Comments from the other side - Knicks 3/4

Some great comments today.   Knicks fans are so bitter.  There's the Garnett hate, the pierce stabbing comments, the wheelchair comments, hate for their own players and team,  and more than half the threads complaining about the refs.   Strangely, even though they couldn't get a call all game, they ended up with 4 more free throws than the Celtics.  Truth is, the refs let a lot go both ways.   I know you'll enjoy today's comments from the other side.  What're your favorites?  

We need to mop the floor with the Celtics, Melo brings his A game every time vs the Celtics.

Well seeing how much of a sinking ship; the chaos that is brewing in Boston (Ray Allen, Garnett being on the trading block, Rondo being in trade talks for Stephen Curry), I see us winning this game

We need to hit Rondo with a hard flagrant already. He's torched us for what, 8 straight games? Just put Jorts or Jerome Jordan in and let them get the job done. Honestly, I'm going to throw something at my TV if Rondo leaks out for uncontested layups again.

Rondo may not even be on the Celtics by Sunday.

We are going to blow them out.  They have no bench.  Our bench is one of the best in the league now.  When the old fogies get tired it's no contest.  

I don't care about beating any other team as much as I care about beating the Celtics. I have so much hate for them its hard to describe.

I cannot remember the last time the Knicks actually beat the Celtics with Pierce. Pierce is one of my most hated players.

Time to bring out the gravestones Need to bury these corpses ASAP

Knicks are Hungry and Boston Baked Beans are on the Menu

Boston is on the way towards destruction so I wouldn't consider this a rivalry for too long anymore

How about at the end of the game Bill Walker chokes Garnett

Never ever underestimate any team ... They're old but they are still more experienced than us. Boston is expert at playing rough and trash talking and there maybe bad calls from refs also this game will show if knicks can stay focused on the game or not.

If any one on the Celtics worry me its Pierce he gets those BS calls and as much as I hate him he usually steps up in big games.

All I know is I'm tired of getting beat by Boston in Boston in the final minute with the shot clock running down by a prayer thrown up by Pierce or Allen its really getting old.

If we want to be as good as we claim to be, we have to handle them. They arent in our class anymore, they arent much different than the cavs

I hate the whole Celtics team.
I hate KG,I hate Paul "wheelchair" Pierce,I hate Rajon Rondo and I hate Ray Allen (but less than the other 3).

Garnett's gonna act tough with the mean face and stuff, but we really know he's scared now. Your game is up Garnett

What??? A Boston thread without obligatory motivational pictures?? Blasphemy!!

I hate Boston/

Who doesn't?

I hope you guys are ready for the rondo flop-a-thon.

I see garnett isn't wasting any time with the illegal picks

Refs already taking it away from the Knicks with BS calls on both ends

The refs are such a joke already

Boston has to be in the top 3 dirty clubs

Just hang on, Boston will go cold at some point.

I think you meant Boston will go old at some point.

Honestly many more games does Amare have to suck before he gets the Melo treatment that Melo got early in the year? Getting booed in introductions and everytime he touches the ball?

I think that was a flop by Melo guys..

Refs can't bail Boston out, NY is the better team.

We are doing good. Dinosaurs will wear out in 2nd half.

Chris Wilcox tryin to injure another Knick

Boston has to tear jareds arm out of his socket to get a whistle blown on them.

Defending Rondo is easy. Just play 10 feet off him and wait for him to drive.

I hate how pierce throws his in shape outta shape body into everybody

This Celtics team is pure trash... Now time to crush them.

We are so much better than them. They wouldn't even be in this game if it wasn't for the refs. Guarantee we win this one even playing 5 on 8.

Refs don't want us to win. Pathetic

They're physical. No calls. We're physical. A call every time down.

LOL @ the Celtics. I can't believe everyone calls them a great defensive team when all they do is hack away.

Bradley is a pain in the ass.

Nice. Celtics racking up the fouls.

These are the same fouls the refs would not give lin vs Miami... The reaching from behind, the blocking, hands, holding.... Why not call them vs the heat? I hate this officiating by reputation..

Bradley is definitely a hound on D, but hes trying too hard right now

Refs are killing us.

Knicks fans have to get over this ref thing. It's simply not the case so far today. Lin, alone, has drawn three fouls in the first 3 mins of the quarter.

Knicks gonna have to win by more than 2 to negate the goaltending by Chandler

Why are the refs allowing the Celtics to reach in like that???


I told you Boston will go cold at some point, they're done.

This is a massacre waiting to happen. Melo alone could take Celts

Boston is playing so poorly right now, we are lucky.

Melo your fat, but I love you!

KG playing like a 90 year old

Horrible officiating OMG

Can we stop *****ing about the refs in here? It's getting so old. They make a couple bad calls, but they're not "out to get us." Seriously you guys need to stop

There's always bad calls on both sides but Knicks fans seem to ignore that fact. I'd estimate that about 25% of posts in game threads are about how the refs are out to get us

Yeah, seriously. The refs missed the Amar'e goal tending call. Rondo got hacked on what should've been an and-1. Refs are human. They make mistakes. People need to get over it

Our PGs have 9 TOs and 6 assists with only 5 points... Hahaha

Novak has surpassed Ray Allen

Gotta love these refs keeping Boston close

I hate Rondo

Looks like Melo has disappeared for another game.

he's in foul trouble you idiot

This fast pace is killing KGs knees

We should create a new position for Rondo, because Guards can shoot the ball. I'd suggest he's a Designated Passer.

Same old story. Refs will keep them in the game long enough for Allen or Pierce to get hot and Knicks fold down the stretch.

The refs will control the game until the 2 minute mark in the 4th quarter.

Another BS call on the Knicks to bail out the Celts...

Their is just no explanation for the calls the Celtics get other than they are good for marketing. It is sofrustrating

Love all the calls Lin is getting. Superstar treatment today

Haven't been that impressed with Lin, must be the Rondo affect!

Pierce is such a flopper.

I wish someone would stab Pierce in the face again.
Just kidding.
Or am I.

Peirce is such a horrible player. Gets calls for no fouls

Were playing too full of ourselves in this quarter. Not happy with our play we lin-poloded!

The Celtics are old. They will crumble in the 4th. No way they can stay with us.

Get Dooling and JO out there for an all headband team

Amares knees just floated by the lake behind my house. True story.

Perhaps the refs should call us for 2 fouls at a time?

These ref's are rediculious, get a T for dunking the ball and just looking at someone. Then fouls left and right for crap, while Boston doesn't get any fouls called against them. This game is so set up its unbelievable. I wish I was a ref and could bet on games and set them up

I really can't see the Knicks losing this game. Boston does not look impressive at all.

I hate him but Pierce always has that smirk on his face when he plays/beats us. And he's earned the right to do whatever he wants and we can't get be upset about that.

I miss Oakley. He would've knocked that grin off of Pierce's face.

They get every damn call

Boston plays tough and dirty

Wow a punch to the face isnt a T, but a dunk and a stare is. This **** is ridiculous

I guess we're not gonna get no fouls called for us today

I hate Rondo's face

This team will never win in Boston until the big 3 are gone. It's gotta be a mental thing at this point.

Remember all that talk about this being a statement game?
Well it was.
For Boston.

This team is just garbage. Can't even compete with the aging Celtics who have been struggling all year long.

And rondo is getting these ranky danky assists.... Thanks to some timely hoops... This guy gets the most suspect triple doubles I have ever seen.... He literally passes up every shot he can to pass to someone praying to god they hit.....

At least we own Boston in baseball and football.

Even with all the rumors clouding the Celtics, the Knicks still cannot beat these geezers.

Refs bringing us back in lol. Basketball is bogus.

Pierce is a scrub, crybaby, flopper. Glad he's a Celtic.

I coulda sworn the Celtics were one of the worst rebounding teams in the league...

Refs obviously have decent amount of money bet on the Celtics.

Garnett is the dirtiest fakin player....he clearly fouls and acts like hes innocent. Then he's hooking and pulling ppl's arms needs better refs.

What the C's lack in athleticism, they make up for in hard defense and smart play

So, are Pierce and Rondo gonna play the entire game? Both have played 35 minutes.

Easy do to when you can reach and whack without getting any foul calls...

I just don't understand why we have to play against the refs every game!

Rondo's a **** monster.

What would life be like with Rondo?

Ray Allen should retire after this season

Amare is a cancer officially.

I am so excited to see Amare for the next 3 years, and 80 million dollars...

Why is Shump chasing Rondo around screens? Why can't we just accept that this guy can't shoot and play him accordingly?

Refs helping us now.

Lin more clutch than Lebron

Roger Mason is more clutch than Lebron

Lmao... Lin walked his arse off on the play

Hey! The refs owe us

Sorry to be a Debbie downer but is anyone sensing a Ray Allen 3?

We gonna give them Beans a heartbreaking loss. We are rolling now. Come on guys, let's go! Finish them!

I hate Paul pierce more than I love my mother

Pierce is a special player. I hate him but he's incredible.

