing crap without the refs help

Dwill playing angry When dwill is pissed hes a whole nother player

What was Orlando thinking Giving away Bass

They were'nt The have Dwight to think for them

Does anyone get the feeling that the 76ers and now the Celtics came in EXPECTING a win

How is DWill not a superstar?

He's not a good enough player Even in his best day as a Jazz

Turns the ball over too heart..don't make players around him better.

David Stern needs to get shot Refs are human and they make mistakes. They GEt the right calls most of the time too. It’s the league office ordering them to not to take “complaints” from players David Stern is RAPING viewers chance to watch fair basketball games by implementing this “respect for game” BS.

Their players can slap our players with no foul call Rondo barely gets touched and its a foul

Should be blowing them out But terrible officiating and Green’s shots going in and out..

Green shoots almost everytime he gets the ball If his shooting is off he might want to stop

Rather have him shooting than most of the team

Petro on garnett Battle of the bald heads

Love seeing Hump against KG KG is Hump’s teacher

I hate Petro

I normally don't like complaining about refs But these are some weak calls

Home team always gets the calls

Petro is in Garnetts head!!

Kevin Garnett was trash talking Petro, proving yet again he’ll trash talk anybody.

I remember him trash talking Quiet shy devin Harris

Not surprised. He loves to mess with PGs.

At the same time, impressive. He rarely messes with someone his own size.

Man Steveson should never shoot unless its a layup

Sheldon has brickhands

The Celtics beat you with old-man strength.

Trying to dish to Shelden of the dribble in traffic is the worst possible basketball move ever

Ask Anthony peeler if kg can back up his tuff talk Guy is a 6’10 chicken chested bag of cotton candy. Its even more pathetic now that hes old

He is a skinny rail I'm not discrediting his bball career but he is a fake tuff guy who only clowns people he knows will take it and guards

Wow cetics take the lead and OUR arena goes wild

Guess you cant blame the NBA for wanting Boston to win

Stevenson is HORRIBLE

Were getting out hustled by the Celtics

Refs apparently going with the “no blood, no protruding bones, no damaged internal organs, no foul” rules tonite

Finally we actually hit a buzzer beater

it's Gerald Green You expect anything less?

Green is a star.

Shelden plays hard But he is so unbelievably bad I can’t watch him anymore. Let him go after the season..PLEASE.

Someone switched the stickem with lube in Sheldon's locker

These refs are complete trash

Gonna be waiting outside the Pru for these refs.

Fourth quarter d guys..gonna lock these clowns down...

Who are these people

The old guys in the green jerseys?

Oh man these refs

To be fair J Will did look like he hacked to get the ball in the first place

If that was garnett would’ve been a flagrant

Boston will win because of the refs

Breaking news Gerald green can fly

Avery Bradley killing us

These refs. I swear. They will not make it out of this arena. Bradley scrub of the night

Bradley isnt a scrub

I may need to fight all these fans too. I swore this was a home game.

Gerald green Next years 3 point shooting contest champ, slam dunk champ and all star game mvp?

Bradley looking like ray Allen

Ive never heard the prud center so loud

Nets Player gets blocked Home crowd erupts

These refs are absolute GARBAGE!

Okay the jwill block was clearly a block now. You can hear the sound of him swatting the ball. let’s be objective now.

It looked like sttemziafwefwf smacked him in the head

You need an accountant for all of these makeup calls by the refs

Our play hasn't helped But the refs are really putting this one out of reach

Do you guys think Gerald green whispers to dwill " take me with you"

Garnett making everything..ugh

Gaines drive to the hoop = miss Petro with the offensive rebound = slip and fall, out of bounds on him Sums up our season pretty well.

Petro and Gaines on the court together Now its really time to turn off the TV

Their scrubs make shots Why can’t ours?

Our scrubs are "superscrubs" compared to there

Want Boston to beat Miami...

Less of a foul than anything on us Ridiculous

Get out the wheelchair!

Gerald Green should win most improved player

Probably isn't eligible Only played 25 games this season

Best d-league call up then They should make a statue of him like China did for Marbury lol.

This crowd disgusts me..It’s a HOME game. Why are they cheering louder then the home fans

KG just got a round of applause like he was in Boston. Get this franchise out of NJ ASAP. This place is swarming with green jerseys, it’s disgusting.

Looks like St patty's day parade smh

Wth kids flashing their Celtics jerseys

They don't know any better Let them grow up being Massholes

Ugh look at those kids I’d slap them

I wanna do this

You know whats funny Celtics are gonna suck after Garnett Leaves, N you wont be seeing much Celtic fans in games anymore!!!!!!!!! Fake as fans I swear

The amount of green is just awful and its gonna be twice as bad during the Knicks game. Game is gonna be filled with blue and orange

I hate what I'm seeing It actually looks like they just installed wrong floor in TD garden or something

Hhaha Deron looks like " when is Free Agency coming"

I cant wait..get him outta here.

No kidding. I hate him as much as I did starbury

I'm certainly not a hater, but I'm not blind enough to not notice him sulking

I don't blame D-Will we are down by more than 13 pts what's the point

that's not how winners and leaders act

New jersey changes a man

2012 Celtics are NOT NBA championship contenders
After what the Celtics just did to the nets They have to be considered contenders now
Seriously the C's owned Miami last week

Doc's like "Thanks for the practice Avery"

Whats dbum gonna say tonight..there was no energy from the crowd. You want energy..put your paycheck in your headband and look at it from time to time..there’s your energy.

When dbum leaves he's gonna write a net tell all book called my life in hell...
Chapter 1: FO Handed Me the Keys to the Franchise
Chapter 2: Mark Cuban keeps leaving me voicemails
Chapter 3: where the hell they find this petro guy..where's he from again...
Chapter 4: defriend Dwight
Chapter 5: you know they retired my number right? turkey.

I was at the game... A sea of green. Kg and pierce got standing ovations from 70-80% of the crowd

Did anyone really expect them to win tonight? C’s have been rolling the last month, shot up from 7th to a game and half back of 3rd

Exactly. Even with Allen out, they’ve got Rondo, Pierce & KG. The Nets, on the other hand, have one healthy guy who’s a legit starter on a playoff team.

Never liked people being stereotypical but I’m hoping fans of other teams will be scared to wear their team gear to Brooklyn in fear of getting beat down at night

Tonight's game was a sellout I’m sure Yormark loved the sea of green. Barf.

Yeah he figured he would jack up the prices on the Celtics fans knowing it wouldn't steer them away Common practice for teams with poor attendance that host a team with a superb loyal following

Doc made adjustments and woke the Celtics up at halftime Avery saw the grease spilling on the stove and just walked up out the house

KG & The Truth? Where will these guys be playing next year? They still have game. Or is it just Doc River’s smoke and mirrors. AND I’ve seen Avery Bradley play before, since when does he hit outside shots:? AND who the heck is this guy Steamroller or whatever his name is. He’s a 26 year old rookie. Doc and Danny just seem to find these guys. Bass looks like an all star. Must be they cater lunch in from Boston House Of Pizza!

Why does everyone look like an allstar against us

I don’t know if the Pru Center staff were trying to be funny, but I could not believe it til one was placed in my hand: they are handing out AIR FRESHENERS on the way out of the Rock… My guess is because the Nets stunk up the joint… Or because the stench of failure tends to linger. Either way, they could not give me what I was really after; the last two hours of my life back

Lol Celtics fans stink