Comments from the other side - Cavs 2/28

 The Cavs fans, like many of the lottery teams, want to tank but their hatred of the Celtics overrides their desire for a better draft pick.  I'm always amazed at how much fans hate their own players.  It's one thing to criticize a player for a bad game or poor play, but these fans really hate their players.  I found it funny that they talk about how washed up KG is and then on the other hand that KG totally owned Jamison.  And, of course, there is the obligatory wheelchair reference.  Enjoy today's winning comments from the other side...

So ready for this Still cheering for playoffs even tho in my heart I know its wrong

A well rested Celtics team with a healthy Rondo should be able to win tonight.

Beating the C's tonight would be another nail in their "window"so while I want the highest draft pick possible I wouldn't mind a Cavs win at all.

Old farts are all rested. Gonna be tough.

Ughh Anthony Parker is awfulllll

It hasn’t even started yet. Calm yourself down

But they just showed the starting lineup haha

Did anyone see Ray Allens face? Dude must have been wearing big ass sunglasses on vacation.

Jamison is so bad.

Garnett owns Jamison. Bad memories.

Lol at Ray Allen with raccoon eyes.

Wow. Casspi still sucks.

I am watching online and of course get the Boston announcers. I swear I never get to hear Austin and Co. Even if they are at home. Anyways they have twice called him Omri Crispy. Not as a joke. These announcers legit think his name is Cripsy.

Nothing is Crisp about Omri's game.

Two stupid turnovers by Rondo.

He still thinks its the All-Star game with all those crazy ass passes.

In water is wet news  the Celtics’ bench is sub-par.

Kyrie doesn't wanna play with these scrubs anymore. My insider sources are telling me the Cavs paid the Celtics to injure him.

The Cleveland telecast showed a still of his pinky it looked bent in half.

Do we have a wheelchair?

Kobe Bryant plays with broken hands all the time   he says so

Lol @ Bass completely lighting up Jamison.

Wow Kevin Garnett is completely washed up. It might have been painful to watch his decline if he wasn't such an enormous asshole...

Cavs cut it to 5 despite awful shooting by Jamison and Boobie . . .there was an appearance by Anthony Parker's corpse

What exactly does Rivers have a Ph.D in?

Ubuntu Studies

He plays one on television.

I do not like Ray Allen today

I was so desperate for Ray to come to Cleveland in the summer of 2010 to join LeBron. It would have been the difference maker.

Why is Semih doing things?

Was just going to say Erden been more aggressive / involved tonight.

The only thing Pierce can do anymore is stand and shoot - so what does Casspi do? Play off him to prevent the drive. Ugh   I hate this guy - his only saving gracee is the fact that he sucks so bad that it helps our lottery chances.

Garnett is a shell of his former self....he's terrible

Kyrie is better than deron Williams

Tommy Heinsohn just declared Kyrie as a Hall of Famer..

Gibson the great on the ball defender can't stay in front of 36 year old Ray Allen

Refs getting Celts into the bonus

Just blown away by how bad Boston is. No wonder they're looking to break it up. Half the team is has-beens, and the other half never-was, plus Rondo. Awful.

Kyrie Irving = could challenge ray Allen for favorite player all time status

Has the Celtics cough All-Star cough point guard scored yet?

Why is there a fat Celtics fan courtside jumping up and down?! That pisses me off more than no other.

Why was he wearing a fishing hat

Getting prepared early for when the Celtics get knocked out of the playoffs.

Anthony Parker ruins everything.

We'd won this game easily with another scorer. Jamison always get owned by KG he must hate that match up

That was honestly the best possible loss

Sick of these close losses, I don't even care that it's for the better. It's the most frustrating thing ever to endure being a Cleveland sports fan.