Comments from the other side - Heat 4/10

What a great game! Heat "fans" are among the worst in the league. They are so boastful and then turn on their own team in a heartbeat. There are so many great comments here that it's really hard to pick one favorite, but I think this one is right up there: "Rondo probably thanks God and bless his food when he plays the Heat because he eats the defense alive."  Love that they credit the Celtics fans there with the "Miami sucks" chants - but it was probably their own bandwagon fans ;D  I know you'll enjoy today's comments and be sure to post your favorites in the comments!

If we lose.. Lets all go become Knick Fans!!!

Thing is, that last game wasn't about Boston being great, it was about us sucking so bad. Please, let's not suck.

We got this one. We were embarassed after that last game. Heat are going to come out and take it to them. Will be a blow out. Book it.

Heat gonna learn about defense this game. Letz get That W. Rondo gets like 30 assists tho.

I want us to destroy these old dudes so f***in bad

No way the Heat lose to these losers again. F*** these old fogies! Let's get it on!!

Rondo is that team's everything, so it really comes down to Rio. Can he manage to not get owned by Rondo again? I'm gonna guess no, since Rondo seems to have Rio's number.

Don't let rondo get hot early driving and dishing... Rebound the ball!! They suck at it!!

SOmebody kill ROndo.

A moving screen on KG was called?

Rondo made a jumper. Is this real life?

This team..... So dumb sometimes.

The worst part is how Garnett received multiple open jump shots off of our defensive scheme

Bosh us going to kill us come playoff time

How much times this year has wade missed blank layups and ****ing bosh if the guy cant hit wide open jumpers get the **** off this team ill pay for your plane ticket back to Toronto

Even at this stage of their careers, I'd trade Bosh for KG in a millisecond.

Boston's half court defense is really good! If Miami's outside shooters don't make their shots, LBJ and Wade wont have anything in the post!

Holy crap what did Rajon just do to our defense?

Haslem u suck

Why are there so many Boston fans? Wtf?

Another BS call being called for the Heat, that's like 3 times

Why do we keep letting Rondo penetrate the paint? I understand laying off him because his jumper is inconsistent, but Jeez is it worth it?

Rondo hitting 3's? Everybody go home. Cole sucks.

Why are there so many Celtics fans down here?


Somebody break rondos arm again may be our only chance to win this.

Are we seriously letting these bums light us up on our own home court?!?! This team has no **** heart man!

Boston actually has a half court offense and defense. WE DON'T.

Wish we had KG.

Ew Ew, I hate that clown.

I hate him too - but I'd happily take him as our Center any day of the week. Can't argue with results, he's a good player on both sides of the floor.

There isn't a better PG in the league at mind****ing the Heat than Rondo

Btw we're getting out-rebounded by the worst rebounding team in the league.

The worst rebounding team in the league is destroying us on the glass.

We wOnt make it past the 1st round.

I praiy we dnt play Boston in the playoffs

I nerver wanted someone to die so much but I hope spo gets hit by a car and dies. When he's gone we can finally win a ring til then nope

I really hope we don't see Boston in the 2nd round, I will take the 2 seed if it means we can avoid Boston in round 2.

Steisma is carving us. You read correctly.

Is Spotard's mancrush on Haslem natural? I just want to know. The guy just doesn't belong on a professional basketball court anymore.

**** Spo and this idiotic bunch. Stupied teams never win in the playoffs, and willing to bet anything with anyone about that.

The coaching disparity is too great here. They know exactly how to attack us, while we have no clue how to best go at them. LeBron and/or Dwyane are going to have to go ballistic

Getting humiliated at home by the AARP team.

This team (Heat) is GARBAGE. I'm not believing this coasting talk. We're not that good right now.

Wade sucks

Bosh is making KG look like he's in his prime right now.

It would be nice to get a few good hard fouls on Rondo

A few days ago I said "No matter how bad this team has been I'm comfortable when they are at home" Now it's like "Home or away we're just horrible"

I swear lbj gets no calls driving to the basket Any Celtic near the basket gets a call

LeBron couldn't take it to Ray Allen... God...

We just had Wade on Garnett in the lowpost, sweet Jesus...

I hope we get blown by at least by 30 pts in our next 4 games


Watching Miami in the halfcourt offense can be very painful at times!
Get a beer
Or mariju.... Nevermind, beer works

Tired of these non-calls by the refs, are the Heat playing at home or at the TD Garden?

Maybe the zebras are confused because Boston is wearing white.

Rondo and Bradley shooting like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen.

Damn Doc and his timeouts.


He wasn't open.

If we swithced coaches we would be blowing them out by 30. I'm not even kidding.

These old farts have 63 points on the board, UNBELIEVABLE!

Someone call Chris Bosh and let him know we got a game with Boston Please KG gets into this guys head so easily

That Bradley kid can ball!

Mario U SUCK

Holy crap you all hearing the Miami sucks chants?

We're going to be fine, relax everybody.

Watch the game instead of making stupid comments.

We are the best homecourt team, keep this close and give us a chance to win it in the end

Why the **** do we not play defence on rondo?

Because he can't shoot.

Rondo owns us

Rondo makes jumpers now... This sucks.

I expect Rondo to make shots in the paint...but he's stroking that J like he's Ray Allen on us. Bullcrap.

You can't breath on Boston, meanwhile we can't get a call to save our lives.

Is wade gonna really stop in the middle of a fastbreak to argue a call, am I seeing things?

Bosh is god awful

Must be nice having a big who can hit open jump shots..

Celtics own us though. They really do.

Wade is such a pathetic f***, he's gassed already. Just "rest" for the rest of the season.

