Ray Allen most likely Celtic to get traded

The Celtics are trying to do the seemingly impossible right now.

They want to upgrade their roster, particularly in the frontcourt where they are painfully thin. They could become even thinner depending on the news Ainge receives from the Celtics' medical staff about Chris Wilcox and Jermaine O'Neal.

But at the same time, they don't want to tinker with their core group (which has been banged up all season) or make a deal that will hamper the franchise's flexibility in the near future.

The Celtics player whose name has come up the most in media reports involving the C's and trade talks has been Rajon Rondo, the 26-year-old point guard who is far and away, their most valuable asset because of his age, experience and ability.

But multiple league sources on Tuesday said that Ray Allen remains the one Boston player that's most likely to be traded, although there has been a "significant" amount of interest in Avery Bradley as well.
This makes sense. Yesterday Ainge was adamant that Rondo wasn't getting traded. Pierce deserves to remain a Celtic for life and KG because of his high salary is pretty hard to move. The question though is how does Ainge move Ray without hurting the team this season? I guess a 3 team trade could be constructed where the Celtics get the center they need in Chris Kaman, the Clippers get Ray Allen, and the Hornets get Eric Bledsoe.

The Celtics would then need to start Pietrus and would then lose their best back-up wing. It's possible the Celtics could also pry Jarrett Jack away from the Hornets, as he's a solid combo guard, but the asking price could be a first rounder or Bradley. It's good to hear that Bradley has built up some trade value. The kid is easy to root for, but the Celtic have to decide if he can start in this league. He'd be an undersized shooting guard (who can't really shoot yet) or a point guard who doesn't really have point guard skills. If the Celtics believe Bradley can improve his jumper, I think hes' tough enough to make it as a 2 guard.

Keep in mind that just because Ray is listed as the Celtic "most likely"Celtic to be traded, that doesn't mean that he likely will. it simply means he has the best odds. One things for sure is that no one is definitely safe until the trade deadline passes tomorrow.