Comments From the Other Side - Magic 1/26

 Magic game threads were fun in this game.  Talk about going from ecstasy to despair!   I'll never understand fans wishing injury and death on players though.  Talking about Pierce's stabbing goes way over the line.  I've gotten down about a big loss or when the Celtics weren't playing well, but I've never hated on the Celts the way some of these fans are hating on the Magic by the end of the game (same ones who were loving them in the first half).  I think my favorite exchange was this one:  "I know how you guys feel. I felt the same way at half time. (from a Celtics fan)  --  Your team has a thousand championships. Your argument is invalid."   I hope you enjoy today's comments!!!

We REALLY need this game from them to prove the other night was a fluke. That being said, with the home crowd, I do think we win

I'm sick of these guys punking us

let's DESTROY them on national television... I mean absolutely beat the s*** out of them

JO was lucky they were holding him back and the fact that Dwight is a "gentle giant"... Dwight would have broke JO's face.

I want to see Orlando destroy these guys. I am hoping that their punking tactics will end on Thursday

Jermaine Flopping O'neal is out

If we don't win, this team is full of prideless punks.

My bold prediction is we score more then 57 points

Jameer has to redeem himself tonight...he was punked by Avery Bradley of all people someone who would probably be wearing a suit if everyone else was healthy for Boston

I wish they were healthy because when we destroy them they'll just have the excuse that they were missing 3 of their starters.  

I want to put a beatdown on those geezers. We will prob come out strong but we need to sustain it. Lets embarrass them.

I want to see Q slap Pierce in the face


Everybody in Boston gets injured and they blow out the Magic by 40 using the cleaning crew of the Garden.

God, I wanted to shoot myself in the foot listening to Shaq. He's just a bitter, fat, old, slob.

Please don't humiliate us tonight, Magic

Don't give Bass those wide open jumpers, hes gonna make all of them.

The loudest I've heard the crowd on a stream was just then when Peaches sunk that 3.

Jameer wants to drink Avery Bradley's blood tonight

Well D12 in foul trouble on 2nd BS call. F*** these Stern puppets.

Dwight is a flat out bum. Boston has no one who can guard him and he misses easy shot after easy shot after easy shot. Just pure trash.

Stern and his refs are so corrupt.

We see green and we just go retarded. I don't get it.

Man u wear green and the refs let you get away with murder.


Pietrus shooting well. Why did we let him go again? That's right it was a part of that stupid trade

Dwight knows the almighty Perk, who he routinely made look like the GOAT post defender, is no longer on their team, right?

I want Jameer to make Avery cry tonight

Trade Dwight for Pietrus

After Howard talks to Boston media about wanting to be with a team that knows how to win:
Screws around joking during pre-game
Bricks from point blank
Gets rejected and complains
Think there might have been another brick too ... What a friggin looser .. And this is our "team captain"

Stan just shut down Baby's odd celebration to the obvious displeasure of Davis.

Davis dunking is like finding a unicorn

All right, we don't need Dwight. Trade him now.

Stan should just bench Howard for the rest of the game so we can win and show him how it's done.

These ex-Magic players are killing us

All Boston points are scored by former Magic players

Looking much, much better without Dwight.

Offense flows better, that's for sure...more uptempo

Which is how it should be against these old crotchety f**kers.


Make them wish they all had Paul Pierce wheel chairs

I want to see Paul Pierce cry

Paul Flopierce!

Blow them geezeers out!!!!

I love this team.  This is how you respond to being embarrassed.  LOVE THIS TEAM!   KILL THEM!!! 

We look like we're playing pissed off......The embarrassing loss has us playing possessed.....Maybe Dwight was trolling us so that the team can use it as fuel

Glen Davis turned this game around when he came in

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

This lineup sucks for offense... where's Dwight?

On the bench, with no energy whatsoever to bring to the court, BC he wants to go to a winning team, like the green geezers

Peaches is playing like when he used to get in the game with the all 2nd string line up and act like every shot should be his. Bass is playing same as always.

The five on the floor for the Celtics are god awful. When an aging Kevin garnett is your main offensive weapon you are in trouble

It's rich to hear Marv making excuses for the Celtics who are hurt by the tight schedule. Kevin Garnett is a major component in why the lockout continued, big baby

Another BS call. It's not JJ's fault that Pietrus can't dribble.

Stiemsma looks like Birdman before the tattoo salon

Amazing how much jawing is allowed by KG. He can complain without reprisal.

I hate him so so much

Stiemsma looks like a kid in military school

That guy's hair is so pale it's creepin' me out

Jameer is making Bradley look like the scrub he is!!!

I hope Avery quits the NBA tonight.

Up 20 step on their throats. This is when Bostons starts trying to act tough. Start throwing bows and knocking bodies to the floor when it happens.

I feel no remorse for that bad non-call. We have witnessed tons of bad calls over the years on Dwight blocks/putbacks.

Avery might want to consider asking Jameer not to pick him up. Can't hurt to ask.

Gotta give Jameer credit for going after Avery on D. He normally doesn't pressure the point guard in the backcourt. Especially with a twenty point lead. This is personal.

What a pick by Dwight!! He's learned something from Big Baby!

Die Boston die!

Can we hold the Celtics to less than 56 tonight? That'd be pretty funny.

Too hard to do if Pierce plays the whole game.

Don't worry, Pierce is planning on leaving in a wheelchair sometime in the 3rd quarter

Avery, go to the D league you scrub

Big Baby is playing a gem of a defensive half.

Destroy these old ass bums!!! ******** hate the Celtics!

I seriously hope Avery Bradley cries tonight

Punch the Celtics in the mouth and they fold like poodles

Celtics can rest their players tonight. 

