Comments from the other side - Lakers 2/9

Even though the Celtics lost, these comments are kind of fun since most of the comments all game were bashing their own players and team.   Lots of complaints about the refs for a team that took 20 free throws to FIVE for the other team, and the Celtics didn't get one single free throw in the second half.  I know that reading these comments aren't nearly as much fun after a loss, but you'll enjoy all the hate these "fans" have toward their own team. 

Lakers win because they don't like Boston. I hope they win, because a loss to Boston always

Unlike The PG's we play against on a game to game basis........RONDO can't shoot But he'll be going against fisher so he might develop one in the game

The one game that matters this season since we're not contenders.

Remember when Boaton was like 4-8 to start the season and everyone here said they'll be an 8 seed in the East? I told you they'd get going.

Sure. They got going playing teams like the Wizards, Grizzlies, Bobcats, Cavs. They aren't coming out of the East stop pretending like they will. Boston is dead even if they beat us tonight.

Let's destroy those Shmeltics!!!

Its a good thing the Celtics point guard cant shoot

I don't care if we lose the rest of our games this year we better beat the green jackasses

No reason for the Lakers to lose to this ANCIENT team.

Pau needs to have a big day, 30 and 15, then we can leave him in Boston and take Rondo with us to NY.

Pau really doesn't want to be traded. I hope he doesn't play extra soft tomorrow because of the Rondo-Gasol rumor.

Pau is going to get Bullied by KG but if we win this could lead to a 3 win streak

Pau hasn't been bullied by KG since 08' bro

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Brandon Bass is going to have a big game. We have nobody on our bench that can guard him.

I wish we had Ron Artest of 2010, but sadly, we have Metta World Peace of 2012, meaning his defense his **** to go along with his non-existent offense. Paul Pierce has a field day against this World Peace character, old KG will still punk softy Pau, Kobe and Ray Allen neutralize each other. Bynum has a field day at the C position and Rondo a field day at the PG position. Celtics bench with Bass dominate our bench once again, Boston in blowout fashion!

I think we lose this sucker. Boston is the hottest team in the NBA 9-1 in their last 10. We still suck on the road

Laker win!!! Time for Rondo to get another close look at his new team!!!

Normally I would be worried about this game but knowing we have Troy Murphy makes it all better.

I have a feeling Luke Walton's gonna put up a double-double.

I think so too. He'll have 10 point and 10 dimes by the end of the year, easily

Bynum gets fouled no call, Allen is barely touched and and one.

Overweight Paul Pierce blowing by Ron Artest. Wow.

MWP got S M O K E D. Luckily, PP is too old to finish.

If Fisher can't keep up with Ray Ray who the hell can he guard?

Ron looks terrible on defense. He can't guard Pierce anymore.

What a pass by Rondo.

Rondo is the best passer

Bass owning Gasol. That's what a quality backup big looks like.

JO still sucks haha

Celtics still can't guard without playing an illegal zone

Disgusting shove from rondo. WOW why was Rondo just allowed to get away with that?

Rondo beats the whole damn team in transition. Unstoppable.

Looks like a bunch of old geezers falling over each other.

Outside of Rondo, both these teams look old as ***.

Good job Fish. Sit on Ray's shooting hand.

Pau showing the world he really isn't an allstar this year

Is this de ja vu? Already see the 2008 officiating debacle unfolding here.

Pau gets stuff by 100 yr old jermaine oneal

Face it - Lakers suck!  I wish they'd have a bus accident on the way home and we could start all over.  We're going nowhere with Metta World Suck, Dead Fish, Kobe Ball Hog,  Playboy Bynum and Gasoft along with the worst bench in the league.  

Mike Brown is just a terrible terrible coach, he was with Cleveland, he is now

The refs already set the tone for this game letting the Celtics play there style of game.

Bass is the x factor for them. We have nobody on our bench to guard him

Its time to trade gasol for rondo+bass !

Boston is better then us at this stage of the season

What does Murphy do to deserve his playtime? He was 4/4 one game from 3 and so now gets a lifetime pass? You'd think Murphy would have gotten plenty of shooting practice on this court and could make a shot, but I guess not.

Murphy's favorite song growing up must have been Brick House!

I think Kobe is trying to rest a little for the 40+ he wants to put up at MSG tomorrow

Even if we acquire a 60% 3 point shooter he'll just fall to 20%, it's what happens when you join the Lakers

Pietras alone was better than our whole bench, and Fisher/MWP/Barnes combined.

The crowd seems quiet tonight in Boston. Those (bleep) must still be pouting about the Pats losing the Super Bowl

Stop shoooting Murphy Seeing Murphy shoot, Boston fans nod with familiarity

How does Allen get those calls?

