Celtics Life reader Zack Wire created this homage to Perkins and was kind enough to send it in to us this morning. If you have a message you'd like to leave for Perk please feel free to comment here. Kendrick's manager will be passing this along to Perk.

Update 1:50PM (from Perk's manager)

p.s. Let's keep this about Perk and not about Danny or the new Celtics please.

JR 2/25/2011 10:14:00 AM Edit
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  1. Javier from Spain says:

    We'll never forget you! Ubuntu!

  2. Love ya Perk, Thanks for the memories

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are already MISSED!!!! We <3 YOU!!! Good luck!!! You are gonna rock at OKC... Guess that gives me another team to cheer for!!! LOVE YOU AND NATE DAWG!!! :)

  4. Fenton says:

    Thanks for everything Perk!!!! Celtics nation owes you a lot and we will never forget that you helped bring us to banner 17. You showed what it was to be a true Celtic and you are forever a Celtic in my book! Good luck in Oklahoma City and wherever else your career may take you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will miss you tons, thanks for everything Perk!

  6. Anonymous says:

    this would definitely leave a hole in the celtics' defense. you've done well for the team, perk. let's have another run at it when we get the chance. ubuntu!

  7. kibitzer says:

    Probably one of the few true centers remaining in the league.
    Arguably the most "Celtic" of all Celtic players traded

    I raise my can of beer in your honor. Hopefully, you'll be back wearing Celtic green.

    To Perk.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for everything perk...be back here next season...UBUNTU!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That 2008 banner is yours, man. Thanks for everything.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Always appreciated how hard he worked and played. Never gave less than 100%. And had the one of the best scowls the NBA has ever seen. I hope our paths cross again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Perk your always one of us man

  12. Beverly, Mass. misses you, Kendrick.

  13. Unknown says:

    Perk appreciate the work you put in hate to see you go

  14. Anonymous says:

    KP, thanks for the 8 amazing years, and always playing your hardest. Thanks for helping us bring in 17. You will be missed. Love you KP

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love your passion, toughness, and presence. You're a force to be reckoned with by yourself. Much love and respect BIG PERK.. You'll always be a Celtic by heart..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunate to see you go Perk, we're all going to miss you as a member of this Celtics family, good luck with your future and remember that we love you here in Boston.

  17. JayDot says:

    Perk n nate were gonna miss yall! Both of yall were our hypemen.. Step on the court n get us fans hype yall r celtics fo life!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for Everything Perk, your the man! ill Always be a Fan of you! Goodluck in okc. i hope to see you back in celtic green in the future.

  19. Adam says:

    Kendrick, we as Celtics fans cannot express how much you have done for us over your 8 years here. You were my favorite player and I am really sad to see you go. It's unfortunate to be traded like that so quickly but I wish you the best of luck in your career.

    Whenever you return to Boston, Celtic or not, you can be assured a standing ovation awaits you.

    Adam from Boston

  20. Craig says:

    Big Man! You just got back healthy & we were so happy to see you dominating the middle again! Sorry to see you go, but that's the game. Much success & you'll get a standing O from me in my living room whenever you come back to the Garden. (Just take it easy on us, ok?!)

  21. Anonymous says:

    I guess i'm the number one celtics fan here in the philippines, a really huge fan! Though i think the trade works both ways, we'll still gonna miss that beast wearing green #43! Good luck in OKC with nate! Maraming salamat sa lahat ng alaala mong iniwan bilang isang green machine! (Thank you so much for all the memories you gave as being a green machine!) Miss you perk!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Perkins your a real champion. The team will miss you and the fans are still scratching their heads. Wishing you the best you have been a class act and a true Celtic.

  23. Jenda says:

    Always a true Celtic. All the best, Perk!

  24. GeeZee says:

    Thank you for the growth, the swagger. Thanks for the toughness. Thanks for the rebounds, the scowls. Thanks for your defense. Thanks for being real with us. Thanks for working extra to get back from the ACL. Thanks for being a Celtic. And... Thanks for Banner 17.

  25. Perk - you embodied everything that it means to be a Boston Celtic: heart, toughness, unselfishness, teamwork, loyalty. You should have been a Celtic for life. We miss you and wish you all the success in the world.

  26. Anonymous says:

    you will be missed perkins....once a Celtic always a Celtic....

  27. Celtic fan in Virginia says:

    Thanks Perk for all the hard work, great spirit, and all the times you played through pain. Thanks for being a great team player and for all the work you did in the community. I wish you and your family the very best. I am sure your new team will love you, how could they not? Oh, and beat L.A.!

  28. Eugene Law says:

    I thought I would never see the day where the best starting line up in the NBA be taken apart. I wish you the best and to me you were one of our future pieces. We will miss you a lot bruh. I will always be one of your biggest fans Perk!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    YO PERK!

    It's been real !!!!!! We still got love for you homie!!! Wish you nothing but the best! Do what you gotta do and make us happy B. 1 Love my dude!

    You'sa a shining star.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Perk you were the Heart and Soul of this team, You brought a banner back to the garden, and never complained about not getting the love of the big 3 and rondo.....You will kill it in OKC good luck Perk all of Boston will miss you

  31. Mariya says:

    Perk, I've never been more hurt in my life. Finding out that you were getting traded was horrible for me, as well as other Celtics fans around the world. You will be greatly missed, and I wish you the best.