They need it Garnett’s knees are cracking

They ain't coming back from this beat down!  Magic showing who's boss here!   Step on their throats and choke the life out of them!!!!!  

Is it just me or are you guys loving every Boston shot not taken by Pierce and Garnett? As a Magic fan I can watch Avery Bradley clank it every time. And looks like Bass is having his regression game.

Marquis Daniels looks like excess rope

The Celts will get killed tonight, the Giants will decimate the Patriots in the Super Bowl and once again, we will see Boston teams SUCK, all except for the Bruins, but no one here cares about hockey, right?

what's hockey?

I watched a cartoon once when a bunch of raccoons were playing hockey in Canada

I don't know like half of these guys on the Celtics.

Half of them are ex-Magic players

Sit Dwight. I’m suspicious now after him saying he liked the Celts.

Brandon Blackhole...

Please Boston run some plays for Bass

Pietrus has learned flopping

Every player needs a talent. 

Randomly losing the ball and smiling isn't a talent?

Man, the refs really don't want Jameer to go to the line, do they?

Whenever Baby shoots god kills a kitten.

Jameer still getting punked by Bradley smh.

Damn Bradley making Jameer break his own ankles.

Jameer with his new signature move. Dribble, dribble, fall over.

So TNT posts Austin Rivers’ tweets, but not mine #lame

Why are there so many Boston fans in Orlando? Go back to Boston

Because people from Boston move down here to get away from Boston.

We suck again... Nice!

This is why I respect Doc. He USES what he has. You think Stan might realize that these guys could all contribute. I mean they are professional players. Why no Wafer, Hughes, etc. No way these guys can make any significant contributions when they never get any floor time.

Baby has the brains of an actual baby.

Moore is killing us

That's now more 3s in this game alone than he had the entire season coming in.

We suck

Anyone know our biggest lead lost in franchise history? 27 would have to be up there.


That is why Boston leaves him open.

Who the #@$@# is Wilcox? And why is he lighting us up?!

We should switch to zone. As long as Pierce doesn't have the ball from three, we're good

Are there more Boston fans in Amway? What's up with the crowd?

I wish the guy who stabbed Pierce 12 years ago would have finished the job. The scrub lights us up every single time.

We just cant beat Boston. Not even with a 27 pt lead. Need at least a 50 pt lead to do it Imo.

If we lose this... God help us... Break it up and start over

Being a Magic fan is so stressful .

I won;t even be happy with a win. We should have blown this team out

I know how you guys feel. I felt the same way at half time. (from a Celtics fan)

Your team has a thousand championships. Your argument is invalid.

Dwight is so **** stupid.

Howard sucks. Trade him now.

Big Baby is the worst. Unbelievable.

Have some pride and beat these geriatrics... Attack! ... F you soft pieces of crap... Man up!


Killed by a guy that I've never even heard of

Why does every other team get good rookies?

We welcome our new Magic killer. Wait what his name again?

Big Baby... He infiltrated

#55 from Purdue,  had to look him up

Sounds like a Boston crowd there cheering.

What's worse than scoring 56 points for a game and letting a team beat you by 30+? Letting the same team come back from 27 down 3 nights later.

I hope to God we lose this game. Get Dwight out of here quicker.

Refs are crap, but not as crap as the Magic players.

Embarrassed... I was flaunting the Magic's huge lead at half via text to my Bostonian friends... F this team

Orlando residents bleed green.

Glen Davis is just bad. If he didn't ever shoot I would like him.

The Bass trade was awful, not that Bass has been a star tonite but he's much better overall

Dwight after the game: "I told y'all I like green."

You guys realize they are without Allen and Rondo right? We better pray we avoid these guys in the playoffs, if we even make it.

Dwight has already traded himself to Boston. He is a complete loser. A loser.

Just when you thought that the Magic couldn't get any lower they somehow find a way.

Today was the day another Magic killer was born

Moore is writing the "how to" book on being a magic killer

Someone needs to kick the ball into the stands. Just because.

We deserve to lose... But these refs suck

Bass... Lol... We got pillaged on that trade

This is............................................this is worst than Monday. Worst.

I've never wanted to punch Garnett in the face more than I do right now

I always want to punch him a lot

If someone had intentionally injured Pierce, none of this would have happened. Just sayin’

When the Celtics are allowed to tackle our players why are any of you surprised that we lost? This game was fixed.

This team never ceases to humiliate me.

Remember when everyone said the last loss to Boston was the worst loss in team history? Nah, this one is. Absolutely unfathomable that they blew a frikkin' 27 point lead. T-W-E-N-T-Y S-E-V-E-N. What a bunch of losers this team is comprised of. Every last one of them is a bum.

Yet again this team loses to a Boston team minus 2 of their best players

Clowns, this whole team has NO fight, just a bunch of clowns, man I'm so furious. I swear we need to add big red clown noses to our uniforms.. This team is a joke!

Going to hit 2k12 and beat the crap out of the Celtics online

Poodles. Change our logo to a cuddly poddle wearing a pink bow cuz that's all this team is. Bye Dwight.

So now all we have to do is avoid the Celtics and Heat during the playoffs and we're golden

I am really ticked off right now about The magic blowing this and losing to the short-handed TWICE in one week.


Um they didn't have O'Neal either.  We have no excuses to let this shirt handed geriatric team beat us like this.  No excuse whatever!!!!  UGH!! 

Here is another perspective. Doc knows how to defend against us, svg couldn't adjust. I think doc won this game

You can't turn toilet paper into sand paper. This team is just soft.

They're running out of ways to embarrass us. I guess the shutout is all that's left. It could happen.

I picked the correct night to binge drink.