Comments from the other side - Heat/OKC bonus edition 3/25

I couldn't resist doing a bonus edition of CFTOS today since my second favorite team beat my second least favorite team.  Heat fans are such bandwagoners.  So much big talk and bragging in the beginning and so much hate on their own team at the end.  And, when all else fails,  blame the refs.  With all the love the Heat get from the refs,  I don't know how they have the nerve to even mention the refs.  Just loved that dunk on Wade by Perk and the extra kick to the head to go with his 16 points (Just one less than the vaunted LeBron).  And kudos to Perk for ignoring Wade's weak attempt to stare him down and start something.  Judging by the Heat's play in this game (see photo above) they don't get dunked on much - they run the other way when they see the dunker coming.   Nice to know LeBron's still using that boo boo elbow as an excuse.  I hope you enjoy these comments as much as I did gathering them. For my fellow Perk fans... this one's for you :) 

A win and a huge dunk over Perkins would be nice to see. I hope LeBron tweets about it afterwards

It will mean more coming from him though. I just want him to rub it in because Perkins singled out LeBron about it

Huge game statement game time to show thease young guns who's THE BOSS!

OKC's bench of overrated. All they have is harden and defense wise nick collison.

I hope you thunder fans ready for that ass whooping tonight against the Heat

I want Wade & James 2 both drop 40 on these fake imitiations of us. Or better yet wade drop 50 and bron drop 40 and 10 dimes

Please do not get blown out on national TV or miss anything clutch

I ordered a crabcake in OKC. That makes me an idiot. No offense to the fine people of OKC, but do u realize how much beer we'll need to drink to get thru a Finals week here?

If LeBron doesn't show up tonight against Durant and the Heat lose it could possibly be the final nail in LeBron's coffin for the MVP race.

It's definetely a MUST win... The team must prove that they are the best in this league and it's a great opportunity to shut some mouths!

I expect Wade and LeBron to come out pissed, send a message, and blowout OKC in OKC.

Heat will dominate these pretenders.  And LeBron will shut up Perkins and dunk all over his fat head.

Chalmers cant even stay in front of westbrook!!!

What a brick by LeBron, this is going to be a long night
I know it's his elbow

I like the way we are playing on offense. We are shutting the crowd up

We're playing like trash, this is totally unacceptable.

Get Chalmers out of the game. He's been trash.

It should be 100% illegal to keep letting Cole play

I don't know who I would rather have in the game right now! Cole cant stop chucking and chalmers cant stop turning the ball over!!!

We are shooting 59% and still losing. I'm sure it's cause we are allowing them to shoot 62%. Play some damn D

So Lebron has a guy 2 inches shorter on him and he's heasitating to take advantage- smh Perkins has 8 points already. Perkins is not a primary scorer on OKC- smh

Lol @ Perkins scoring 12 points already. Ridiculous

How many ***ing dunks are we going to allow

This team is filled with ***** none of these ****ing players play with heart if your not gonna try just stay at the hotel

I think it's a given to not expect anything from Bosh in big games. I mean his backup gets more rebounds then him coming off the bench and playing less minutes

OK guys, lets not forget that OKC has one of the best teams in the league... They have way better chemistry than the Heat

WOW the defense is so bad. Perkins is dunking everything, wide open looks.

Horrible call, smh at these refs They have taken over

Our guys are getting hounded in the paint

We can't get any calls

Someone needs to Knock Collison out

Is it too late to get Derek fisher?

Harden is making Chalmers his bitch tonight...

Harden driving to the lane like that just pisses the hell outta me. We need to send a message and bang him hard

Why does harden get every call? It's RIDICULOUS

Durant just owned LeBron.

So much for LeBron shutting down Durant, he's 5-6 while LeBron is like 2-5 with bad shots

I really hate Harden's face. Him and that stupid beard. So annoying

The calls they get are ridiculous. Anyone complaining about the calls we get has not seen a Thunder game.

If Perkins gets one more open dunk I'm turning this game off.

Definetely the most alive crowd in the league...

No excuses, this is YOUR REAL Miami Heat, getting out played, out coached, out hustled. I would like to see what adjustments will be made, we're great and jumping on people, but we suck when we get hit in the mouth

What an epic atmosphere in the arena.

I Hate Durant so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Cause he is good?

Perkins has outscored wade and lebron

I'm just going to say we would get swept by OKC in the finals.

At the rate we're playing, we wouldn't beat Chicago.

