Comments from the other side - Sixers 3/7

Well, that wasn't fun. I don't think I've ever seen a team play with less energy than the Celtics did last night. It was funny how the Sixer fans were so down on their team before the game and then were pretty cocky at the end. Hopefully the Celtics will remember this one and it will be fuel to go on a tear. They will see the Sixers two more times and hopefully this will be on their minds.

I predict we take a 10 Point lead throughout the 1st half, then become stagnant on offense,and blow it in the 4th qtr.... Sounds familiar?

I have a feeling we get flat out blown out of the gym. Either way, its a loss. So long Atlantic Division. Now it becomes a matter of whether or not we can even make the post-season.

I doubt anyone on our team is afraid of the Boston Geriatrics. Old ass team can't get on the floor anymore or get rebounds unless Rondo is doing it. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have dust coming out of them every time they jump, and while Paul Pierce is old enough to have run track with dinosaurs he wont be running jack $hit tonight with Iguodala guarding him.

Meeks on Allen is something I wouldn't mind seeing. Maybe Jodie could get some pointers watching Ray score all over him.

After tonight we wont be leading the Atlantic anymore I'm just hoping something good comes out of tonights loss... Like a TRADE

Every night I know I'm going to read before the game that someone is out hurt or sick, or something... Its bad news every day with this team almost seems fishy... I'm on to you Thorn. This is just an excuse to tank without the shame.

The Sixers match up quite well against the Celtics. The key is going to be whether Holiday can or will commit to stopping Rondo.

Maybe we can trade for Rondo before the tip off. I've about had it with Jrue getting spanked by the better opposing PG's night in and night out.

Ugh I know I'm the only one but I have to listen to the worst announcers in the league tonight

Bummer. I actually get the sixers feed…thank goodness. Celtics announcers are awful.

Looks pretty empty for a game against the Celtics

I hope we crush the Celtics. I hate them

Its amazing how brand just cannot rotate on defense. Slowest human being on the planet

Please, no Tommy Heinsohn, please. Augh, God, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Meh weak call. Pierce looks like a turtle

This is the first game in a while Brand isn't the oldest looking guy on the floor

I hate Pierce

I find it hard to get excited when they’ve been playing so poorly in the 4th quarter lately.

Everyone stop watching! If we leave now, the rest of the game doesn’t count.

Would be nice if refs start calling some fouls when turner drives too.

The Celts are clueless!

The Celtics are frauds!

Avery Bradley don't take that sht. Best defender in the league

Man, Vuc just got away with such an obvious travel. The one they called was the second in the possession. NBA refs are awful.

Well, the good news is that at least for once the other team isn't scoring while we suck

Stern called the refs after 1st quarter “Umm, guys? What have we talked about? Sixers can’t beat good teams. Fix this. NOW!”

Stiemsma is such a good interior defender.

Is that the awkward white guy?

Lol, he’s terrible

Lou on Allen is scary

Lou playing defense against my 6 year old nephew is scary. This is a nightmare

I was really confused for a second. Who the **** is Glenn Rivers lol

C's are tired, everything is short. We got lucky tonight

Wonder if garnett even comes out for the 2nd half

I hate to be a Debbie downer but anyone else wonder when this stops and they start taking bad jumpers. Because it's gonna happen rite?

Nah, you're right. It usually occurs at the end of the third/beginning of the fouth. I guess it's just wait and see until then.

Celtics looking every bit like an over-the-hill team

The Celtics look absolutely dead-legged, although I am extremely enthused by this thorough pounding.

Let’s hope the Celtics remain that way too.

Don’t worry. The Celtics are just saving it up for the inevitable fourth quarter comeback. :)

Time to trade ET while his value is still high

Lol in all seriousness though Danny Ainge is watching…

So is it the Sixers defense or is Boston having a really bad night?


…does anyone think the team can keep this up for 48 minutes without a soul-crushing collapse in the fourth?

Evan Turner. He's like Jeremy Lin, but darker!

Age catches up to Boston

Bass is annoying the hell out of me.

"get that s*** out of here n****" Network broadcast editing vans must hate having to do a KG games lol

1) Why is Tony Battie playing?
2) Why is Tony Battie shooting?

3.) What am Tony Battie?

Boston’s offense is positively anemic. I think they underestimated Evan Turner.

Ummm Why are the sixers playing against the senior bball league from the Y!? Oh! No! Wait is that the Celtics

We shouldn't be celebrating too much. After tonight, we're only 1 up in the loss column on this team. This ain't over.

Love watching us do this to the Celtics, but being a sixers fan I'm still a little scared they will somehow give it up in the 4th

Something is wrong if we are getting this many open looks Boston does look completely dead but WOW

My god have you seen the plus minus of the cs starters HIDIOUS

I kind of can’t stand this Bradley guy. He’s like that annoying guy who presses you in pickup games

I really wish he was good. He’s got so many tools defensively and is lightning fast.

Yeah I mean he’s a great defender, he’s kind of just a pain in the butt. The fact that I hate the Celtics probably adds to it.

I wouldn’t mind having him on our team.

Good way for the Sixers to get back on track, No way Boston comes back from 27 down in one quarter. This loss will really bother the Celtics, IMO.

Loved the stat where Brand/ET/Dre had outscored and tied the rebounds of the entire Celtic team.

The Celtics are getting their wrinkly ass*s handed to them.

That Johnson has the ugliest shot I've ever seen.

This is some sort of a statement game

There is no way to spin this positively for Boston, this was a humiliating loss for them.

Must suck to be a Celtics fan in attendance tonight.

Well, in the national media, they will have gotten the moral victory!

I like the Jajaun Johnson kid for Boston... I think he's got a future in this league as a scoring big. Seems like a poor mans Garnett right now but he's gonna be instant offense in the future regardless. Dude has got a nice skill set for his size.

I just read Doug's lips and he looked at Doc and said "I love you, you know that" Someone get this emotional geezer and put him in the sharpshooter.

Johnson has a midrange J that is quite nasty and a good turnaround J... Hes probably to skinny to ever be a starter, but a good bench player is definitely a possibility

Sixers blow out the Celtics by more than 30 points and still manage to shoot less foul shots than them.