Serious question, does pierce ever miss against us in the final minute?

Oh my The ref gave them a timeout before they asked one


No way is pierce making 3 clutch jumpers in a row. Law of averages.. Lets get the inbounds to melo and push this lead to 3 baby

I hate Paul Pierce.

The Truth is real!!!!!!!!!

Paul Pierce can go **** himself. **** you Pierce. **** you. **** you. **** you. **** you


Pierce is clutch.. Especially against US

It was good D, pierce just threw junk up as usual.

I really want Paul Pierce to just die.

God I hate Paul Pierce so **** much. Damn.

I think I Hate pierce more than the devil

Wow. The Celtics are really shopping pierce? Good riddance I'm sick of him knocking down daggers against us

No way to defend that shot any better than we did. Just a great hit by Pierce

Pierce just keeps doing it. The man is clutch. He's the Eli Manning of Boston

We gonna bust some Celtic ass in overtime.

I will have a major party the day when Pierce retires or simply goes out west, whatever

These old geezers are worn out. No way they win in OT. We got them now.

We need to run this old team off the floor! Enough of this BS already!

Melo is sooo clutch! Thank god we have such a superstar to miss game winning shots for us.

Why is that the Celtics are allowed to constantly delay the game after a made bucket

Thanks for all the non foul calls refs.

This is where Melo puts the team on his back, proves he's an elite player, and lets our team know HE IS THE MANand where not going to lose, not...PERIOD!!!

Refs really put their stamp on this game. Our TOs don't help either though.

How did garnett out-tip chandler, he has no hops

How many shots has Melo missed in OT now? 3? Thanks good job you punk

This is BS. We are going to lose to the refs not the Celtics

**** stat ****ing him he's a ****ing scumbag trade this piece of ****ing diarrhea now

Not to mention amare was sleeping on rays 3

Like I've said this season TRADE STAT, HE IS SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should play hack-a-Rondo

Rondo faking injuries again

Once again garnett just throws shumpert down without any repercussions

Rondo always holds the ball after a layup. That's a delay of game!

Lin mugged on the way to the hole but manages the time out since the refs ain't helpin'.

Why do we always leave Ray open?

Because he can't shoot.

This game is all the refs

Celtics Vs. Knicks always comes down to Rivers Vs. MDA.

With a performance like Rondo is having, maybe we don't deserve to win!!

Anyone else shocked the highlights of our last win in Boston weren't in black and white?

Rajon Rondo's existence stresses me out.

Refs did us in today.

We suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't get any calls.


Just broke my remote..should not have lost today at all. Can't wait till the Celtics lose all there players this offseason and Pierce will eventually retire

Can't overcome turnovers and the refs. Maybe one...but not both

And the Refs are always against us, no matter who we're playing.

How the hell u allow rondo to out rebound everyone on ur team ?

The refs gave them the game from opening tip!!!

How the **** does Rondo get 17 rebounds

Boston needed an All-Time game from Rondo to eek out a win in overtime. I'm not scared.

Keep believing in that moral victory nonsense.

I really hope Boston is stupid enough to trade Rondo.

Hate the handshakes at the end.... If I was coaching, I'd put a bounty on some players in the NBA, just saying

How many ****ing times are the Knicks going to let pierce drain a ****ing three when the game is on the line? I wish someone would step up and knock that ***** on the floor once and a while!

This loss is not on the players at all. They played very hard.

Somebody tell Dandummy that you ALWAYS foul and make them take 2 fts when your up by 3 with 10 seconds left .... Especially against PP and Ray Allen.

This was an all around loss. On the coach and players. I felt like even though we came back in the game, we lost due to the 3rd quarter. I don't see how anyone can pretend that did not happen.

I blame the loss on the Celtics, lol...

PP is clutcher than Melo and that's th 2nd game this year that he has done that to us.

Can we trade for Kobe?

I don't think I have ever hated players as I do rondo and pierce. All they do is ***** and flop and complain when they don't get calls.

Pierce doesn't make that 3 we win. Plain and simple. We played him well. He just hit the shot. Its what he's been doing for years. That's why he is "The Truth"

He is THE TRUTH against the Knicks. Heat and Bulls outplay them the whole game so that Pierce does not even have a chance to be THE TRUTH late, difference between title contenders and non title contenders.

That 3 broke our confidence going into overtime. Celtics just showed more heart than Knicks did.
Personally, I love Paul P. As a Knick fan I hate

Rondo clowned NY, bottom line

Trading Rondo would be the dumbest thing the Celts could do. I hope they do it.