The Ugly Truth: Marcin Gortat is Much Better than any Celtics Big Man

Way to hammer home a sore spot for Boston
 fans Marcin? (See what I did there?)
Saw this quote on CSNNE's Jessica Camerato's facebook feed:
"I wish to be in KG’s shoes. Don’t understand me wrong. He has a championship, he’s a great player. They’re going to have up and downs. They’re not 18 years old anymore or 25. I’m entering my prime years, I’m 27 right now and obviously it’s going to be difficult for them to guard me. I’m going to put up a lot of energy. It’s not like I’m a rookie, I’m not making stupid mistakes anymore. It’s just going to be a good tough game. I’m going to compete with those guys."

This is reality check time for Celtics fans. Gortat put up 24 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 blocks tonight, which is basically what he's been averaging the past few weeks and what we used to get out of KG when we were true contenders (It's also reason enough for  Otis Smith to get fired for trading a young guy with this potential for a bad contract like Hedo's. Also since I just started a tangent, here's some free advice for the Magic: Fire Otis and SVG and hire a competent GM and a more likable coach and watch Dwight Howard re-sign in Orlando).

The fans that booed the Celtics at the Garden tonight are weak. Are you booing them because they got old? Like they can do anything about that? They had their run. They won one title and would have won two if either Perk stayed healthy or Rasheed had been is shape. Shit they might have won 3 or 4 if KG hadn't blown out his knee. The Big 3 do not deserve boos. The ugly truth is that they can no longer compete with players in their prime (like Gortat). It's just the way things go. You get older and you can only postpone that so long.