Brandon Roy to Announce Medical Retirement

As reported by ESPN, the young career of Portland’s All-Star guard Brandon Roy will be cut short due degenerative knee issues.

"This is a very difficult and painful day," Roy said in a statement released by the team. "I love the game, I love the Portland Trail Blazers and I love our fans, but after consulting with my doctors, I will seek a determination that I've suffered a career ending injury, pursuant to the rules of the collective bargaining agreement."
Acting general manager Chad Buchanan said the Trail Blazers were still looking at their options concerning Roy, including the amnesty clause in the NBA's new labor agreement.

It is very sad to see a talent like Roy have to go out like this. The 2006-2007 Rookie of the Year maintained a career average of 19 points per game in his brief five year career, and had once been considered one of the great young talents and future stars of the NBA. The former green target was the leading cause of Portland’s return to relevance over the past few seasons, and this decision to retire comes as a shock to his teammates and the rest of the NBA.

In the midst of all the rumors about the Celtics trading away Rajon Rondo to get Chris Paul, this news about Roy would help to support the notion of keeping Rondo. Last year, Roy underwent the same type of arthroscopic knee surgery as Paul did in 2008, and has now decided to retire due to his recurrent injuries, while Paul has become the most coveted player on the trading block.

Personally, I was a big fan of Brandon Roy, and always thought that he could have been an elite player. However, his ailing knees cost him nearly half the season last year, and when he did play he was reduced to a bench role. Up until this announcement, Roy had been expected to be ready for the start of this season, but in a sad turn of events he now seeks medical retirement. B-Roy really does love the game as much as he claims to, and by leaving it behind at age 27, I would be surprised if this is truly the last we see of him.