  32. Unknown says:

    Kendrick you were the biggest part of the celtics defense!!! You had a huge impact on every game when I herd they trades you I was shocked and I'm sad to see you go! I don't think Boston is gonna win it all with out you they are not complete! I hope that you win it all in okc evry 1 In Boston will miss You

  33. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for helping bring this city it's first banner over 20 years! Keep on BEASTING. Wish all the best in OKC!

  34. Martina says:

    Things will not be the same without you and I truly hope that the Celtics Front Office knows what they are doing. Obviously you have been a vital part of the Celtics for the fans, as can be seen by the standing ovation you received during your return back. We will miss you and wish you well in the future.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Perkins am so very sad and upset 2 c u leave our CELTICS pride team...u will always b 1 of mi favorite players...u will always b apart of CELTICS Pride team...I wish u tha best...luv u Perkins

  36. Anonymous says:

    Perk, you and Nate will be missed.. best of luck in OKC and give the Lakers hell! We'll all be cheering for you both.

  37. Anonymous says:

    U will never be forgotten! We apprieciate n love u...take care god has a plan for you!

  38. Unknown says:

    Thanks for everything. We'll miss you too.

  39. RDV says:

    It feels very much like the morning after 2010 Finals' Game 7. Perk was gone, the Celtics lost, and there was a general feeling of relentlessness where you'd rather have other things wrong with you than the Celtics losing. You think of other things to think about only to wind up where you started the day: Celtics lost the Finals. But the lone good thing about it is, there was another season where Perk was going to be back and there would be another run. Now, well, I don't know how to get comfort from this. Because whoever the Celtics get in return, if they do get one, I just know that he isn't going to be Perk. It was a good one half season run.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for everything. You will be greatly missed.

  41. pnutz409 says:

    Thank you for showing the us the epitome of hard work. We all could see your love for the game and how you left it all on the court for us. Your fire and strength will be missed on the court and in Boston. Good luck in OKC Perk! We'll see you in the finals! Rep that blue and gold again! heh

  42. EvZilla says:

    I was so upset to see you go Perk. I don't care who you play for and what you do you'll ALWAYS be #43 the BIG GREEN MACHINE. I love your passion, loyalty, good nature and honesty. We love you man and I'll be in the crowd when you come to Philly cheering you on. Thank you so much for giving up 8 GREAT years of hard work.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am still upset about this trade. You will be missed, u will always be a Celtic #43 GO GREEN GO! Good Luck to u and ur family in OK City!! My son and I miss u and maybe we can go see a OK City game and wear our Green=) we <3 u

    ClaRissa n EJ from Texas

  44. Anonymous says:

    Good luck perk
    hope you'll have a solid and brilliant career in oklahoma city on next
    Still beat LA!

  45. Anonymous says:

    We wish you well
    and good luck to get you through
    Even thou now
    you'll be wearing blue
    There won't be a day
    we won't remember you
    the green part of us
    will always love you

  46. Anonymous says:

    This is bull shit. Perkins, come home!

  47. Anonymous says:

    You were an amazing asset to our team and will be greatly missed! I am sad to see you go but wish you the best! <3

  48. Anonymous says:

    Perk your toughness unselfishness and defense was the reason for banner 17 now that your in OKC I wish you good luck and now you can help the thunder take out the Lakers in the playoffs see you in the finals Celtics vs Thunder

  49. Anonymous says:

    OHMY... this tribute is SO AMAZING! Congrats, Zack Wire. Perk, we will miss you.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Wow Perks, I'm really going too miss you. You were one of my favorite player on the team. I will miss you playing on the courts with the Celtics players, and bullying other players :). Since I never met you, I pray too meet you one day since they say you are a really nice person.
    Goodluck and have a great season with the Thunders, and rememeber BEAT LA!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Danny!!!!!!!! We'll miss ya Perk and Nate. Good Luck out in the West!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hey Perk. Good luck in OKC ! Danny Ainge sucks, ya r the best.
    Greetings from Poland! U wil always be in our heart.
    The worst trade ever !

  53. Anonymous says:

    with love.... thank u brotha perk! ubuntu!


  54. Ashley F says:

    Hey Perk! I just wanted to say that you were my favorite Celtic because of how much hard work you put into every game and every practice. You are an inspiration to me and many others. I wish Danny didn't trade you, I'm really going to miss you. I'll support you where ever you go though, come back to Boston anytime big guy. Love you Perk!!! Ubuntu, don't forget celtic nation.. Good luck in Oklahoma, I'll be cheering for you!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck to 'Quis, Luke, and Semih as well. You guys are always Celtics!

  56. Unknown says:

    Thanks for everything Perk. Still baffled on the trade. Your a Celtic and always will be. Best of luck in OKC, you'll bring alot to that team obviously. But I have a feeling banner 18 for the Cs left with you. Your hardwork and passion towards the game is something that should be praised and admired by everyone involved with the nba, players, coaches, owners, GMs, and fans. Thanks again and best of luckm we'll miss you big Perk.


  57. Bug from Cali says:

    Perk your the MAN!!! keep doing what your doing in OKC!! And when you come back to Boston, no matter what team your with next year, show Danny Boy what he gave up on!!!

  58. Anonymous says:

    I'm really upset by this...like losing family. Good luck and God bless in all you do.

