Random Thoughts on the Schedule

The long awaited NBA schedule was unveiled tonight on NBA-TV.   As expected, there are a lot of games crammed into the shortened season.  If you want to check out the schedule, it's posted here, on Celtics.com.

At first glance, the thing that stood out to me was the number of games that will be on national TV.  TNT is scheduled to carry 10 games.  ESPN will be showing another 10 games.  Seven games will be on NBA-TV. And, finally, 4 games will be featured on ABC.  That's 31 out of 66 games that are being carried on national TV. League Pass better be very cheap with that many games being carried for free.

Now for the tough stuff.  18 of the Celtics last 27 games will be on the road.  They have only one of the dreaded back to back to back sets and all 3 games are on the road.  That won't come until April 13, 14, and 15, when the Celtics are good and tired already.  It is also a part of a period of 6 days where the Celtics will play 5 games in 2 different countries.  Along with the one set of 3 games in 3 nights, there are also 19 back to back sets this season. 

Key games to watch will be 3 games against the Miami Heat:  two at home on April 1 and April 24 along with one in Miami on December 27.   The Celtics will play the Lakers in Boston on February 9 and in LA on March 11.   The Lakers game on March 11 kicks off an 8 game road trip that starts in LA with the Lakers and ends on March 23 in Philly.   Perk will make his return to the Garden on January 16 and the Celtics will visit the Thunder in OKC on February 22.

  I have to say, this is not going to be pretty.  You may want to keep small children from watching by the time the end of the season comes around.