Dooling:" It would be just asinine for somebody not to want to play here."

You will never get this much free Dunkin'
Doughnuts in New York or Los Angeles
ESPN Boston
"This is by far the best organization I've ever played for," Dooling said. "They make it fun to come to work every day. They take care of you from the time you walk in the door with that good breakfast, to the time you leave, with that good lunch. And obviously when you get the coaching of Doc Rivers and you've got all the history around this place, and you've got a whole city behind you, a whole state behind you, a whole area behind you, it would be just asinine for somebody not to want to play here."
I guess we've finally found out what Dooling could provide that Delonte couldn't. Dooling has been brought in as the Boston Celtics real estate agent. Kidding aside, maybe he has some clout amongst NBA players (doubtful). I like how he indirectly just called Chris Paul and Dwight Howard "assinine." Here's some more from Dooling's ESPN Boston interview:

"It's been awesome for me. How many free meals have I gotten?" Dooling joked. "Dunkin' Donuts donuts and coffee and all that for free? Are you kidding me? Me and my family have been very, very impressed with the reception that we've gotten everywhere we've gone. As a matter of fact, the people who helped me move are coming to the game [on Friday]. It's just been awesome. People have just been awesome. I don't know if it's because I'm a Celtic or if it's my smile."
My guess is the reason that Danny went so hard after Chris Paul, despite Paul saying he had no desire to sign long term in Boston, is that once players get to Boston, they're happy. The Celtics have never really had a star that wanted out. Stars might not want in, but if they're here they don't want out. Even recent non stars like Leon Powe, Kendrick Perkins, Brian Scalabrine, Delonte West, Al Jefferson, Tony Allen, Shout Box Legend Semih Erden (the list goes on and on) all have bemoaned having to leave.

Rondo is constantly in trade rumors. Most stars would pull a Lamar Odom and say, "Hey if you want to trade me so bad, then F'n trade me. I demand a trade!" Rondo never has. Pierce doesn't want to leave Boston. Ray could have gone to Miami and added more titles to his career, but he said no thanks LeBron. KG immediately went from not wanting to play in Boston to loving it.

So what the Celtics really need is an NBA player who has the ear of other NBA players and gets the word out that "Boston is the place to be." I don't think Dooling has that pool, but it can't hurt. Actually the guy they should bring on board, maybe as Special Assistant to the General Manager is Worldwide Wes, the renowned NBA power broker. As Bill Simmons wrote, "Known as "Uncle Wes" to the players, he carries more weight within the league than basically anybody." Danny would never do it, but that's some thinking outside the box that could sway the NBA back in the Celtics favor. Until then, we get Dooling.