Are fans getting too worked up over Celtics woes?

So for the past four seasons Celtics fans have had the opportunity to root for a contender. As we near the midpoint of this abbreviated, condensed season the Celtics sit at 15-15. Based on the vitriol coming from Celtics fans you'd think they were watching the worst team in the league. The Celtics played .500 ball for a good chunk of their 2010 Finals reaching season. Then last season the Celtics played even worse after "the trade." Why is everyone so shocked that an old team, in a condensed season isn't setting the NBA on fire?

Realistically based on age the Celtics are long shots to win this year. We knew this last Spring when the young Heat had their way with us and then again after the lockout when David West chose Indiana and Jeff Green was lost for the season. The Celtics only shot is to make it to the playoffs healthier than other teams and go on a run. Maybe Wade gets injured. Maybe it's Rose. Those things happen. You think the Magic make the Finals in 2009 if KG doesn't go down? We have a shot. It's a long shot, but a shot nonetheless. Most NBA fans don't have this.

I'm tired of hearing the anti-Rondo and trade Rondo nonsense. I'm tired of hearing the Pierce is sleepwalking BS. The KG and Ray are cooked criticism. The Doc is the problem foolishness. We want the players and GM to show loyalty. Well show some loyalty back. Players get old. People get old. What do you expect? I guess what I expect is as these players lose some off their game, fans wouldn't lose their love.   The fact that fans love has turned to scorn is pretty shocking and very Laker fan like.

People keep saying the games are so painful to watch. My question to those people is do you just like to watch a front runner or are you a true Celtics fan? I'm going to continue to watch my team this season and hope they pull off a cinderella move in the postseason. Then I'm going to watch as they rebuild next season and possibly struggle a ton (that's what teams that play a bunch of young players do). Then I'll watch as they get better. And I'll enjoy it even more when they're perennial contenders again.

You should have enjoyed the ride these past four plus years. You still get to see Rondo work his magic, KG's intensity, the all time 3 Point King, and the #2 scorer in Celtics history. Life isn't that bad. The games aren't painful to watch. Stop with the glass half empty shit and cheer on this final mile. Celtics for life.