  59. Damn, we're gonna miss ya KP. Good luck over there with the Thunder. May your career prosper! Once a Celtic, ALWAYS A CELTIC!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hi Perk, We are as saddened and shocked as you are about this trade. In the hearts of all Celtics Fans, you will always be a Celtic #43. OKC is getting a superstar and I will watch you and cheer you on every game. Thank you for being you and for all the wonderful years, you will always be brothers in green. Best of luck to you and the family....

  61. Carlos says:

    It feels as if someone died, and it did. This trade marks the death of Ubuntu. If anyone was to be traded surely it wasn't to be the one Celtic that embodies what heart, brotherhood, cojones and pride means. I myself am going to miss the immediate reactions to have the back of a fallen brother on the court. You're last words on the camera before the huge news were:" I'm a Celtic" and to me you'll always be one. God Bless, you mean and gentle soul.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Perk, u will be sorely missed if Celtics failed to secure the banner 18. but fighting alongside Durant and Westbrook is just as good, u still get a shot at the championship though

  63. glitterchick says:

    Much love to you Perk. You're the definition of Celtic Pride. You are already missed.

  64. JaeCee says:

    Perk, you and Nate are gonna be missed..it was good to see you come back with a vengeance and now you'll be w/the Thunder..nevertheless, Once a Celtic, Always a Celtic!! Much Love!

  65. CeCe says:

    Now this just made me cry...i was sooo mad and upset yesterday with all this. I woke up this morning and said "Perk is gone"! Gonna miss you Perk, you are one of the best, you are forever a Celtic and go show OKC what you made of and win a championship. I will be following you and Nate and Kevin Durant (he's cool)!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    We miss u already!!!... Good luck in everything u do!!!.. Was mad at Boston for what they did but it's done already :(!!!....

  67. Celtic Pride says:

    Once a Celtic, always a Celtic. Thank you for everything. You'll never be forgotten. Ubuntu.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Love you Perk! and good luck! hard to see you go, I honestly cried my eyes out still in shock and very emotional about your departure, wish you all the best and continued success! *Hugs*

  69. Unknown says:

    Thanks for being a part of the epic 2008 championship team. You will always be a celtic!!!

  70. Pedro says:

    I would like to trade Danny Ainge to OKC for Perk next season.

  71. Three Toe says:

    Perk you were my favorite Celtic. So sad to see you go, but I wish you the best. LONG LIVE THE BEAST!

  72. Anonymous says:

    My heart is breaking about this. Only a "TRUE GREEN FAN" can appreciate what a horrible decision this is. I do wish you the best of luck in OKC....but cant imagine you wearing anything but the 'green & white #43"

  73. Anonymous says:

    thanks for 17 perk always givin it your all you will be missed and good luck in okc remember BEAT LA

  74. Cristovao says:

    You'll be missed Perk. Thank you for all your effort. Best of luck in OKC.

  75. Joe Cross says:

    Go get em Perk! I'm gonna have to put a little blue in with my green now. Come back to Boston soon! You will always have a place in Celtic nation!!

  76. Jazz says:

    Love Ya Perk.! Your Toughness Will Definitely Be Missed.! I Will Always Continue To Cheer For You. KP43. You Were A Beast, And No One Can Replace You. Good Luck In OKC.!

  77. Anonymous says:

    I am a man and I cried today. I held all the sad and sorrow in me and this just busted me. This shows how upset I am about this. Can we send all the good words here to Perk?

  78. Anonymous says:

    Perk - You will be missed! May you have great success with OKC against the West, especially the Lakers. Do rule out a return to the Celtics next year - who knows??

  79. Anonymous says:

    Perks - Boston won't be the same without you. You've been amazing the last years and it's been a blast to watch you. We'll miss you but wish you the best of luck in your career. Hopefully, one day you can wear the Green again.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I meant DON'T rule out a return to the Celtics. ONCE A CELTIC ALWAYS a CELTIC!!

  81. Tasha says:

    You will be missed tremendously! Wishing you good luck and happiness with Oklahoma Thunder. :) xo

  82. Anonymous says:

    You bleed green Perk and you can't change that. We love you and appreciate everything you've done!
    Good luck in OKC and remember couple of days ago you said "I'm a Celtic"? You were right and you always will be a celtic! Head up boy!! The garden loves you

  83. Absolutely shocked and sad. Perks been one of my favorites in the league and an enforcer for our squad. He will be a nice fit in OKC and has a great opportunity with a rising team in the west. Let's just be glad he didn't get shipped to a team with no title aspirations.

  84. ali says:

    perk, you will always be a celtic no matter what team you're on. our hearts broke when you went down in the finals last year and were put back together after all your hard work paid off and you returned this year. yesterday our hearts broke again. you showed that hard work truly pays off. you were the player celtics fans loved and other teams' fans feared. your loyal celtics fans will always cheer for you no matter what. you will surely be missed. we love you and wish you nothing but the best in OKC. beat LA!!
    <3 your loyal fans in LA :)
    p.s. i cried as i wrote this :(

  85. Perk- Even though I wasn't in Boston for your return game to be a part of the standing ovation, please know that I was clapping for you in my little living room in Arkansas. You are and always will be a Celtic and we love you.

  86. Unknown says:

    We miss you already! I was so happy to see you back on the court after injury. The fact that you did it a month early is just another example that shows you really know what it means to be a Celtic. You ARE a Celtic, always. It's unfortunate to see you go but I wish you the best in OKC and when we see you again you will get another standing ovation!