I can't believe they missed that horribly blatant travel by Lebron and then proceeded to call a foul.

If it wasn't for that POS rondo it'd be a 5pt deficit.

Steisma is from the d league, we refuse to get centers from the d league, why? Atleas they are fit. We got fat centers sitting on our bench smh

I remember watching an NBDL game in December. Steimsma was playing and I thought he'd fit nicely with us.

Is it possible to Amnsty Bosh?

Wow KG just pulled some bush league **** on Battier

Thugs gonna thug

Garnett's screens are always dirty!

Kevin Garnett has set illegal screens his entire career. When he's called for it, I'm stunned.

Bosh continues to suck...

Its hard to win when your not getting calls and Rando is hitting his jumper.

What the @@@@!!!!They see Miami and everybody turns into HULK!!!grrrrrrrrr
68.2 %!!!!!For real???

Chalmers getting calls Wade can't. I don't know how to feel right now


The Celtics have resorted to thuggery

You don't leave Ray Allen open...m'kay?

Ray Allen can shoot threes? Who knew?!

How do the leave **** Ray Allen open like that. I could see that screen coming.

How can you leave the best 3pt shooter of all time wide open Crappier?


Come on Rio, effin Ray--I hope we do sign that a**hole next year
I would rather Odom But we can’t afford either of them


Yeah right Boston just getting lucky now.. When do you see ray knock that down? Especially with that lock down D on him!

Heat had a players only meeting after Boston beat them last week. Looks like that didn't do much good!
Look at the heat;s last 19 games. They win 3 then loose 2. Win 4 then loose 2. Win 2 loose 1. Win 2 loose 1. Win 1, loose 1! Anybody see the progression?

Its the Spo system...Pack the paint and give up the shot. It doesn't matter that Ray Allen is the best 3pt shooter in the league, the system will not change.

KG is only hitting those wide open jumpers because of illegal screens!!!!!

This piece of **** team.

We screwed if we play them in the play-off

I doubt that, they beat us in the regular season last year as well. We saw what happened in the playoffs.

Yea, we needed rondo to get hurt to win

Wade just fell for a pumpfake on Rajon **** Rondo

Seriously eff Wade sometimes. You got faked out, just shut up.

Wade is right. They haven't called that for him the entire year.

Were going to have a short playoffs at this rate, not even Lebron or Wade on God mode can save this team or this coach....

Rule #1: Never fall for a pumpfake by Rondo Wade has disrespected the basketball guards

Wade you see that you suck, you get a technical too.. Why? Because he made the move you try to do all season long.

Wade is mad cause he got dibs on that move

The key to beating Miami is PG play. If you can move the ball around without turning it over, you will get a bunch of open looks and have a legit chance of beating us.

Hack a rondo!!

So Bosh was on KG and they scored then wetried to hide Bosh and put Bron on KG. They still foundBosh's matchup and Piercescored.

This team's mentality is absolutely repulsive..


You can't guard a jumpshot like that, man, Boston got some of the best rainbow jumpshooters in the league.

Lbj, you need to score 40 every time on these old geezers

Nice, rondo called this his house before the game

Well... The ONLY good thing out of this is, if we don't get the 1 seed, we wont have to play Boston in 2nd round.

Tell me right now this team can change in the playoffs when they tried this game really badly

I hate this team. I really hate them. A bunch of weak over rated garbage. With a big pile of crap for a coach. FML!!!!

Garnett only played 33 minutes... Now that's time management. AND HE OWNED.

There were too many non calls for the Heat in crucial moments

LeBron blew that game. Down 5 when he entered. That was the time to make a move, not go down by 13

Its amazing how you can have this much talent but with the wrong coach lesser teams with a better coach can exploit you

Bosh sucks... That's all...

I don't understand it? Bosh can't guard 1-5 and to old *** pierce bully his way to the basket against bosh was so hard to see. I am hating bosh more more every game!

Before anyone gets too down let's not forget the most encouraging part of today's game. Mike Miller has gone 2 straight games without injury!

My favorite part was when we were up 9 to 5 or something. Everything else sucked.

We are not overreacting, the Heat will meltdown in the playoffs because they don't get it and they can't adjust. They have an idiot coach, a crappy bench, a crappy scheme. As fans, we obviously count on Wade and Lebron to outtalent entire teams in the playoffs. Like last year, like in 05.

Bosh quote: "They were a step ahead of us the whole time. They kind of knew what our schemes were defensively."

They may have known our defensive schemes, but I can guarantee you one thing: they had no clue--NO ****ING CLUE--what our schemes were on offense! Bwahahahahaha! And that's because we don't have any

Did anyone else hear the Boston Fans in OUR house during tonight's game? When we were down by like 18 or so, there were chance of "Miami sucks!" And they were fairly loud, too. What was surprising is, at least from what I was able to tell via SunSports broadcast, that there wasn't a lot of Boston fans clumped in one area like the Knicks fans and Dallas fans were. They were spread out. It's amazing how we let opposing fans get louder than us at home.

Ive noticed that LeBron pads a lot of rebounds and steals them from Bosh sometimes... Just saying. Sometimes he only gets 6-7 rebounds because LeBron always likes to pad his stats.

What happened tonight is what happens when you back off rondo. The last time we played them is what happens when you play up on rondo.

Rondo does always kill us when we play him, he must avg 15 asst a game vs us, we have no answer for him. Spo just hasnt figured out a way to contain rondo, we give him space everytime and he kills us everytime, we double him and everyone else on the floor can make a shot, we play him tight and he uses the pick and roll and we look lost on that too...

Rondo probably thanks God and bless his food when he plays the Heat because he eats the defense alive.
So apparently Boston is still a problem. :sigh: