Jermaine O'Neal fights back: 'I don't suck!'

Ok maybe the Miami Heat loving O'Neal didn't say "I don't suck," but he did take his BS talents to twitter to fire back at all the people being mean to him about reports from yesterday that he wanted a buyout from the Celtics to take his perpetually injured talents back down to South Beach.

Jermaine O'Neal twitter:
You can't always believe what you see and hear on tv! Smdh!
I see I'm going to have to start back tweeting more because It looks like people know more about me than I know about myself! #crazy#
But I can tell yall that I do really miss playing and some of yall are crazy as hell on twitter lol! But its all love tho!
But I will be seeing the doctor again in the next couple of days to determine where my wrist is at this point.
So the next statement about "me" publicly will come from "me"! Good night yall!

Wait my eye site isn't all that great, but did I miss the part where O'Neal says he really hopes the doctors allow him to return to the Celtics this season?