  87. Natasha C says:


  88. Anonymous says:

    perk u will be greatly miss and i know for a fact u will be back!

  89. Anonymous says:

    KP! Good Luck with the new crew! You (and your scowl) will be sorely missed...
    All the best, big man!

    Much love (all the way from Glasgow, Scotland) :)

  90. Anonymous says:

    Perk you will be missed we LOVE U! We saw you play last month in Portland and I'm shure glad I got to see you in green before you were gone from the celtics. Yesterday was one of the saddest day in our home. It wont be the same without you and I know Rondo feels the same. We LOVE U and good luck in Oaklahoma.

  91. clutch_9 says:

    Perk, since you got into the league I've had nothing but love for you. Always greedy for the ball, always wanting to win and thats the true Celtic spirit. Your defense, puts you above all in the category with Bill Russel and for that you will always be missed.

    You will truly be missed by ALL Celtic fans, and we hope you nothing but the best in OKC.

  92. Three Toe says:

    also, I will still be rocking your jersey when i go to games.

  93. tb727 says:

    Thanks for being a beast Kendrick, you'll never be forgotten for helping to win that 2008 title

  94. David Jordan says:

    Thanks for everything Perk... Wish you were still in Celtic Green...

  95. LilRip says:

    thanks for everythin Perk! Ur a beast!!! hope you eliminate the lakers in the playoffs, and then resign with the C's in the offseason! best wishes!

  96. Euskal Celtics says:


  97. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck Perk thank u for all your hard work& many tech's that kept us all fired up! U will be greatly missed!

  98. Perk, you will always be a Celtic to us. Can you feel by the comments how much we love you? All the best. This team won't be the same without you.

    P.S.: How can we send a link to this post to him? We must do that.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Perk, its sad that the NBA is a business first because I wish the Celtics were a little more loyal to your hard work to rehab that knee... but I really wish you the best in OKC and hope you and your family settle in nicely! Keep playing hard and think of this as a compliment, every team in the league wants a defensive machine like you!

  100. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the memories....Will always remember KP43...Kill it in OKC and remember Beat LA

  101. Anonymous says:

    Perk, thank you for everything you did while you were here. We all wish this trade never happened. Good luck in OKC and know you will always have a place here in Boston.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Good luck perk wish u nothin but the best u will always have a special place in the garden that will always be waiting for you.. Show okc wat boston is all about!!!!!

  103. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Perk for all the hard work you've done for Boston! I wish you Good luck and Success in OKC!

  104. Anonymous says:

    So sad to see you go....Will miss you! Love you Perk

  105. Sarah says:

    So inspired by your determination and heart every single night. Thank you for 8 long years and a long sought after championship.

    You will NOT be forgotten. Good luck big guy.

  106. Anonymous says:

    I'm very surprised they traded a bully machine like you. Your da hardest working player out there for the celtics. Good luck in OKC. Look in the the bright side, atleast your going to be in a young talented team. BEAT LA! If boston dont win this year, then i hope its OKC.

  107. Anonymous says:

    damn perkkk you willll be missed here in beantown. you will never be forgotten

  108. Anonymous says:

    You are going to missed in the Bean Perk. Thanks for playing your heart and soul out whenever you got on the court. You gave us a lot of great years of your life and for that we will be forever grateful... God speed my Brotha.

  109. jazlynn says:

    Damnn Perk...where ever you go from here on out you got my support. Once a Celtic always a Celtic. Stay up big dog!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Perkins. I'm a Celtics fan from all the way in Hawaii, and I've still yet to go to a Celtics game live in my life, but I wish you the best. I was so sad yesterday to hear that you were traded. But at least you're at OKC, with a young team, especially with Durant, Westbrook and the others... a great team out there. Thank you, and I'll never forget everything you have done for this team.

  111. mj says:

    oh man oh man oh man big perk aka beast man i've been watching you since you came in the league and every year i've watched you i grew attached to you you meant so much to this celtics team you weren't only a celtic you were apart of this family and you still are no matter what team you are on you will always be the beast #43 of the boston celtics

  112. E K says:

    So sad to lose you Perk. You meant so much to the Celts all these years and we will miss you so much. Wishing you all the luck at OKC and hoping maybe someday we'd see you back in Green.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Perk you, Pierce and Rondo are true Celtics. FOREVER. We will never forget you.
    Greetings from Europe. I'm a big fan of you and will always follow your career.

  114. Anonymous says:

    I'm still crying :( Hate to see family go ! We will miss you so much. In my heart I hope you will come back soon, that's the only thing that helps me get through <3
    All the best to you and Nate You will rock in Oklahoma
    Go Get em !!!! <3

  115. Danita Roshonda Cozart says:

    I think I may have cried more than u did, Perk. I felt like a family member had been ripped from my family. I dont quite understand why but I'll support you wherever you go, whatever you do. I feel like once you're a Celtic, you're FOREVER MY FAMILY! Boston loves you, I LOVE YOU, and I wish you nothing but THE BEST! I miss you already! Keep your head up baby, as I'll try to do the same. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  116. Anonymous says:

    hope to see you as a celtic once again Perk

    -Celtics fan from India

  117. I am shocked and deeply saddened by this move, Perk. You will not be replaced in my eyes. While I wish you would be back next year with us, I know that you're much too hurt to think about ever coming back. I hope success finds you anywhere you choose to go, and if we hoist Banner 18 this year, you had just as much to do with it as anyone else.

