Paul Pierce needs to remain a Celtic for life

What do Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Sam Jones, Tommy Heinsohn, Tom Sanders, Frank Ramsey, and K.C. Jones all have in common? All are NBA Hall of Famers. All played and won championships for the Boston Celtics. And all were Celtics Lifers. They never wore another team's jersey. Unlike our rivals in Los Angeles the Celtics were built on a family and loyalty. While the Lakers import stars who wish to play in big markets and live the hollywood life (Chamberlain, Kareem, Kobe, Shaq), Red Auerbach created the winningest NBA franchise by drafting wisely and building a culture of loyalty.

We currently have another player that could be added to that aforementioned list. He was drafted by the Celtic 14 years ago, is a 10 time NBA all-star, an NBA champion, and Finals MVP. He's played his entire career in Boston, through the good times and the bad and he wants to retire a Celtic. So what I'm saying is Paul Pierce needs to remain a Celtic for life. 

Kevin McHale recently mentioned how grateful he was to Red for allowing him to retire a Celtic. Paul Pierce deserves the same courtesy. Last year after the deadline we had a 422 comment post dedicated to Kendrick Perkins thanking him after his trade. We got word from his agent, that Perk was extrememly touched by people's comments. We want to be proactive this time and put this Pierce piece out before the deadline.

Do the right thing Danny and Wyc. Let Paul Pierce be a Celtic for life.

Leave comments below for Wyc, Danny, and Paul. Let your voice be heard.