Comments From the Other Side - Wizards 1/22

 Out of 6 wins, 3 of those are against the Wizards.  When do we get to play them again???  Good discussion of Pierce's value.  Some love him and some hate him but none can deny his talent.  I love that they find solace in not being Toronto :)  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side.  They are definitely more fun when we win! (And a Hat Tip to DH for the new graphic).

I'm usually weary of team’s backups and random players going off against us, Avery Bradley worries me none. If we can limit Bass we have a legit chance of taking them out. Helps that there is no Rondo to make things easier for everyone

Rondo usually eats up John Wall

And I really think he's the key to Ray Allen's success

I predict a career day for Avery Bradley.

1PM games = %100 chance of a loss.

C's look like they're missing a few tires without Rondo Its kinda funny to watch

It's amazing how much of athleticism Blatche has lost. There was a time he could routinely blow by Garnett or dribble into the post from 15 ft out. Watching him and Garnett, you would think Garnett is the 25 year old and Blatche is 40.

Nick Young, shooting for a new contract. Heck with the team. Hero ball all the way.

Imagine if the Wizards had R Allen on the team.

Allen is one of those guys you can say that for any team. "Imagine if TeamX had R. Allen on their team..." That will always end positively.

Cheap foul, but it did get Ray Allen out of the game.

Damn, Singleton just mugged Garnett

They are feeding Daniels in the post like he's Dwight Howard

I'll never understand why Paul Pierce is good

He's a smart, crafty, player and his J is wet, he shows that athleticism isn't all you need to succeed in bball lol

Just never been a fan... He is savy Does a lot of acting out there

If Allen is out That’s a huge loss for the Celtics. They really need this win, and they need him healthy.

Where was the foul on Pierce? He lost the ball and flailed…

Reffing by ear Pierce yells, gets the call.

Is Violet palmer blind?

What a terrible ref She was right there and missed the call.

KG is rwally moving on those screens.....

Always does. They only call moving picks on losing teams.

Boston is really missing Rondo They have nobody that can stay in front of Wall.

Pierce is reallly hamming it up today toget calls Flip needs to talk to the refs about it.

Pierce and Garnett
Seem to simply cherry pick flop fouls at will.

Get dray more touches while he's feeling good and Bass sucks on D

Watching on NBA TV...they showed the upper deck - is anyone up there? Wow

Ok, this sucks. No Rondo. Allen is hurt and they are still down by 9 at the half.

Refs really killing the Wizards by calling every conceivable offensive foul. Not doing the same at both ends.

I hate Paul Pierce, every single time when someone touches him, he starts flailing and grimacing...

Celtics fans are just like him. Bunch of whiny bitches.

Pierce is obliterating us. He has great end of game stats already.

I don't understand the refs love with Pierce... Pierce is tremendous clutch player but his style of play is so damn annoying...

At the game Very low energy game. Even the Boston fans don’t seem to care.

Ugh - Pierce is killing us

Peaches is nice

Ray Allen out for rest of game... No Allen, no Rondo - looks like no problem for the C's

One thing the Celtics do really well is gang rebound We only have our bigs rebounding

Doc almost got a tech......damn so close

McGee is eating O'Neal for lunch as bad as Pierce is eating Singleton for Breakfast.

Bradley’s doing well stepping in for Rondo.

Seraphin-Booker-Sinlgeton frontcourt Motto for that line-up
We don’t need no stinkin jumpshots.

This might be the most embarrassing, dysfunctional group of players in the history of sports.

After all that mess it is only a 4 point game.

2 of their top 3 players on a 5-9 team are out of the game. We should be blowing their doors off.

These refs have swallowed their whistles. This loss is on the refs.

Avery Bradley with a bad decision touching Joey Crawford there Lol, lets see if it bites him

Damn, Paul Pierce gets a lot of respect from me........the guy is amazing. One of the best to ever play IMO.

Violet Palmer is a BITCH

I don't know about that, but she's a terrible ref.

Bradley you are not dunking on Mcgee why even try.

Bradley's the classic example of a great athlete who just can't play. Boston really needs a backup PG. People actually compared him to Westbrook when he was coming out - amazing.

Gee, maybe we should be doubling pierce...

I hate pierce so much His grimace when he drives to the hoop is beyond irritating

Refs are killing the Wizards

What a good pick-up Pietrus was for them

Celtics fans are louder than us

Pierce might be the best one on one player in the league I’d love to see a Kobe vs Pierce one on one matchup

Blatche disgusts me Hes like a slug out there

Wall shoulda knee'd Pirece in the nuts on the drive By accident of course (wink wink)

Wow. Pierce and Garnett. That's how you run a nice half court two man game

I'm still shocked No rondo no Allen and we are playin so bad

If he was just a lil more under control or named Lebron He gets that call

JaVale doesn't get the rebound And then starts running up court instead of fouling… no awareness there.

IQ is something that cannot be improved or learned. It's innate. His low basketball IQ is not going away, ever

If it werent for us, C's would have what 2-3wins?

The refs are such a joke. The Wizards can't get a call and on the other end they make phantom calls.

Attendance of 15K? Really? It must be dress up like an empty seat day...

More Celtics fans than Wiz fans. Sad

Celtics are old. When did Bass become a "go to" player?

At least this is a good tank loss.

Silver Lining: At least we kept Pierce off the boards in the 2nd half.

Boston just shoots better. KG and Paul Pierce are still better than anybody the Wizards have over 6'5".

Cs 1st game over a 100 points Since the last time they played the Wiz

2012 Washington Wizards - the official NBA get well soon gift to the rest of the league

Lol at those refs, we sneeze at Pierce and it's an automatic, yet any contact by the Celtics is apparently fair game.

Good tank loss though. We're guaranteed to get the worst record as long as Flip is still the coach.

That play where Garnett dunked on Blatche bothers me way more than McGee's backboard dunk. If ever a play called for a flagrant 1 that was it.

With all due respect, there's an awful lot of clucking about a 6 pt loss to one of the better teams in the league.

The Celtics are 3 games below .500 and were without their two key players. ....

Uhm, they didn't have Rondo, and Ray Allen missed most of the game. The roster that beat us today is one of the worst in the league.

Boston is in no way one of the better teams in the league. Specially without Rondo or Ray Allen.
Who have they beat this year. Us  three times and some other bad teams. That was embarrassing to lose to that team at home.

The C's were missing Allen, but this was vintage Pierce tonight.

Boston makes the plays down the stretch... Wizards do not….
Difference between a young team, and a veteran team.

Alternatively Without Allen and Rondo, the Celtics are not that good.

There is this too Pierce single-handedly destroyed us. And Bass was right there with him as always against us.

No moral victories allowed vs teams missing their best players

At least we're not Toronto.