  118. IrishCeltic says:

    Without a shadow of doubt the backbone of the celtics. Will be sorely missed but I have a funny feeling you'll be back!

  119. Anonymous says:

    KP Thanks for all the thrills chills and spills over the past 8 years. I am so honored to have seen you play this month. You took us to #17 and I will miss you in green. Good luck. MPH

  120. Anonymous says:

    Why? I'll be asking myself that question every celtics game that you wont be playing...
    I'll start watching OKC games from now on though, not to watch KD, but to watch KP!!!
    I dont get the trade, everyone wants you to be a Celtic, the fans, the coaches, the players... and you...
    So again... "Why?"...
    Damn, I just dont get it!!!! we're going to miss you, hope you'll have a good time in OKC, but please come back if possible, we really want you to!!!
    I'm pretty sure thunder games will have more viewers than normal, because I'll be watching, and I know I'm not the only one, and one day, we hope to see you back in green, the color you should be wearing!!!
    Do your best in OKC :)
    From Mads in Denmark!

  121. Anonymous says:

    This sucks.... I am really gonna miss you :(

    Much love from Denmark

  122. Bohemian says:

    Thanks for teaching us what a Celtic is, you will always be one big example of how a Celtic should play and be.

    Good luck in OKC

  123. Anonymous says:

    That's it, crying for a second time today. Kendrick, understand that all of the fans loved you and we all LOVED your effort to come back from the ACL. I feel like you should have stayed. It's so weird when I have never seen a man in my life... An ocean divides us.. yet I cry when he leaves a basketball team. Hey, Perk... You could take some money back and sign with the Celtics next year? That's a pipe dream but all I want now is Perk back on the C's...

  124. Trevor says:

    My closest friends and I were all in shock, as I'm sure you and the rest of the guys were. You'll always be a part of this team. It doesn't matter where you go in the league, you taught us that being a Celtic is about being tougher than anyone else out there. I was at the game this year against cleveland when you came back, and I have never lost my voice so quickly cheering. You're a hero in Boston Perk, best of luck in OKC and here's to always hoping we can see you in green again soon.

  125. Anonymous says:

    My whole family is upset! You're a Celtic, man! Our heart is feeling for you and the whole team!

  126. Darren says:

    Thanks for everything you did Perk, we appreciate it. You can still do you thing in OKC. Help the Thunder bring the Flakers down please!

  127. Shawn says:

    Perk my man I was devastated when I found out you were traded. I couldn't even concentrate on my class & had to leave early. You are what the definition of what a Boston Celtic truly embodies. Thanks for Banner 17, you and it will never be forgotten. When you do come back as a opposing player or if we get so lucky as Celtic you can expect a louder and longer standing ovation that you received just a few weeks ago! We'll miss you homie and good luck in OKC & knock the FAKERS out for us!

  128. Unknown says:

    Can't say enough how much you did and still will mean to me as a fan of this team. Your play and desire are unmatched. We will miss your intensity. So sad to see you go. As someone who lives in Denver not looking forward to you beating the other team I cheer for. Take it easy on the Nugs :) thanks for the memories KP. Goodluck

  129. Anonymous says:

    Without you, a great hole has been created in our celtics.

    I wish you an absolutely successful career in OKC. Build new bonds, continue playing great D, and don't forget us, because we will never forget you...

  130. Anonymous says:

    Perk I love you man. Today is one of the saddest days of my live. I did even know you in personal be since the time I'm a Celtics' fan All of the Celtics players were like family to me especially you. I wish you Nothing BUT All of the Success with your new team... I'll root for them and you too besides the Celtics. I'll watch the next game you come back to Boston and I'm sure the Crowd will said it all. You are a Celtic 4 Life.

  131. Anonymous says:

    I love you Perk. Thanks for everything you've done for us. You a true Celtic. You will always be welcomed at the Garden. Fans are still scratching their head about this trade. There's a big hole in our defense now that you aren't there. Thanks for helping us bring home banner 17. I wish you nothing but the best in OKC. Just don't ever forget us because I can promise you that Celtics nation will NEVER forget you.

    Once a Celtic, always a Celtic. #43

  132. Anonymous says:

    To the most recent Beast from the East we will miss you. My favorite Perk memory is from 2008. The bald Perk dunks on Bynum and then gives him that GTFOH stare. Enough to grab a technical, enough to grab another fan.
    Peace my brother

    Thank you Perk for moments like these:

  133. c's4life says:

    We will ALWAYS love you Perk!!! You truly showed what being a Celtic is all about, and no matter what uniform you wear, you will always and forever be a Celtic to us all. I was beyond shocked and saddened to hear you had to leave us, it still hasn't hit me. This is one of the saddest times in my life of being a sports fan. I really hope that one day you'll be able to come back, because the C's just won't be right without you. Thank you so much for all the amazing times, you will be more missed than you know.

  134. Nicolas Nackaerts says:

    Thanks for everything!! We will miss you.
    Please come back next year.

  135. I am heartbroken to see you go. I've been one of your biggest fans since the day you were drafted. Thank you for being the epitome of what a Celtic should be. You will always be a Celtic in my heart no matter where you go and I'll be watching you in OKC and cheering for you there. I know you are going to do very well in OKC and although I hate the thought of losing you from the Celtics I think you are going to a place where you will be able to blossom and get a ring and a contract you deserve. This is stained with the tears of a broken hearted Celtics fan but I will always be a Perk fan and will always follow your career and cheer for you. Know that you will be missed and always be loved.

