Comments From the Other Side - Suns 1/20

Well, that wasn't fun. It's pretty funny though how a team with a 37 year old point guard and a 39 year old power forward can talk so much about the Celtics being old. I don't think it's age as much as it is the pieces not fitting and no strong presence in the paint. Here's today's Comments from the Other Side...

Rondo supposedly is out. Paul Pierce plays defense like my aunt, who's been dead for a decade.

I would love to have Tommy Heinsohn swallow his microphone in frustration.

I hope Doc reminds Garnett that he's not a Ball Handler this time

Who hopes Garnett gets punched below the belt?!

Trade for a solid shooting guard and contend, or tank. Pick one, but not this pitiful 14th pick garbage.

You might as well watch two tombstones next to each other because that's how over the hill these two teams are.

Put Frye on KG so hopefully they fight this time and both get ejected. Win-win for us. KG not playing and Frye not missing everything.

I like that idea a lot. Frye needs a black eye. It can't always be Nash, who looks like our toughest guy.

Agreed, but KG will never fight... He is too much of a pansy. He is the guy that yells "HOLD ME BACK!" while charging towards someone to do absolutely nothing.

I wonder if Gortat could hit KG REAL HARD

Lopez is legit crazy with some major anger issues. It's nice having someone like that on the team. I can't wait to see what happens if KG tries to start some ish with him...

Godtat is killing JO

So glad its JO and not Perkings. Lol

Boston looks sooooo old. Even our second unit is too strong for them right now

Question of the day: do I hate pietrus more than I hate SB?

I'd like to formally invite Avery Bradley to continue shooting. All night long if he’d prefer

So what's the over/under On how many times Pietrus steps out of bounds while shooting a three tonight?

Man, they are playing average PGs

Paul Pierce has looked good

I think Boston should try to deal Allen and Pierce Keep KG and retired him as a Celtic

Ray Allen for Morris and Lopez ?

You know Kevin Garnett is finished When Robin Lopez beats him off the dribble

Bass has the smallest head 6’8" body – 5’1" head.

´´It is not cool to make head size jokes ´´ Sheldon Williams

Oh god, we're hustling hard, making shots, is it the alcohol or are we actually... PLAYING WELL?!

And Orlando keeps proving they have the best scouts in the league and the worst GM on the league
Gortat, Bass they all pretty good and now they are stuck with Hedo again

Pietrus can't stay in front of his man?? What?!… but everyone says he’s a good defender. Doesn’t that mean he is one?

I’m hating peaches even more than before. Good riddance. Love the misses, dude. Keep ’em chucking.

If Bradley is the future for we have a brighter future than the Celtics?

Bradley does suck

9 point lead Wow – Celts really do suck.

Did anyone notice we’re outrebounding them by 10? Bizarro Suns indeed.

Hahaha Boston dominance seems to be on a steady path down.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha amazing!

With Rondo would of been a different game. So thank you for being out Rondo.

With or without Rondo other Celtic players looks poor. Maybe except Bass.

8-2 run by Boston to start the 3rd QTR. I don't know what's worse, to lose to Chicago without Rose or to lose to Boston without Rondo...

That Bradley fellow is awfully skinny

Whats it take to play consistant 4 quarters?


In our wins we have Thus explains why we only have 4 wins :(

The most consistent shooter on our team is brown in the fact that he consistently misses.

Refs are paid off, as usual

Their bench is BAD

Refs are saving their whistles for another day…

So I’m not complaining about these fouls they’re calling on the Celtics or anything, but it seems like they’re being really really touchy…

Refs trying to help Celtics get back in the game.

The Celtics are allowed to play .. Quite physical :P

Celtics are terrible. They need to cash in on Pierce, maybe get some young players for the future.

Yeah, Celtics look pretty bad without Rondo. Almost as bad when we missing Nash.

Ugly win, but a win is a win
1 step away from drafting high, 1 step closer to another pick in the teens with no playoffs appearance