Why the Chris Paul deal should happen

I want to start off by saying Rajon Rondo is my fourth favorite Celtic of all time behind Larry Legend, Paul Pierce, and the ginger wonder(Scalabrine). I by no means want to see him go. However, the fact is Chris Paul is a better basketball player and point guard than Rajon Rondo. Paul on a team with 3 hall of famers would dominate. His best player on the Hornets is David West. When healthy he is the best point guard in the league aside from maybe Derrick Rose. You do what you need to do to get him.

Besides that, bringing in Paul would entice Dwight Howard to come to Boston, which is the only chance the Celtics have of competing for a title for the next 10 years. Many people are talking about chemistry issues if Rondo leaves. Reality check people. The Big 3 are old. They have one more year, maybe 2 of being top flight NBA players. After that we are left with Rondo and Jeff Green and at best a 7 seed in the playoffs. If that is what you want then fine, but that is the reality of the situation.

Also, this foul shooting problem Rondo has is really inhibiting him from being an elite player in this league. You can't have your point guard shoot 50% from the free throw line and expect to win consistently against the best teams.

Being a sports fan is heartbreaking. We grow attached to our favorite players and never want to see them leave no matter if it is the right move or not. As much as I love Rondo, if we can get Chris Paul in a trade for him the Celtics need to do it. I know I will be catching a lot of heat for that, but I am a Celtics fan at the end of the day and want whats best for the team no matter who we may have to lose.