  136. Anonymous says:

    i never truly appreciated perkins till he went down in the finals, which is when i realized how important he was to this team. i grew fond of perk over the offseason and the beginning of the season when i saw how hard he worked to return to the team. his dedication and support for the team will be missed. thanks perk

  137. Anonymous says:

    Very sorry to see you go. You will always be a Celtic in my mind. Good Luck in OK. We'll be watching.

  138. Tim says:

    Perk! You'll always be one of my all-time favorite Celtics. You're a true warrior out there on the court and you were the epitome of a True Celtic and I'll miss watching you play every night.

    Good luck down there in OKC, and do what you can to make sure the Lakers don't three-peat, haha.

  139. celticfam wordaapp says:

    Perk you will forever be a celtic at heart. Your toughness and heat and passion is unmatched. You are a true celtic. Boston loves you. We wish you the absolute best.

  140. Anonymous says:

    I felt like I was punched in the gut when I saw the news yesterday. Thank you Perkins for everything over the past 8 years. You will be greatly missed by the fans of Boston and I would love to see you in Celtic green again one day. I'll be cheering for you on OKC.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Perk's team play, energy, hard work & passion is SO APPRECIATED and respected. Perk exemplifies the Boston attitude. I'll always root for Perk.

  142. Benyamin says:

    I always thought Perk, alongside Rondo and Pierce, will always forever be Celtics in this new era. This trade to me was a real shocker, despite Perk not playing most of the games earlier, the team won't be the same without you man. Perk is a Celtic, and forever will be a Celtic. We Celtics fans will welcome you back home with open heart in the future, its better to finish off your career here in Boston. Very good luck to Perk in OKC, all the best and beat the Lakers for us. I'll be rooting for your team in the West. So long and nice knowing ya Kendrick Perkins!!

  143. jenny says:

    Perk, WE LOVE YOU!! You're one hell of a player and I was shocked when I heard you were being traded. I'm pretty sure it's been an emotional roller coaster for everyone in Boston. I wish you the best of luck in OKC. Go out there and keep doing what you do. Play 'til you can't play anymore. Don't let this move stop you from going after another ring. If the Cs don't make it to the finals, I'm rooting for you, Nate, Durant, and the rest of the Thunder team...believe that. You're going to be missed A LOT in Boston. You'll always be a Celtic! Thank you for all the memories you created with the rest of the team. LOVE YOU PERK!!

  144. Unknown says:

    Fcuk You Danny Ainge... He Has No Respect 4 The Team... Let Alone Perk... Why Would The GM Step On The Fire... Should Have Paid Him... They Run These Teams Like Plantations

  145. You're a good man Kendrick. Keep up the good work my brotha!

  146. Perk, man, i was 11 when u first got drafted in 03, now im gonna be 19 in two weeks, it feels like i grew up with u. i remember in 05 when paul got ejected against indiana in the playoffs & u came in a had to shoot his FT's and missed both of them and to see how far you've come from that is amazing, you gave your heart for this team, and for all the fans, you played on bad teams and you could have given up but u never gave up ever, and it paid off in 08, we will never forget u perk, we love u man, i wish you and your family the best, thank you for the memories, i hope one day im able to shake your hand and tell you thank you to your face

  147. Anonymous says:

    You are a great competitor and a True Celtic, and nothing can ever change that. We will miss you greatly, and we wish you all the best.

  148. Perk,

    You personified Celtic Pride. You did whatever was asked of you and then some. You were the heart and soul of this Celtics team and nobody will ever forget that. You will be missed greatly. You will always be a Celtic no matter where you go. Thanks for the last eight years and being a part of the resurrection of the Boston Celtics.

  149. Anonymous says:

    My heart sunk when I heard the news yesterday. You define what it means to be a true Celtic. You were our enforcer and anchor. You'll forever be missed. I hope to see you in green again. Good luck in OKC, I'll never stop cheering for one of the most genuine hard working players this game has ever seen. I love you KP!!!

  150. Anonymous says:

    Ah Perkins, you've brought so much talent, energy and compassion to this team. You have affected everyone here in the Celtic fan base, especially the news of you being traded. Once a celtic, always a celtic. We love you man and we will always support you wherever you are. Good luck and god bless you for everything that you do in the future.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the scowl, the picks, the blocks, the boards, the p points, the fouls, the techs, the hard work each and every day and night.
    Best to you & your family,

  152. Anonymous says:

    As I seee it, OKC's gain is DEFINATELY our loss.
    How lucky were we to have you here? I wish you only the best!
    Thank you Perk!!

  153. O. Goring says:

    Good luck Perk! No matter where you go you'll always be a Celtic! You're truly a soldier-much respect!

  154. RARA says:

    You the man Perk...im gonna miss you!!!

  155. Anonymous says:

    talking like a realist, lets be professionalist, this is how NBA business works.
    But Dear Perkins, you have gone beyond giving us fans and celtic a good game.
    Through ur dedication and loyalty and team spirit u have made a place in our hearts.
    As difficult as it will be for you to not wear Green from here on, it will twice as much harder for us fans to see u in a diff jersey.
    but besides learning how defense is played...one thing u have taught us all is to be loyal and dedicated.
    and hence we shall always love you and support you.
    WIth every game we play from here on, celtics will feel ur absence. Its NEVER gonna be the same, winning aint gonna be as sweet and loses are gonna hit harder!
    loveee u perkins Green or NOT!!!