I would love for us to run a offensive play where it looks like we know what the hell is going on.

Miami will come back, we still got this

I think Perkins is the one who won this game for OKC tonight. he's in the right place at the right time all night

I ****ing hate Kendrick Perkins more than any other player in the nba.

Bosh is really playin like a sissy.

OKC the real deal, would hate to play in this arena in the Finals they have the best fans in the NBA.

Why is Bosh running on his toes? That's why he's so slow to get back. He runs like a girl. *** man

Bosh should like... You know... NEVER RUN THE BREAK!

Refs did enough to give the Thunder a comfy lead, only making calls for the Heat when the deficit was getting bigger so the game wouldn't lose interest (I.e., TV ratings). Rinse and repeat with the NBA. Rigged

Wow, brooks just made spo look like a ****ing fool

And Brooks is a terrible coach too

No way did the refs have any effect on this game. I thought it was a really good officiated game. Energy and turnovers is what cost us.

Perkins outplayed bosh lol

I'm telling you we will get swept by them even last year we would. We aren't making the finals though so it won't matter.

Perkins having like 14 points is not helping us at all.

Durant just doesn't **** miss does he?

On the bright side, at least we won't have to endure another comeback from the other team

Lebron and Bosh both seem scared to attack the basket.

This is what happens when you play a complete team like OKC. We are Lebron, Wade, Bosh and a bunch a titos

As long as Westbrick is chucking shots, we have a chance in this game

Must admit I don't watch a lot of Thunder games - is Durant ALWAYS this good?

I hate that damn flopper Nick Collison. You're a big man, quit fallen everytime Dwyane blows on you.

Sit LeBron Just to the end of the 3rd, he needs to gather himself

Yeah, he should gather his game from wherever he left it while he's at it.

Guy's kinda hurt

A hurt elbow doesn't stop you from playing defense.  (Time to bring back Tickle Me Elbow?)

Face it, this team is badly coached, and the role players are not good enough to put us over the top. And, our stars go missing for quarters, unexplainably. Bizarre

Who knows wtf they were doing last night in OKC. Cow tipping?

Westbrook and Harden annoy me.They're pesky.

Fisher blocked LeBron out? Wow

I hate Spoelstra soo much right now!!!

Holy **** Perkins need his **** face cracked for that ****. Are u kidding me? **** ****

Perkins kicked wade. I can't stand him.

Lol @ Wade was staring down Perkins

So apparently you're allowed to kick players in the face now?

Eave it to the Heat to make Kendrick "freaking" Perkins look like an All Star caliber player.

UGH. I've never been this disgusted by this team than I am right now

What an **** Perkins is. I hate this guy.

Wade flinched his arm, almost swung at Perkins when he dunked on him. In a play-offs no way would he have been able to collect himself. Would have been awesome.

Porkins and Ibaka have 30 points combined! Our big men need to re-evaluate their lives.

We have big men?

Fact is, they're getting calls in their favor and we're not. Its understandable. Home court.

....and they're just standing around there like there's no ball going up in the air. Letting Ibaka grab the rebound and admiring his flight.

This team is a freaking joke.

So yeah this is the worst loss of the season.

What a **** joke. There goes LBJ's MVP, Wade's good game, and what remains of this team's heart. Why are they taking this NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAME OFF? WHY?!?!?!

This game pretty much hands Durant the MVP award

Perkins has more shot attempts than Wade.

How can we let a group of western conference street ballers get the best of us?

Tonight OKC simply picked apart Miami's overhelping defence. Plain and simple.

The fact that Perkins got 16 points is inexcusable.

Hey bulls fans, I know your worried about meeting us in the ECF, maybe this year we can go to 6 games

OKC was good as hell today. They just played better than us. We had a lot of mental mistakes and could of played better D, but they were just too good today.

I'm not even worried. We will see them again in the finals, it will be an epic series.

Refs always favor the home team.

OKC especially. Never seen a team get such bias reffing at home consistently

Perkins got his revenge on Wade
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To describe this game in a nut-shell: Disgraceful and Embarrassing

This team isn't trying, at all.. Losing games like this means nothing to me. It shouldn't either. Disappointing? Yes. Scared? No. It doesn't determine how they're gonna play against Thunder in the playoffs. When Heat wants to win, they win.

Everyone just needs to stop being in denial and know that we wanted this game and were just beat by a better team. A better team? Yes, absolutely, on the night - yes!

On another note OKC have some good fans, stadium was full until the end.