Comments from the other side - Kings 3/16

Well, that was ugly. The Celtics played no defense. The Kings couldn't resist going for the win in spite of wanting more ping pong balls. I always worry when I hear the other team has a key player out. Always seems to either lull the Celtics in to a coma or excite the other team into a frenzy. Either way, the Celtics usually lose. Since the loss was so bad, maybe you'll enjoy the comments. There are some good ones in spite of the loss.

If we were healthy we would actually matchup pretty well with Boston. Rodno is neither a primary scorer nor big so IT may be able to hang for a bit. Allen/Thornton and Reke/Pierce are both similar style players tht could go either way. Cousins is actually better than any of their bigs at this point.

Here's hoping for a nice, respectable loss. Feed. The. Tank.

Could get real ugly tonight.

I'm not worried about this game. If it were Charlotte I'd be more worried. This is a game we Win since its a team that's actually good.

Got my medication lined up 3 kegs… no glasses

Only 3? Is that because you aren’t allowed to drink in the 4th quarter?

Hopefully the Kings are at least competitive today If not, I’ll just watch Ray Allen shoot the basketball.

...and it's come to this once again: Fervent hopes for competitive losses.

This should be easy. They're old, and Rondo isn't much better than Tyreke, so...

"Hello. My Name Is Francisco Garcia. You Killed My Team. Prepare to Die." (Said to the six-fingered point guard who murdered his team)

I will be very interested to see how Isaiah does Against one of the top defensive PGs in the league

Matchup I'm least looking forward to: Ray Allen on whoever bothers to guard him. Kings have been terrible with rotations and getting to shooters, and Ray Allen is the master of moving off the ball to get open as well as all time leader in threes. He might score 40.

Regardless of who guards Allen, he will get 6 or 8 threes.

The category is: Players who score at least 10 points over their season average in tonight's Kings game I’ll take Mickael Pietrus for $200, Alex.

I got Greg Stiemsma But he’ll need to score at least 11.9 to do it.

Way to go George Maloof! I just read that Playboy is closing their Playboy Club at the Palms Casino…The Maloof’s can’t even keep a Playboy club in Sin City open and profitable!

At least we will see some good team basketball tonight. From the Celtics that is. These last few games may have been the worst ball I have seen since I coached 12 year olds. And even they would pass once in a while.

I want tyreke to post up Allen. Seriously. Reke is so strong theres no reason why he shouldn’t be posting up.

Allen is strong as well.

Fun times ahead... Go Kings? Tyreke Evans and Francisco Garcia will both miss tonight’s ball game.

Ankle for tyreke I'd imagine Garcia must have been playing around with exercise balls again

Awww crap AND Bill Walton?! What are they doing to us?!

I don't like to listen to him announce.

I don't think what he does counts as announcing Or even color commentating. Rambling, yes.

He just really likes to hear his own voice. Finds himself fascinating I think

No Reke, AND Walton is announcing. I might turn this crap off early, and I haven't done that in, well, can't remember ever doing it.

Only logical explanation for Bill Walton To give Celtics fans something to listen to while watching on NBA League pass.

Inb4 we throttle the Celtics

I feel strangely confident when we are missing a key player

Salmons starting = him sucking He use to only suck when he came off the bench

I bet KG will get into Cousins head tonight

Wow...seems like 50% of power balance has been invaded by Boston

Guh...just try to suck less this time, guys.

Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia, JJ Hickson not playing tonight. Ok apparently no one is playing tonight

JJ is depressed he didn't get traded.

Walton: blah, blah, blah, blah,

Am I really the only one who thinks he is hilarious?

Hate that there are so many Celtics fans watching at Arco

Haha KG. I do love his crazy

Kings playin well

It’s the first quarter it's every other quarter after this that's scary

Cliff Ray With the mustard yellow pants… I approve

The Celtics are tired.

If the Kings can hold the Celts to 20 pts a quarter they may have a chance.

I think we can definitely count on that happening. Without a doubt.

They'll do it for the 1,2, and 4 quarters. Celtics are allowed 40+ in the 3rd, though. It’s a rule.

Donte's using his speed against the geezers

Who the hell are these guys And why are they wearing our team’s unis

20 years as a Kings fan and I would consider calling it quits if I had to listen to that CLOWN Walton on a regular basis! Dude, Shut the the " " up!

Man, they should be up like twenty points by now the way the Cs are playing.

I still don't get how stemma is in the NBA He sucked on Wisconsin

I said it before the game, but I can watch Ray Allen shoot all day I wish he was ice cold this game, but it’s beautiful.

Outlaws heating up

He's literally shooting 16.7% from the 3 point line... Literally.. that’s not hating… he really is…

And Travis Outlaw jumps up to a 17% three point shooter!