    Kunzang Jigme <3

  156. BleedingGreen says:

    THE PERKULATOR!!! WE'LL MISS YOU BROTHER... Keep doing your thing in OKC. Above all, BEAT LA!

  157. HUGE part of this team... Perk worked harder than anybody and helped make up the best starting lineup in basketball. He is a beast and always will be, OKC will be happy to have a him, and few centers have the presence that Perk does, especially on defense. We will MISS HIM GREATLY.

  158. Anonymous says:

    CelticsNation will miss you dearly, Perk. Your boards, your toughness, your gritty defense. Most of all, we'll miss you because you're part of the family.

  159. Unknown says:

    Thanks for everything you ever did for the green! You will be missed. I'm still trying to figure out why, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to how you feel. Good luck, and maybe you'll be a C again, who knows? Thanks again...

  160. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful memories, you'll truly be missed. I hope you and Nate do well in OKC, and you both are happy with where life takes you. Hopefully one day, you'll be back in Celtic green. You'll always be a Celtic in my book! Take care of yourself..


  161. Anonymous says:

    I already miss you Perk! I always loved watching you play with passion!! I wish you tons of success with OKC!

  162. Thembi from South Africa:) says:

    We REALLY gonna miss you Mr Perkins, you are a true joy to watch and we'll never forget all you did for Celtics. Now go be a Star at OKC and show those fans what you showed us:) A big thumbs up for just being you! God bless...xoxo!

  163. Audgiecosta says:

    Totally disgusted with this trade, when I think of the celtics it's impossible not to think of Perkins being there. He is a Celtic and Always will be to me. I wish him nothing but the best and hope that one day he will come back so I can see my team whole again. Very sad day today for Boston fans. Love you Perk and good luck with the Thunder :(

  164. Anonymous says:

    I know I don't belong here, but welcome to OKC! We look forward to you joining the team.

  165. J-Groove - Bermuda says:


    You are the essence of what it means to be a Celtic. I understand this is a business but you cannot put a price on drive, determination, heart, teamwork and unbuntu. Good luck with OKC and I will fly up to Boston next season to see you play in person again.

    Keep your head up !


  166. Anonymous says:

    Kendrick we've all been shocked... But THANK YOU for all the dedication you gave to us! Banner 17 would of not been possible if it wasn't for you as we all saw last year!! YOU WILL BE MISSED along with Nate!! Good Luck in your OKCity run!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A CELTIC!!!!

  167. ACF says:

    Time to go Beastin' out West, Perkulator. Thanks for all you've done for the Celtics. No matter what happens, you can always be proud and you can always keep your head up; you are a warrior and you busted your butt on a Championship team. We won't ever forget that. Happy trails, Perk.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Hate to see you go Perk. The Celtics aren't the Celtics without you. Your presence is going to be missed on and off the court. You were one of the biggest parts of the team and I hope we can still win it all. Best of luck to you in everything you do. If there was one western team id want you to be on its the thunder. Just beat those damn lakers!

  169. giordano says:

    good luck to perk. OKC is lucky to have him and nate. 2 great players off to positively impact a new team

  170. Anonymous says:

    Foreva Perk in Green we miss you!

  171. Pierce from Taiwan says:

    I'll miss u Perk!I'm still shock on this trade...when I see that news u cries I near cry too...
    I hope u doing good in OKC,and the Celtics fans in Taiwan love u!

  172. DH says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  173. Sarah says:

    We'll miss you, Perk. Thanks for everything you've done for the Celtics. Wish you all the best of luck. Maybe one day you will wear green again, :)

  174. DH says:


    Thank you for your years of dedication and hard work for the Celtics. Us Celtics fans absolutely adore you and are heartbroken about Danny's decision. You will always have a special place in our hearts and will always be welcomed at the Garden. Hopefully you will one day find yourself back to wearing Celtics Green, but if not, I will be cheering very hard for you and the Thunder.

    You will be greatly missed by your fans and teammates. Keep on being a BEAST!!

  175. Thanks for everything Perk! Best of luck in OKC--kick some Laker ass!

  176. Unknown says:

    Kendrick, u will b missed, u were Rondo's sidekick, just know that u will prosper in OKC, cause u have what it takes. U continue 2 bring yo "A" game.

  177. Anonymous says:

    miss u already perk !!!!
    But u kno we'll be cheering for u and Nate even in the OKC jerseys !!!

    Miss u guys;)


  178. Kasey says:

    Love you Perk. I'll always be a fan of yours for life. Good luck in OKC.

  179. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/110225/part2&sportCat=nba

    The part after "On paper" summarizes my feelings, more or less.

    It feels weird watching this team knowing that Perk is gone. He was an irreplaceable part of the recently formed Celtics identity. I don't know what Ubuntu will be like without him.

    Best of luck to Perk. He will be missed.

    I've already liked Durant, but now Oklahoma is my other favorite team in the West, and I'll be following their games whenever I can. I'd love to see Perk in the Finals this season, I hope he gets that honor.