Its always 5v8 game for the laker =)

Wow.. Rondo is owning us without even scoring lmao

This game is rigged. The officiating is favoring the Celtics.

I wanna shot Ron artest with an arrow to the knee so he can be on the disabled list. Pathetic worthless pile of manure

Bynum is just getting mugged by KG

Old fart Celdicks just dunking on us.

Is Kobe so old now that he can't keep up with Ray Allen? He just let him go right by him. Unreal.

Gastrong is playing it like an audition

Apparently so is Rondo.

Rondo just grabbing the crap out of Kobe

Fisher = trashiest trash

Jermaine is still explosive. He was already dunking it before Pau left his feet.

JO tweaked his AARP card

Come on... Rondo beat all 5 guys alone? Wth

I'll take Rondo plz.

I love Rondo

Can someone tell me who is guarding Rondo?

The stuff Boston gets away with, it's crazy.

Kobe ice cold. Fisher stuck in the ice age and mwp stuck jn the tar Pitts

I don't know who I hate more... Artest or Fisher.

Pau should play the Celtics every night

Dang, Pau must be pissed at the AS snub. Or he really wants to be a Celtic

I do not know what is more emotional " This game or wondering if my girlfriend is going to cheat on me on Valentines Day

RAY ALLEN ONLY MISSES when the shot is too easy.

Kobe tried to disloacate Rondo's arm pulling hiim up off the ground.

Kobe helps up a future potential teammate

Rondo Is a One Man Fastbreak.................Wish we had a PG like that

Wow Barnes, get a Clippers jersey with that flopping.

Were making Boston look young

Bynum is a disgrace to the game of basketball

I guess Bynum spent too much time at the strip club last night

Bynum is struggling against weak defenders right now. Garnett is hot garbage these days, as is Bass.

Why did doc river always complain about obvious fouls??

Cause hes stupid that's why

Boston is up to there old tricks of grabbing, pushing, tripping and holding on offense and defense. The refs are letting them get away with it.

Might as well bring in Metta World Failure, Barnes isn't giving us anything and Pierce is torching Barnes anyway.

Dear Santa, I want D Howard. On your way out, please take Bynum, Artest and Fish to the garbage. Thank you.

Cue the Kobe ballhog show and loss.

Fisher ..................... Is like dried fish. It lasts forever though it also stinks like hell

Fisher is just a point shy of a triple single.

40 year old Garnett DESTROYING the Lakers with 2nd chance opportunities.

Ray Allen gets away with so much contact.

Fisher is the worst starting PG in the game today.

Can anybody do a Tonya Harding on Fisher and Murphy???

I hate Mike Brown so much. How do you have glasses and still play this dump? God, I wish we had CP3

We would be up 10+ if it wasn't for idiot Mike Brown playing his boy toy Fisher for so long

I don't want Rondo he still can't shoot if his life depended on it.

Bynum, you're making J O'Neal look like an All-Star

Great time for Bostons offense to suck

Boston's rebounding killing them

Will pierce retire before he has a bald spot?

Kobe gets hit 3 times by Allen nothing, Pierce gets stripped, foul.

Great effort by Pau to flop and still get up and contend for that rebound

Nice to see Kobe still can't close

If that Rondo-Pau deal had any legs, Celts would slaughter us.

Come on, Ray Allen has been all over Kobe all night, he shoulda fouled out in the first half with this ish.

I saw Kobe get hacked by Ray Allen every time he touched the ball. He played 44 minutes and has been playing tons of minutes because every night this team is playing 3 on 5. I'm going to give him a pass...or would you rather not have a superstar or something like Paul Pierce/Ray Allen?

Wow, talk about lucking out on that one.

The Lakers with their crappy road record beat the Celtics....

Dang Boston must really suck. Lakers beat them at home

Pierce choked

Ray Allen would not have missed that

Yay. But this team still sucks and so does Mike Brown!

Gasol - "#$@$#@ you guys, you're not trading me for Rando."

We haven't lost in Boston since..........June 17th, 2008.

We escaped

I know we won..but damnit it doesn't feel like we earned it

Sweet win. Even if the Celtics suck.

Oh s*** now we gotta face Jeremy Lin.

Rondo cannot shoot. This team would be horrible with him instead of Pau.
Now, Deron Williams might be worth the risk of big for small.

It would be amazing if fisher and artest injured each other and were out for season.

We got lucky the Celtics played down to our level. They lost. We didn't win.

If Boston didn't want Pau for Rondo before this game, they do now. Maybe they'll throw in Bass after this

Wish we could get this Pau every night.

We got lucky we won this won, but I'll take it.