Comments from the other side - Hawks 4/20

 This was a fun game.   Even though the Celtics lost, I loved how the young guys gave the Hawks starters all they could handle.  I know Pachulia and Horford were out,  but that doesn't compare to the Celtics top 5 players being out.   I think Hawks fans got the message too.  Never saw fans so depressed about a win.  Enjoy today's comments...

Boston is sitting everyone. This should piss the Hawks off. Boston is basically saying we can beat you in the playoffs with or without Homecourt advantage. Maybe they are right but this should provide added incentive during the playoffs.

What the hell? No Rondo, Pierce, Allen, or Garnett? How can you do that with homecourt on the line? Homecourt means a lot in the playoffs. I realized the Celtics are old but geez.

I hope the starters can push the lead early again, then be able to sit most of the 2nd half and get some rest.

Watch Larry Drew be dumb enough to play Smith and Joe tonight and get embarrassed smh

If they only play the far end of their bench and put a whoopin' on the Hawks,
We will not be able to show our face in the playoffs. So, all the pressure
Is on Atlanta to win tonight. Otherwise, - - - - - - - - -

The Boston Celtics aren’t playing ANYONE – I want a 30 pt victory to send a message.

It wouldn't be the first time the Celtics' backups have embarrassed us a week before meeting us in the playoffs. At least Sam Cassell is retired.

I don't know about anybody else but I really (REALLY) want this team in the playoffs. I despise them so much and we're already being doubted by ESPN:

Way to take the luster from a game by sitting the key players. These professional sports can be so unprofessional some times

Well- three guys are injured and the other two just played 11 games in 15 days with flights between every game. It makes sense.

When a team all but gift wraps you home court in your upcoming playing series against them, it’s very important that you accept the gift. No let downs tonight!

The times I am saddest about my coach Is games when they are wired – and we’re playing a team with a coach like Doc. He always sounds like a coach in the huddle. My team always seems to have a cheerleader.

Did Jason Collins just get an and-one? I'm just asking because I felt a disturbance in the Force As if thousands of basketball fans suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Josh doing his Curly Neal impersonation. Josh…you CANNOT handle the ball. Stop trying

A lot of Bradley's shots were against good defense He's using screens well, and he's hit at least two jump shots with a hand right in his face

This is some of the worst basketball ever played.

So whoever it is that wants to play them in the first round..........

Run faster Joe....haha He has 4 second speed His speed last for four seconds

Did Joe just intentionally slow down so he could take a last second floater instead of a last second lay-up?

Can't run that fast with $124 million weighing you down......

Psst, Doris...we actually are up by 9 I get that’s not blowing them out – but it’s not exactly close either

When you consider our 3rd quarters Boston is technically up 5

Third quarters are amusing in that, it’s entertaining to see a team utterly forget how to run offense, after it’s been working for 24 minutes already.

We are playing like crap Must be the third quarter

We are up by 8 on the Celts' BENCH. Yikes.

Get the sense that even with scrubs a good system and coach can keep a team competitive.

The fix is in! Kenny Mauer tackling our players on the break.

LD...Just yell at them "YOU ARE LOSING TO THEIR BENCH"

This is why we get zero respect

If we can get a can of pringles for Marvin this offseason I say do it.

I guess I will add Bradley at the front of the hawks killer list

The kid can play It’s fundamental ball, but fundamental ball works.

Again Who on this site wants to play them first?

I don't really see any way out of it Do you trust us to out-tank Orlando for 6th?

Sad thing is Orlando isn't tanking

It's sad that most of the fans in the crowd are Boston fans

Our scoring by quarter 34 – 24 – 16 – 8

It's like division, if you're a D student.

Josh is 1 rebound and 3 TOs short of a triple double

Hawks are in shambles right now. And the crowd cheers for almost every spurt the Celtics make. What's up with that? I thought this is being played at Philips Arena.

I thought so too, man I hope the fans aren't like this in the playoffs

That boo was so disturbingly loud This town is awful. Our fan support is shameful.

We have fan support?

It makes me crazy. I wish so badly ATL was behind this team

People blaming the fans are flat out dumb. The Celtics have an amazing fan base because they don’t have enough room in their arena to display their championship banners. The Hawks have a bad fan base because every time they are on national TV the Doris Burkes and Charles Barkleys of the world are rightfully clowning them because they play like clowns.

The coroner has certified the Hawks dead, or extemely sleepy

For a wire to wire win, the Hawks PR department sure did get crapped on by ESPN tonight...

I gave the game a "C" B and D avg. Out to C.

Good enough to pass, bad enough to lose HOPE.

Never has a win felt so hollow

Doesn't instill confidence.

How much confidence can you have taking on a team if you can't even handle their d team?

I've never been so disappointed after a win

Ugly win tonight but I'll take it.

Might be one of last victories the Hawks get over the Celtics this season.

Play like this in a week when it counts and the Hawks will be swept! This was a bad win.

That effort against the Celtics bench doesn't inspire confidence as the Hawks are getting ready for the play-offs.

Well that win sucked