    Thanks for everything Perk. You were more than a player.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Perk is a true celtics sad to see him go i wish him nothing but the best he always will be a celtics the celtics door always open and i hope one day i can see him in a celtics uniform again

  181. JEREMY KEELE says:


  182. Unknown says:

    Perk - it's been great to watch you develop as a player and a teammate over the past years. You played with great emotion and it's something we won't forget. We are sad to see you go, but wish you the best of luck in OKC!

    - Sean

  183. Anonymous says:

    Perrrrrk!!! Man we are going to miss u in that green (I already do). Had a good 8 years and thank you for all you've done. I know it was hard but let's goooooooo get to working on the next 8. I'm a fan where ever u go!!! Best Wishes...SHOWOUT Love ya Perk...

  184. CELTICS 4 LIFE says:


  185. Anonymous says:

    Something tells me that someday you will be back playing with Rondo. At least I hope so.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Good luck in OKC Perk. You will be missed here in the Bean. Although my husband continues to make fun of me for becoming "emotionally invested" in players, this one really hurts. Thank you for all you have given us, and I hope to see you back in green some day!

  187. Loanie says:

    Ahhh...Perk! How I will miss you so :( it's like a bad divorce and you're the kid that keeps getting pushed around. I'm definitely going to miss seeing you play in a green jersey, but no matter what color you're in you'll always be a part of the Celtic's legacy and family! Best of luck in OKC and can't wait to see you in the Garden again even if you're in a different jersey.

  188. Vince says:

    I gonna miss you Perk. I am really going to miss seeing you dominating defensively in the Celtics Green & White. You are a great player & a super guy.

    Best wishes.

  189. Anonymous says:

    ive always wanted to be able to say thank you for playing with heart. you are a great example for young basketball players around the world. thank you perk.

  190. Hilary says:

    It has been a pleasure watching you. I can't imagine you playing somewhere else (and don't want to), but I wish you the best.

    Love you.

    Miss you.

    Thank you.

  191. Anonymous says:

    Perk you meant so much to this city and this team... You were a champion and a warrior, we watched you grow and will always support you. Best of luck in OKC. We're going to miss you!!!

  192. Jeremy says:


    It's been a pleasure watching you go from an awkward straight-out-of-high-school rookie to a tested veteran presence. I've been calling you the best defensive center in the NBA for a few years now. You are.

    I was planning on you and Rondo taking the team into the future when Ray KG and Pierce left the game, but things never work out like you plan them.

    Good luck in OKC, and wherever you end up in the future. Just keep beasting the rest of the NBA.

    You're a Celtic for life.

  193. Fillipe Oliveira says:

    Perk -

    You poured your heart and soul into your craft and us fans will always remember that. We all know that this is a business but that doesn't make parting any easier for you, your teammates or fans. I hope you can remember the good times and know that you will ALWAYS be loved in Boston.

    Best of luck in the future. We'll miss you Big Perk!

    - Oliveira

  194. Demita says:

    Hey Perk, Daejon cried when he heard the news thanks for 100 even with the little kids. He won't forget how after the game tht night U pulled over just to sign his picture.... We will miss you Be safe

  195. Brett says:

    Perk, nobody in Boston wanted to see you go.. Not your teammates, not your fans.. We'll miss you. We love you. You'll do great things for the Thunder.. People are now calling them a championship team because of YOU. Use this as an opportunity. Wish you the best, 43!

  196. Tracee says:

    Big Perk, we are SO SAD to see you go:( This trade SUCKS the big one!

  197. Anonymous says:

    We'll miss you Perk. Best of luck in the future, you're a great player and a great person. I'll miss seeing you in green and white.

  198. CelticJay says:

    I know there's a business side to the game but Boston lost someone special today! I felt so bad when you were injured in LA and to see you work so hard to get back to your brothers was inspiring - it just re-enforced what Celtics Pride is all about. You will ALWAYS be a champion, a friend and a Celtic. If it were possible, I would have given the Celts whatever it took to keep you here. You will be successful wherever you go and the Thunder just became a real threat in the West - because of you. I've traveled from Hawaii to Boston many times just to see you guy play.

    Even if the Celts do win a title this year, it just wont be the same. I know it's a business but there better be a Championship ring made for you my man. You deserve it. I just hope that somehow you'll be wearing the Celtics Green again next season.

    Keep your head up and give the Thunder your best.... just like you always did for us! The Celtics should retire your number to the rafters Perk - that's how important a player and a person you are to us, and don't let anyone EVER tell you different.

  199. Anonymous says:

    Far as I am concerned the #43 has been retired in Boston! Good Luck!

  200. LisaBabyLisa says:

    PERK!!! Words cant explain how much you are going to be missed! I think all of your teammates and every celtics fan in this city are devastated & heartbroken today! I am really really really sad about this! Thank you for the 8 great years of dedication to the Celtics organization! You are the perfect example of hard work, loyalty, passion & toughness! You were a giant part of the reason opposing teams feared us! I am not sure there is another player out there that is going to be able to fill your shoes, both on and off the court! But I know you are going to do well in OKC...myself and the rest of Boston will be rooting for you and who knows, maybe someday you will end up back in that Celtics uniform! I know in the bottom of your heart and ours too, you will ALWAYS bleed green! As far as the fans are concerned, #43 will always be welcomed back here! In the meantime, do your thing out there! OKC is getting an amazing man & teammate & I hope they take care of you there! You are already missed! <3

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