I am so impressed with Rondo. FG 0% 3 assists 2 turnovers 1 rebound. And he hasn’t been able to stop IT or Marcus from penetrating.

You leave Rondo alone!

Look at the bench cheering for JImmer They hate him!!! No team chemistry at all

Did I just see Rondo act like he got stabbed in the throat after Thornton stole the ball

Why didn't they play like this the last game?

It's likely because it's the Sacramento Kings.

Come on Jimmer, at least try to play D

Some players swear in disgust after a bad play; Jimmer claps.

I saw him mouth, "golly gee"

Basketball is a game of runs, And the Kings are masters of playing like they have the runs.

John Salmons just did the same thing Jimmer did, Jimmer just looks worse doing it

Wtf did Keith smart just do to the ref? He like.... Grabbed him and spun him around Weirdest thing i’ve ever seen, unless I missed part of it

Perhaps he was attempting to enter a time vortex In order to elongate the quarter and/or bring back the 2002 Kings

Jimmer 9:16 Thou shalt not play defense.

Lehigh upsets Duke, Wow

Let's hope the day gets even worse for the Rivers family.

OHHHHHHHH Rondo might have a double double For missed attempts and turnovers.

I'd love for one of the far superior intelligent writers on here to break down the last picks in the draft and see where Isaiah Stands.

He stands... shorter than all the other draft picks.

Technical on cousins Garnett was veteran baiting him, hooked his arm

I bet Demarcus would beat the shit out of Garnett

I don't know - they are both kind of fake tough

I'd pay to watch them fight it out.

Garnett getting dirty.

I admire his work ethic and intensity, but I hate him.

Oh, that was vintage KG

Remember when he used to defend on all fours like a dog? He even barked at people

Jimmer must be closing his ears and saying "there's no place like home..."

Thompson just hit both free throws. We're in bizarro King Land

Ray Allen reminds me of the American River flowiing over the SIerras... Bill Walton is in the house

If we made the 8th spot we would win the championship. We own good teams, get owned by bad teams. There are no bad teams in the playoffs=we will win it all.

*sobs* we don't suck as much as I thought we did!

I know old Celts are relatively slow but Kings seem very fast out in transition, quick on the ball, both sides of the ball. Reke bringing it up slow as molasses not missed tonight.

Gotta love those phantom big market ref calls.

Walton occasionally reveals his accurate grasp of reality, thereby exposing his rambling drunk basketball uncle on acid tirades as intentional actions. I don't know if this is good news or bad.

This is the best ball-movement we've had in literally years. Holy moly this is fantastic

Apparently this team only gets up to play against old man teams

Best part is all the fair weather Bos fans in Sac who don't pay to go to Kings games, dropped a couple hundred on tickets, only to see Bos get blown off the court.

Cousins has never been called out for his toughness Garnett has, and has bitched out… Every… single… time…

Let me know when Cousins says someone looks like a cancer patient And i’ll humor your argument…

Wow, what got into the Kings? Or is Boston just stinking it up tonight?

Celebration booze goes down so much nicer than wallowing booze

Boston is terrible at defending the rim, our defense has been fine, and our rebounding has been awesome.

Seeing the Celtics throw in the towel with almost 6 minutes left in the game truly warms my heart. Tonight is a good night to be a Kings fan

TRADE RONDO! Oh wait, Nevermind.

Ray Allen wears me out watching him move without the ball.

It is really a thing of beauty isn't it?

I'm not sure if there is anything prettier than Ray Allen shooting a basketball

"KG... he's a computer generated action superhero." Are you guys hearing this? Walton is in rare form

Poor Celtics.. Resorting to 3s against a Kings team.. Haha

Boston didn't get crap from their bench tonight.

Welcome home Marquis Daniels!

Hahah bill just said outlaw is playing like a 12 year old Kevin garnett!

Boston will be 7-12 on the road after this game They are hardly elite

Seriously, when is the last time the Kings blown out any team?

Few days ago actually Dallas

6 yr old kid in front row was wearing @celtics jersey all game. Now wearing @SacramentoKings jersey. Good move

I just burned my Rajon Rondo jersey. Bought back my #13 Kings Jersey!

Kings dismantle The Great (Grandfathers) Boston Celtics

Bill Walton is our lucky charm

ANY win against a team with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo is exciting.

Allen still killed us from downtown, though.

You don't stop Ray Allen. Much like playing against Kobe, you just hope you can contain everybody else.

Not a good night for the Rivers family.

Man, this sucks Won't someone think of the ping pong balls????

We can't even tank right

Keith Smart just said he is going to contact David Stern and tell him that he wants the Kings only to play top of the line teams

It's not just beating the good teams and losing to the bad teams It’s destroying the good teams and getting destroyed by the bad teams. Team Sybill.

The Celtics lost so badly that Austin Rivers just called his dad to console him.