Comments from the other side - Bucks 3/22

 It's funny how each fan base seems to pick their favorite Celtic to hate.  In Chicago it's Rondo, in Milwaukee it's KG.   I love it when teams complain about the refs throughout the game and then I see that they shot twice as many free throws as the Celtics.  In truth, they let them play on both sides last night, but you can't tell KG haters that.  Lots of fun comments today.  I hope you enjoy them.  Any favorites?  

 Should be a decent test to see if this team can really compete with a winning team.

They are just barely a winning team and are definitely on their way out. We should be favorites and should win. I hate them.

Beating the Celtics isn't really a statement game for mine. They don't really worry me to much, certainly nothing like the home win we had against them during the Salmons/Bogut tear.

I'm calling for a complete Blow-Out tonight.....AND!!! I'm going out on a limb and will predict that Garnett gets tossed due to our ball hawking defense on him.

C's' are terrible on the road . We should win this game this game.

We are young, athletic and hungry.  They are old, decrepit and full of it.  No contest.  

Old Celtics on long road trip should be easy to beat.  I say it's a blow out win for us.  

I'll be there. I'll probably boo Keyon Dooling.

You must be a Celtic fan. :D

The Celtics are a good test for the bucks they may be old but are still one of the best defenses in the league.

Gooden and Doc Rivers joking before the game. Demand he's on your squad next season Doc, please.

Gooden is such a black hole

Somebody dunk on KG and teabag him while hanging on the rim plz

We are going to have to take gooden out to prevent rondo from killing us

Jennings, you dumbass! Why play Rondo so close? He can't shoot the 3 and will blow by you exactly like that every single **** time!

Haha fsn The bucks have to lead the league in 'technical difficulties'

IF they are not going to call any fouls on garnett this is going to be a really long game given how much he cheats

Getting owned by refs already, gonna be a long game

Refs and nba do everything to put Boston in playoffs

I hope Skiles is putting a bounty on KG.

It scares me now much I believe the NBA wants Boston to win this game and stay on track for the playoff

Refs weren't going to call the obvious foul at the rim again, but then they realized it wasn't KG

Something tells me it didn't take them 3 seconds to realize Stiemsma isn't Garnett.

Bleep you Garnett

Rondo doesn't know the game started. He is still in the layup line.

51 percent shooting for the Celts? Our D, it is not stellar

Keyon Dooling. What a scrub.

Apparently garnett cannot be called for a foul

He's not fouling, he's intensing his opponent! Nothing in the rule book about that!

Bradley is a tenacious on ball defender.

Dooling exceeding his point total from his entire season on the bucks

I hate the Bucks' help defense. Always leaving the three point shooter wide open.

That's fine when its rondo ;)

Have the bucks considered hiring someone to draw Jennings a map to the weight room?

Stiemsma is controlling the paint Two blocks, and many more altered.

Well Fesenko is signing in Indy

Centers, centers, we don't need no stinkin' centers.

Is it me or are the Celtics just blending into our paint and their white lines look like lines on the court? Lol

It's disgusting how babied KG gets by the refs

BS. Man, I loathe Garnett.

Love how the Celtics get those STAR calls. They have been using illegal screens the entire game without a call from the refs. Just saw Allen throw out his forearm on Gooden to get Garnett free. Unfortunately Gooden sucks so much on defense it was pointless.

We traded the selfish Monta and you guys got the unselfish one. Not fair (from a Warriors fan)

Every time Garnett shows on a pick he gives the ball handler a forearm shiver. Its just what you get when you play the Celtics and the refs are not going to call it


You didn't hear that moving screens are now legal if you're initials are KG.

In his defence, he did get called for one. But it probably was a mistake.

Hahaha Drew with the heads-up play ... Shame, it was delfino's head.

Garnett's got a potty mouth.

He is a **** whiny bitch

Gooden is definitely missing some crucial brain cells

Rondo just took 44 steps in the paint.

They don't call anything on Garnett - Skiles shoud have Ekpe put Garnett on his ass

Haha Jennings. Best Defensive player for the Celtics.

Jennings still thinks we're tanking

A call against Boston? Are you sure refs?

Honestly, I can't wait until this game is over. I'd be happy If I never watched Boston play again this season.

Gonna be tough as long as Garnett is hitting jumpers and Rondo is getting layups.

Refs will be doing their best to get NY and Boston both in the playoffs

That fadeaway was class from KG...damn!

I hate Garnett

This team is older you have to make them run run run! Bucks should not be playing passive or catchup to them!

We should of brought Steimsema in as a back up c

Get beno out of here, I would seriously rather have dooling.

The Celtics' interior defense is shutting the Bucks down.

It's really amazing to watch. For some reason this feels like a 20 point deficit.

Stiemsma playing well in his home state.

Bradley and Dooling make up a pretty good defensive back court. With Stiemsma and Garnett up front, the Bucks are struggling to get open looks.

Apparently Stiesma looks like dpoy out there

This team needs a low post scorer bad.

I was reliably informed that with our up tempo run and gun and sublime passing there was no need for a post scorer, we would simply burn teams off the floor with electric shocks.

Amazing what happens to your offense when you face a real defense.

Holy **** Bradley is fast.

I don't understand why the Bucks didn't trade for Tebow.

Jennings and Gooden should have been traded at the deadline

Garnett whines about literally every play he's involved in where the call doesn't go his way.

Garnett fully made Gooden his bitch tonight

What a horrible game - between this and the end of the Badgers game I wanna smash Goodens ugly face!!

Nice timeout, Scott. Time to draw up the 11 point play with 1:33 left.

Where is Monta "the closer" Ellis - every time he touches the ball in crunch time he **** passes it!

If we had Garnett instead of Gooden we'd be exponentially better, but I would also hate the team more... What a paradox

Garnett is one of the few guys I could not pull for even if they were on my favorite team.

Our idiot GM has brought in 3 of them in 2 years. At least Garnett can play. Oh, and I hate him with the intensity of a thousand suns

I'd instantly become his biggest fan and I **** hate him.

Me too, I despise him even though in his prime he was an amazing player

Glad I wasted 2 + hours watching pure trash 2nite

Sad :(  But understandable. First game against good defense. We need some time to learn how to play in that situation. Plus Boston is top 4 team at East when they try. Tonight they tried.

If the Bucks are tired from travel tonight, as the color guy was saying... How tired will they be in Charlotte tomorrow and back in Milwaukee Saturday against Indiana?

Prediction: they will look less "tired" against the Bobcats. And will continue to look “tired” against good teams.

Bad shooting night all around. Some really careless turnovers as well.

That would be excellent D on Boston's part They were ready for us. Gooden never felt comfortable because they closed out on his favorite shot and he couldn’t take it inside.

The slap in the face was Steimsma On a small market team, dude would have fouled out. He is so desperate to prove himself that he constantly goal tends and overreaches. It must frustrate other teams to have a guy like that play so much dirty nuisance D.