Comments From the Other Side - Knicks 12/25

As always, these comments are more fun when we win, but Knicks fans can be fairly insufferable so there are some fun comments included below.  One game thread was titled NY Knicks vs Boston Geezers.  I guess they missed all the younger guys that the Celtics have around the Big 3.  I loved how they were saying that Ray has lost the ability to move without the ball and then several comments later wondering how Ray got so open.  Classic!   In spite of the loss, enjoy today's comments....

I hope we kick Boston's ass

I wish my relatives were atheists so I could watch this.

I hate the Celtics with a passion...really hope the knicks destroy these bastards

They have the same problem that we had last season - no big man. First, they traded Perkins, then Shaq retired and later they got rid of Big Baby, who's going to play at #5?

Shumpert dunks on KG in this game, book it

Landry better lock ray Allen down because Ray Ray embarassed him in the playoffs

I want death to the Boston arthritis

I cant stand their players, everytime they win against us it seems they go out of their way to flaunt in our faces (players)

. If Paul Pierce plays, I want Melo to dawg him out! Then after we win, I want the entire team to take a bow and stare and the entire Boston team.

There is no team I despise more than the Celts. The way Pierce acted last year showboating around the court in the Garden got my blood boiling... I really hope our guys play with a mean streak tomorrow.

Pirece is out. Cue the excuses.

We don't have baron

They'll say he doesn't matter considering he hasn't played yet as a Knick.

Rondo still cant shoot

Crawford is a freaking senile man if he would give Amare a tech but not a foul on Bass.

I hate Ronda... He is eating td and fields up.

Oh boy, already with the "Pierce is hurt" crap.

We are up big only because Pierce is other reason, you all know that right?

You really think that old geezer would help? He'd leave the game with a "heel" injury with a wheelchair, CPR and 4 sets of EMTs just to hold up the game.

The refs keeping Boston in the game. Disgraceful.

Doc is intense, and the best time out coach I've ever seen..

We need someone like Jerome Jordan to come in and foul rondo real hard

Rondo is killing us as usual.

Bass with 10 and Garnett with 7 against Amare, this needs to stop, and now....he can't be the weak link on our defense...Guys like Bass will just out hustle him, and he looked so good early on.

No one can guard rondo, the team has to stop him.

The refs are just screwing us over now.

Shumpert gets whacked by Garnett and no foul. Rondo comes down, flops, and gets the call.

I hate the refs. They let Rondo get away with so much.

I've been watching Ray, and he lost his ability to move without the ball, and Fields is doing a nice job staying with him

Garnett is such a phony tough guy

Rondo is such a flopper

Garnett sweats more than any human being I've ever seen.

Rondo signal handily ate our food

Getting sick of hearing Rondos name

Rondo > Chris Paul FORREAL

Rondo is proving how valuable he is as a point guard.

I hate the Celtics everything is going wrong

Shumpert's a damn chucker and now he's hurt

Ohhhh man that didn't look good at all................fking Boston always hurting one of us

Bass making me look pretty smart by drafting him in all my leagues

The refs make rondo seem like a god every time he drives he either gets the shot or the foul.

Why is it that scrubs always have career games against us

How does Allen keep getting open? Come on, cover that punk.

I ****ing hate garnett so much

Garnett is ****ing impossible to defend, it's ridiculous

I cant believe this imajine if they had Pierce

Amare is a weak link on this team IMO. He just doesn't fit in IMO.

I hate Joey Crawford

Woah we got a call

And we get another one, nice

Screw these refs and screw mike dantoni

LMAO Crawford screws us and now he's helping us. Wow.

Amare plays absolutely no defense, Bass has been abusing him when he is in

We need a tonya hardin to take d'antoni out and force him into early retirement

Anthony = most clutch player in NBA history.

Well atleast theres no way Pierce can get us in the last second lol

We gonna get this fellas noway we go down 9 out of 9 to team AARP

Can they ever call Rondo for a carry? Hes done it three times already

Wish we had Doc as a coach

We were able to play D when it counted. Too bad we could not hold that throughout the whole game. Rondo was slick as hell. Anyone not giving Rando credit here is out their mind. He kept them from getting blown out of this game early.

Sign Dennis rodman or trade for metta world peace , we need defense

Wow, no tech on Danials. Have they eased up on the showing up the refs rule?

I know its only the first game but this games is probably the most important game of the year we need to take this

We did not deserve to win this game, we would have surely lost with Pierce playing.

KG missed its a new era.....................................

My boy walker was about to kill KG on christmass, walker is my dude!

Garnet is to old to be a sore loser.............lmao

Garnett a piece of trash!!!!

So send the memo to pierce the rivalry has begun now.

I'm so happy we won but I was not impressed with way we played... Melo can't play like that every night... Pierce is their clutch guy down the stretch and he always sticks it to the Knicks.

We played horrible that 1 half because I think we thought we would blow them out easily.. Boston has pride still even if they don't have good pieces. So, we played much differently in the 4th.

When Paul Pierce comes back B-diddy will be back too. It all evens ou

KG tired to sucker punch Walker and Walker said "I'll F you up" that would have been a great brawl.

Great win, but does anyone find it pathetic that it took an unreal game from Melo to beat the Celtics by 2 without Pierce? We were home too... Ouch

Boston is not a great offense without Pierce. We didn't win because of "clutch D" we won because Melo matched the entire Celtic team in the 4th by himself.

KG is out of control. I'm glad Shaq said he didn't even like the guy then you know he's a badboy.

KG is the biggest punk and fake tough guy in the league! He is only 2nd to Pierce.

Well the refs played hard and gave a good effort, but it just wasn’t enough..

@SHAQ SHAQ: Joey Crawford that new Knicks player is an all star I love this game What an idiot

Are you kidding Shaq?? We were getting hosed! And we were at home 2 ..smh