Ainge denies any Rondo trade rumors - listen to the full interview

Danny Ainge Interview on WEEI March 1 2012 -...
Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge went live on WEEI Sports Radio Boston at 4:35 pm on March 1, 2012. When asked point blank if there was any truth to the rumors circulating about trading Rajon Rondo, he simply said: "No. No truth."

Danny continued by telling WEEI that trade rumors get out of control this time of year, and stated that Rondo is the Celtics' best player and the future of the franchise. When asked specifically if the Celtics planned to build around Rondo, Danny came back with: "I hate that terminology to 'build around.' No one is that good to build around... no player can do it on their own. My job is to listen to everything... I have to be ready to react."

Ainge stated that he and Doc both talk regularly with Rondo. Rondo and Doc have had their bumps in the road, but they are getting better at communicating. Danny doesn't run to Rondo to console him every time there is a trade rumor, but said that he continually reassures him that he is a part of the Celtics franchise.

Ainge called Rondo both stubborn and intelligent, but most star players possess stubbornness and require more maintenance. Danny continued to affirm that Rondo was the Celtics' best player by likening him to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, saying that the rumors start after losses and fans and media always tend to hold the star players most accountable: "It's almost as silly to me as when the Patriots lose 2 games and everyone wants to blame Tom Brady because he is their best player."

Listen to the full 16 minute interview above.