And they've chosen once again NO DEAL.

"Nothing was worked out today," said Stern.

Stern advised the media not to read much into the situation both for optimism or pessimism.

Derek Fisher addressed the media following Stern.

"We won't be able to elaborate on any details or any significant progress being made," said Fisher. "We can't say significant progress was made, but we'll meet tomorrow at 12:00."

Fisher said he "hopes to be able to finish this out" on Thursday.

"Obviously, we'd have a deal done if the right flexibility was being shown," added Fisher.

According to Billy Hunter, talks can continue for several more days.
This is obviously better than what could have happened today, with the NBA pulling it's 50/50 offer and going back to their complete bend over offer, but with that said, we've been through this song and dance way too many times. Agree to something already.