Comments from the other side - Wizards 3/25

And here are today's Celtics CFTOS. Poor Wizards fans. They start out not expecting much from their team and end up getting even less. I think my favorite comment was the one talking about how it was a good thing that Vesely couldn't understand KG's trash talk. And I love the way they felt that Rondo was just toying with their team.  And of course, there are the ref complaints.  It is refreshing  for once not to have wheelchair references and the wishes for injury and death on Celtics players, though.  Enjoy.... .

I'm predicting this won't be too competitive. I could see Nene & Wall not having a ton of energy on a 3rd game of a back-to-back-to-back. Heck, Wall didn't look like he had his legs last night either.

I understand this is the last game of back-to-back-to-back stretch but I really want this one bad. I really want the Wiz to beat the Celtics...

I'm excited to watch Crawford take 20 shots tonight. Maybe he can get to the free throw line on anything other than a tech also...Might be asking for too much

I expect us get a big lead then get into tank mood and lose again

This is actually the second of the back-to-back-to-back. The third is tomorrow night against Detroit. But yeah we'll get blown out either way.

Nene will not play against the Celtics because of back spasms     Getting old sucks..

Ray Allen is out for the game.

who's his backup? Look for a career night

Avery Bradley is going to start in his place. Doubt a career night is coming.

I hope Pierce doesn't have 35+.

Wiz lose close one, refs hand victory to Boston.

I see a win (knocking on wood) it’s rare I predict that but I think Nene will lead the way. Rondo and Bradley will probably give Wall and Crawford fits. I do think Wall will play well though.

Bradley is a ball-hawk Huge pest on D

No chance for us to win if Nene is out... Nene missing a game doesn't feel so good.

Celtics terrible at Offensive rebounding... Want Book and Seraphin in double figures on boards tonight…

Can we get a call ref?

My God are they toying with us....

Rondo out there playing a game of 2k12 Just toying with them…

Crawford playing like he has a curse opposite of Eddie murphy’s in a thousand words…he gets a leaf back on the tree of life every time he takes a shot…

Some of rondons passes are very unneccessary

If Avery Bradley sets a career high I will break things

Crawford getting owned by Bradley.

My god, Bradley has 13 of bostons 17 points.... In 6 minutes!!

Some unknown backup just kills us...never fails

So, Nene lasted three whole games before his first injury...

Hope the loss is so bad Ernie gets relieved of his duties early

The effects of drafting 3 players with little to no offensive skills is on full-display tonight.

Wow, Wizards shooting 2-17. That can't continue.

I stand corrected. The Wizards are now 3-25.

Stiemsma on his way to a career game too

How are we not down by 50?

Celtics may shut it down in the 4th Probably only a 15 point loss

They did, their bench is beating us

This might just be the worst quarter of the year

The Celtics were whipping our ass' pretty good back when the season started too Luckily I repressed the details of those games so I dunno if this is the worst

In brighter news as least our draft prospects are playing well...

FUNNY, then they come here and start to suck?

Is Avery Bradly that good coming off screens Or do we just suck.

Well Celtics usually get away with illegal screens (at least KG does), but yes the team also sucks

U'd think Avery was Ray Allen the way he's getting loose

Stiemsma going MVP on Vesely. Sigh..

Wall is getting beat By a non drafted pg…

KG moves on every single screen

He always does But the refs love the Celtics

Did I see something about Vesely shooting? Where’d he shoot from?

From 6"

Rondo has been torching Wall Steisma has been owning Ves, And KG has had his way with Seraphin

Rondo is out there having FUN, he’s been toying with us

The Wiz D looks like they are older than the Celts

Rondo looks like he is just playing a video game on us right now

Crawdad keeps screaming "and one" every time he shoots in the lane.... I imagine that the Referees will become pretty used to that soon.

Bright notes at the half Seraphin is playing pretty decent. Singleton is having a nice game. Vesely took a jumpshot. Rondo has turned the ball over a lot. There is two months till draft time and Robinson is playing great.

This is painful to watch. Particularly when Boston isn't even that good.

The addition of McGee has done wonders for Denver's defense. They've yielded 117, 121 and 115 in McGee's 3 games.

Celtics look disinterested. Maybe we make it a game in the 2nd half.

The Celtics have zero offensive boards. We have 10.

The fake crowd noise is the worst

Boston is mugging them on drives. Can we get a foul call ? I think not.

We're not getting calls.

Mack has got to be replaced. He is nothing special. They need more from the back up PG.

_____ has got to be replaced. He is nothing special. They need more from_________. We could play Washington Wizards mad libs

Dear lord not from Rondoooo

Haha wow Seraphin got away with a mugging

Cheatin refs know the game is out of reach

Avery Bradley caerer high Congrats to the Wiz. Another players sets career high against them

Not the first Won’t be the last

John Wall with no pulse whatsoever. Outclassed to say the least. He worries me.

It's hard to imagine how a starting lineup that includes Seraphin (17th draft choice) , Singleton (18th), Jordan Crawford (27th) and Booker (23rd) wouldn't go on the road and get blown out by bums like Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo.

KG, with his 16 years of experience, is not what he was. JV-ball is lucky he wasn't going against a younger and hungrier KG. The good thing is that JV-ball probably didn't understand KG's trash talking.

Tommy Heinson is the biggest homer announcer I've ever heard in my life. If you listen to him, the Celtics never foul and are fouled every play.

I guess you haven't been listening to the Wizards announcers. Phil isn't just a homer he lives in the house

I know the loss is good for the tank and all but if we could only beat one team all year, I wish it would be the Celtics. I hate the Celtics.