Doc Rivers open to shifting the Celtics' starting line-up

After yesterday's loss to the Pistons, spoke with Doc Rivers regarding the Boston Celtics' current line-up, and Doc expressed that a change might be in order to the starting five, although it's not clear how soon.

"I have to figure out a way, figure out another combination, maybe," Doc Rivers said. "We just have to keep searching." Doc is pretty happy with the group that they have, saying: "I think it's a group in that locker room that fits... but I have not found that right fit yet." So it might be a team that needs some line-up tweaks for the on-court energy and chemistry to develop better.

When asked why he hasn't experimented yet, Doc stated: "I just haven't done it. It's tough to do it, when you don't have your guys. If you wanted to make a change, how can you? Kevin (Garnett) and Brandon (Bass) are out, or somebody else is out."

Regarding Ray Allen coming off the bench and Mickael Pietrus being inserted to the starting five, here is what had to say:

Based on the players currently healthy, the C's might consider inserting Mickael Pietrus into the starting lineup ahead of Ray Allen.

The upside to such a move for Boston would be having a bigger shooting guard, and a better defender, on the floor to start games. And while the Celtics have had their problems scoring, part of that has to do with their defense's inability to get easy points off turnovers and stops.

Because Allen usually doesn't score early on, having him come off the bench would make him a bigger focal point of the offense. With Bass out until after the break, having the NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers made go against second unit players could create a favorable matchup for the C's.

Personally, I'd like to see Chris Wilcox start for Jermaine O'Neal since Rajon Rondo and Wilcox have developed some chemistry and Wilcox can run down the floor with Rondo. Pietrus hasn't been scoring much lately, so swapping him for Ray might help our bench production until Bass gets back.

I think it's a good sign that Doc is open to experimenting with the line-up. I just hope he can find the right combination to get the Celtics back on track.