Celtics are finally getting some love on the NBA's website

For most of the season, it seemed like every time I went to NBA.com, the only time the Celtics got a lot of press was if there were trade rumors surrounding Rondo or the Big 3. Or when we were on a horrible losing streak.

But it seems that those at NBA.com have finally taken notice of Boston's playoff chances after we have beaten their beloved Miami Heat 2 times in the past 10 days.

From NBA.com's Hangtime Blog:

Title Dreamers, Beware of Boston

Go ahead and mark it down now — the two cities every team dreaming of a championship needs to avoid at all costs during the playoffs are Memphis and Boston.

Just like the Grizzlies in the Western Conference, the Celtics have given everyone ample warning that they will be in the business of crushing hopes come playoff time. Their work since the All-Star break has been well documented. They have all of the components needed to derail title aspirations for any other team in the playoff field, just as the Grizzlies did to the Spurs last year.

From a coach in Doc Rivers (who is arguably the best in the business at taking whatever parts he has and crafting them into a cohesive unit), to a clear leader in Rajon Rondo (who has finally asserted himself as the true catalyst for this club), to the fading-but-still-furious-glory of future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (who have all had to accept diminished or drastically different roles than they are used to (in Allen’s case) at this stage of their careers), the Celtics have everything in place to squash dreams and realize their own.
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