Comments from the other side - Bulls 2/16

 Another disappointing loss.   It really is pitiful how much they were complaining about the refs when they were getting way more calls than the Celtics were.   What a whiny bunch of fans!!    I'd say to the guy that wants the Celtics really bad in the playoffs.  If the Celtics are healthy - be careful what you wish for!!   I know it's not as much fun when we lose but there's still some good stuff here! 

Destroy them please... **** kg

If the Celtics win tonight I'll scream. They just aren’t that good. Rose or no Rose, the Bulls should win.

Carlos Boozer defends the paint like a six year old who has to pee

This is patently false, a 6 year old who has to pee jumps up and down

Do any of you guys prefer the bulls to be a dirty team like the the heat or Celtics?

Only if it caused Rondo to end his career

I find this team hard to watch offensively without Rose. It's not even that they always play awful either, but there is just nothing exciting about them.

This may sound selfish, but I really hope rose plays tonight. I'm really sick of seeing cj out there, and I want rose to embarrass rondo on national TV.

John Lucas is fun to watch. Constantly dribbling. Reminds me of a fly or grasshopper.

KG sucks anyways, who cares if he plays. He's been done for a while.

Oh boy I want these bitches so bad in the playoffs

Now that's just a terrible call. Give me a break..

This refs don't appear to be good at their jobs.

Another terrible officiating in favor of Rondo's Celtics. It's starting to get me annoyed.

This officiating is awful.

We can't get a call.  They are hacking and grabbing and no calls. 

(MY NOTE: At this point the Bulls have taken 9 free throws to none for the Celtics)

It seems like whenever KG goes out we make a run. Happened in Sunday's game as well.

This is going to be an effing grind against a mediocre team. Just not lots of offensive talent out there for the Bulls.

Rondo destroying us again. Awesome.

I like how we just let Rondo eat us alive. No apparent desire to adapt.

Has anyone else always hated Paul pierce and his herky jerk game Its like he wants to get fouled first and make shots if he doesn’t. Also, what a whiner

I swear to God the Bulls' crowd is basically the equivalent of an average PGA tour event (without Tiger) Polite claps all around

I hate rondo

Doc has a better hairline than Boozer

HOLY CRAP Asik got a call against Garnett while on defense

How can we look so good offensively without Rose on the road And then look inept against Boston

Boston plays defense

I want Asik to throw kg to the ground

Asik is such a dummy
You can almost hear his trade value dropping

I ****ing hate Lucas.

Our offense looks like an intermural kindergarden league.

Garnett nearly punched CJ in the face there with no call. Unreal.

The refs need to stop being in Boston's hip pocket.

The ineptitude of our centers offensively right now is simply embarrassing.

Celtics getting every call. F*** these crooked refs!!

Nba refs are a **** disgrace

At this point I have to believe that the refs are all somehow related to Boston Celtic players.

(MY NOTE: At this point the free throws are Bulls 13, Celtics 5)

Korver is useless.

The refs are killing us.

These refs are officially garbage.

Rondo is surrounded by good shooters They most likely have shooting coach in there yet he didn’t bother improving his jumpshot

I love when Ray Allen shows up against us like he is Ray Charles.

Wow never thought I'd see Ray Allen hesitating on a short jumper.

We are passing like a team of cloned Nashes

The Celts suck

Boston in back 2 backs is ugly. Th ey might not break 70

Why is Garnett strutting like a pimp it’s a 12-point spread wanna-be gangsta

Nah, he's just old. That's his injured hip.

It's almost like Pierce makes it a point to try to travel every time he touches the ball.

Ainge is probably thinking about some trades now. C's are looking old out there.

The problem for the C's is who is gonna give them something for their aging stars?

Allen can still run off screens and hit shots and could help a team... KG can still help a team (defense, can hit the jumpers) in more of an off the bench capacity. Pierce would be the last to go, but he can still create his shot and plays decent D. There is value but it is fading

Old C's looking old, Pierce having a tough time getting shot off and Ray's shot is very short

And whaddya know, when you start competing with Rondo, he doesn't look like a legend anymore

I love Pierce's "who me" face.

Not a fan of the guns from Jo when he hits that tornado.

WTF Noah did the gun thing? Stupid child! You got to respect your rival!

I can never get over the fact that Jermaine O'neal looks like a 6'10" baby. The headband just makes him look more like an infant

Jermaine O'Neil is a corpse out there.

Noah hates Boston.

I hate kg

Someone bust KG in the jaw

I feel sorry for Allen. C's don't even use him anymore

Boston sets the most illegal screens out of any team in the NBA

**** off, Ray Don't leave him space dammit

OF course Boston *****es and gets the call. **** Ray rays heating up

Ray Allen brought the Celtics back in this game

Jermaine should really retire to a men's weekend league. He is done.

Ray Allen's jumper is a thing of beauty.

Wish we had Ray Allen....

Rondo is a floppin bitch.

Rondo banked the free throw.

Rondo went at James hard there, Rondo is the best post player for the C's ATM

Ray Allen's muscle memory in his jumper is ridiculous. I bet you could blind-fold him and tell him to shoot his 3 point shot and they'd all land within a few inches of 23.75'. It's just automatic. All he has to do is line it up. He doesn't even think distance.

Garnett bellyflops on asik's head no call

Wilcox really hurting his team now

Wilcox meltdown Nice to see he’s adeptly filling Rasheed’s old role

Rajon Rondo is one of those dozen or so guys in the league who should never, ever complain about a call.


Love the "Rondo sucks" chant. I guess the crowd hasn't forgotten when he was a punk in the playoffs a few years ago.
I remember wanting Hinrich to take his head off.

JO Piece of ****. Try and block a shot instead of falling every time Mike James aura is too awesome for you.

Wow Mike James is getting refs love that normally Rose doesn't get.

Rondo, your moves are GAY! EHHHHHH Love this commercial

Time to break up Boston, they old.

Rondo sucks.

I really don't know if the Celtics are a good team anymore. The lost at home to the Pistons... Good team win for the most part.

Celtics are a .500 team this year. They'll still make the playoffs as they play in the East, but they're 1st round fodder in every sense of the phrase.