Lamar Odom wants to be a Celtic?

It seems another Laker related player has been linked to the Celtics this week:

After speaking with a league executive Tuesday night, Hoops Authority has learned that Odom is seeking a buyout from the Mavericks, with his focus set on taking his talents to the Boston Celtics or New Jersey Nets.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has vehemently denied a previous report by documenting Odom's request, but we have confirmed that such a request has been made.

Both the Celtics and Nets are intriguing options for the 12-year veteran forward.

It is doubtful that this rumor is legit, but at least it adds more food for comment while we wait for March trade madness. Apparently, Odom is really having major trouble in Dallas and could even leave the Mavs in the following days or weeks.

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