Bench play gets the better of Boston as Knicks cruise to 118-110 victory

New York set the Boston Celtics ablaze in the Mecca of Basketball by the score of 118-110.  The score in this game did not reflect the feeling it had as the Knicks rained three pointers all night on the Celtics.  Boston has no shot with the way the Knicks were making it rain, literally.

JR Smith and Steve Novak scored 50 points combined on 14 of 19 shooting from three point land.  Boston played their worst half and game of defense all year.   They tied their season worse 72 half time points (last time verses Oklahoma City) and allowed more three pointers in the first half than they have allowed in any game this season.  

Boston fought back, getting the lead to as little as 8 points but that was as close as they would come.  The bench for the Celtics was missing in action.  I wouldn't be surprised if Doc filed a missing persons claim after this one.  Two points came out of 42 minutes of basketball.  With Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus injured, a poor performance is expect but no where near this bad.  

The only bright spot for this game as the effort in the second half.  Showing that this team has heart.  They accepted the challenge and outplayed the Knicks in the third quarter.  Paul Pierce had a fantastic game with 43 points as he winced in pain throughout this contest.  Rajon Rondo continues his assist streak and Avery Bradley played extremely well on both ends of the court.

All this game proved to Boston was that they will need their health and depth in the playoffs if they plan on achieving anything substantial.  The Celtics dug themselves a hole they couldn't get out of.  Credit the Knicks for making sure the Celtics didn't get out.